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I just received a book entitled "Genealogical on Family History of the State of Maine, Volume

The book has an extensive index and I will be happy to look in it for anyone and copy the material and send it to you.

I have a lot of Dyer's so I found at the very end of the book Dr. Erastus Eugene Holt and when he Marries Mary Brooks Dryer.  Then went into great detail on the educational achievements of all of their 6 children.  They tell an extensive history of Dr. Holt and his work with the Maine Eye and Ear Infirmary.

This book seems to be a wonderful source of information on ancestors lives and accomplishments.

The book was compiled by George Thomas Little, Vice President of Maine Genealogical Society and Librarian of Bowdoin College, and Rev Henry S. Burrage, State Historian, and Albert Roscoe Stubbs, Librarian Maine Genealogical Society.

If anyone is going to know what genealogist are looking for it is certainly these three experts.

I am going to go on line and order volume 2.,  I have difficulty reading things on line.  I have to print everything off!

asked in The Tree House by Taylor Worthington-Gilchrist G2G6 Mach 6 (67.8k points)
edited by Taylor Worthington-Gilchrist
Thanks, Taylor. How is the sourcing? Does it cite anything?

Your going to have to use the book page, publisher etc. as your source.

I will copy the appropriate pages and email them to you.

Hey, where do your Dyers fit in? I have Dyers kind of way back in my mom's side. Can't remember exactly where they intersect, I think marrying Pikes. . . .in Maine. Oh, look, got one in PA through my dad's side! Huh

You know I can't remember!  I know that I adopted a lot more than are my ancestors!! I hate to see families split up.  I did a posting a while back that if I have a member of someone's family I will gladly let them adopt them from me.

I am working on them as they need tons of work.

Just realized the index by families is in volume one which I have so when your requesting someone I need their maiden name for a women.

The index refers to page numbers in volumes 1-4.  I just received volume 2 today and 3& 4 are on the way.  Go figure the Fritz family isn't contained within the book!

Where are your Dyers from? I have a Dyer family from Calais, Maine who married into my Kilday family.


Taylor, you wrote:

"Your going to have to use the book page, publisher etc. as your source."

are you saying the book itself does not cite any sources ?


That is correct the book does not site any sources.

Volume 1, won the Scholar Select award.

This book is not acquiring its information from other sources and heres why.

The present "Genealogical and Family History of the State of Maine" presents in the aggregate an amount and variety of genealogical and personal information and portraiture unequalled by any kindred publication. Indeed, no similar work concerning Maine Families has ever before been printed.  The object, clearly defined and well digested was threefold:  First to present in concise for the history of Maine Families of the Colonial Days.  Second. To preserve a record of the prominent present-day people of the state. Third. To present through personal sketches the relation of its prominent families of all times to the growth, singular prosperity and widespread influence of Maine.

There are numerous histories of the state, making it unnecessary in this work to even outline its annals.  What has been published, however relates principally to civic life.  What was missing is supplied by this book with the genealogical and family memoirs.  In other words, while others have written of the times, the province of this work is to be a chronicle of the people who made Maine what it is.

There are three pages of introduction of the series of which the above is part of.


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Thank you, Taylor!

answered by James Paxton G2G5 (5.7k points)
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I am most interested in anything Tibbetts related. I'm still trying to connect the 2 Tibbetts branches somehow. lol
answered by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (160k points)
Hi Steven,

I just went thru the index carefully looking for Tibbetts.  I have volume 1.  Tibbetts is in Volume 2, which I am going to order right away as what I need is in that Volume.  Volume 1 has the index for the entire set.

Tibbetts Ancestry covers: Benjamin R., Henry, Henry, Ichabod, Capt,

James, Jeremiah, Nathaniel, Raymond R., Samuel, Capt., Woodbury.,

I will let you know when the 2nd volume comes in.  You might want to look to see if Wikitree has it.


The Tibbetts family is covered in the second volume.  Though there is additional information in Volume 3.

I will copy the pages in Volume 2 and email them to you with the book information required for a citation.

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Well if you run into a Rufus Kendrick(s) married to Abigail Durell I would appreciate the information. This is one of my brick walls. :)
answered by Katrina Whitaker G2G6 Mach 3 (32.5k points)

I will print your email off so I don't forget the names.  I also, just received the Reference List on Maine Local History by Drew Bert Hall.

Oh Katrina, was there any particular part of Maine that Rufus and Abigail were in?


No luck on either name.  Do you know what Abigail's maiden was?

Rufus B. Kendrick b. 1822, Abigail Durell b 1820. Those are both estimates from the 1850 census which lists their birth place as Maine. A James Kendrick is in the household as is an Asa Durell. Rufus Warren Kendrick, their son b 1 Jan 1845. All of this in Saco, York Co. Maine. And that is all the information I have on Rufus Warren Kendrick's parents.

And THANK YOU  with a hug and lots of cookies for your time in looking this up for me!!!

What were your parents names include the given name.  Then your grand parents if you have it.  The name may have been spelled differently years ago.



I went into the area where all the profiles are listing trying to find alternative surnames for Durell and Kendrick.  The computer didn't give any for Kendrick.  However, it proved Turell I believe it was for Durell, which makes sense.  There are very few "D"'s listed and very few "T"s listed so I am going to read the sections. In the two volumes and see if something jumps out at me.

I have spent two years looking for my 4th great grandfather in maine.  So I know what you are dealing with!


The only families starting with the letter D are:









De Cpster
















Thats all the "D'"s I was trying to say them aloud to see if I could make them sound like your name.



Have you tried this site?  I love it you should check it out.  The site is called surname finder.


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Hi, Taylor!

Have you had a chance to share this info with the Maine Project (it's a sub-project of US History). They might want to add it to their Resource list.

answered by Julie Ricketts G2G6 Pilot (254k points)

The title was Maine Projects, but possiblly I should edit it and add Maine projects.

James Paxton, who's the coordinator for the Maine Project, was the first person to add an answer to this question.

This book has to be available on line to view somewhere.


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