Pablo Picasso isn't connected to the tree; can you help us paint his path?

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Renowned cubist artist, Pablo Picasso isn't connected to the global tree. He was born in Spain, his wife was Russian, had children with French ties-surely we can find something somewhere! Let's put this thing in the box...or cube if you will ;-)
WikiTree profile: Pablo Picasso
asked in Genealogy Help by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (364k points)
It would help if his profile was open... how do we add the missing children Paloma and Maya, his last wife Jacqueline Roque?
One of the family additions must have bumped it private.  I just reopened it.  Let me know if it happens again.  Thanks,  Isabelle.
Thanks Abby - I guess that's from being linked to a private wife (no idea who she might be - born 1920s could only fit Jacqueline Roque, but I can't find a Roque profile that might fit her... no clues in the biography either).
I'm also working on it, but so far as I have not found the path to the world family tree. I have come at 107 family members. And the Salk (jewish) tree give the most hope.

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Picasso should be connected overnight.
answered by M F G2G2 (2.5k points)
selected by Abby Glann
Awesome! Thanks everyone!
A bunch of notables in various fields linked in this line ...

A VANDECAR invented the automatic clutch for automobiles.

His VANDECAR granddaughter was one of the first stewardess ever (in a Pennsylvania airline). She secondly married a HAWKINS who was the Scribbs publsher, and after his death, against all odds, she brought the WILM news radio station to fame. Her first RUSSELL husband had been a Major in both the army and air force.

His RUSSELL daughter was an archaeologist, art critic and author who first married an ANTHONIOZ, great-grand nephew of Charles DeGAULLE, former French President.

She secondly married Claude PICASSO, son of the cubist artist. His GILOT mother was also an accomplished painter who married the vaccine inventor SALK.
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The mother of two of his children, Françoise Gilot, also married Jonas Salk, the man who invented a successful polio vaccine. So if we can connect Picasso we may get a "two for one", as they say.
answered by Jessica Key G2G6 Mach 6 (60.1k points)
Talking out of school, a nursing sister I worked with in the 1980s told me her mother was Pablo's mistress.
I don't know how many mistresses Picasso had, but the mistress before Francoise Gilot was Dora Maar and another one was Marie-Thérèse Walter.

I added Francoise Gilot-2 but she shows up on Salk's page as Private, she is 96 years old. Her son Claude, a photographer, married and divorced Sara Lee Schultz, who was from Brooklyn. So if her American parents are found, maybe a connection can be made through her.

Sara first married Claude (Gilot) Picasso and she married second William "Bill" Lavner. She is a 71 year old widow now.
I added the mutual son of Picasso and Gilot-Salk. So now whenever the Picasso line or the Salk line are connected, the other one will be connected as well.

I added Picasso and Gilot's other child, Paloma, born 1949. Just send me a TL request to connect them.

I found a pathway to connect Picasso to the global tree and am working on getting it entered now. But if someone is working on the SIMON angle, well then we will just have more and be merrier :)
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It looks like Françoise Gilot was also married to Luc Simon, descendant of a long line of master glassmakers. Perhaps Laura Bozzay has something about them?

answered by Isabelle Rassinot G2G6 Pilot (212k points)
I checked we have over 40 Simon listings for glass and crystal makers but not Luc.  We have 3 Jean but none appear to be Jacques.   We also have a number of Gillot listings as glass and crystal makings.  Francoise is not one of them.  

I forwarded the write up on Luc Simon to GenVerre.  Perhaps someone will know something that has not made it into the databases.  

1924 is very recent for us.   We are still entering people several centuries prior....

The Wikipedia page for Jacques (Luc Simon's father) is not linked to his son's. Now that I see it, there are names for Jacques's father (Paul, 1853-1917) and his grandfather (Pierre, 1813-1874). There is even a picture of a tombstone or cenotaph with the names of ancestors up to 1614. They were specialists of stained-glass window making though. Though French Wikipedia lists them as "master glassmakers", it looks like a different trade.

Stained glass window makers, table ware makers, plate glass makers,  all fall into our area of interest.   Marble makers and Christmas ornaments do too.  

What I show are over 40 Simon listings.  The Pierre I have is in the 1700s.  No Paul is listed.  Your Pierre is 1800s into 1900s.

The only listings I have in the 1800s are for women of the line.  The men are earlier.
Oh, I see. Jacques and Luc are descendants of Pierre Simon (b. 1720) who was son of François (1679-1758) and father to François-de-Paule Simon (born 1789). All working for the Reims cathedral. As it turns out the current representative is a woman, Brigitte, but she's definitely too young for being born in the 19th century !!
Pierre Simon died April 1703 Saint Paul en Foret (^ over e)

Married  Anne Testanier who died after 1703

Daughter:  Marie died around 1743


Francois no dates shows only a marriage with Barbe Rivat.


Francois Xavier Simon is listed as manoeuvre a Abreschviller.  Born April 30, 1775 Abreshcviller 57003


Francoise Antoinette Simon  born Sept 2 1805 Melun 77288 and died Sept 16, 1805 Melun (14 days so sad!)  parents Jean Antoine 1781-1814 and Francoise Suzanne Floquet  1178-1812  Jean Antoine is listed as souffleur de verre (glass blower)

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