Can someone address the issue with the autogenerated ref tag and biographical notes?

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I'm populating a couple of categories from historical records.  Most of the profiles either do not exist or there is conflicting information in existing profiles.  When I create a new profile, I'm adding the category reference in Biographical notes.  The category enters properly and shows on the profile page.  The issue is that it won't show on the category page.  To make it show up, I have to edit each profile to add a space or carriage return between the category and ref.  For each profile, that is an additional 4 steps to complete the profile.  Please add a carriage return by default after Biographical Notes.  See below...

in WikiTree Tech by Brent Biggs G2G1 (1.7k points)

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Hi Brent, We are glad you are here and enthusiastic to make these links.

I don't understand the intricacies of programming, but I think I would do this from the opposite direction.  It sounds like you have a list of members of the Westmoreland Militia 4th Battalion and you want to link these members with their profile leaves.

I would create a free-space page listing the history of the Battalion and each of the members by name and rank or whatever you wish.

Then as profiles are added to WikiTree with family connections and vital statistics, you or the profile manager could edit your free-space page to put an active link to the profile where the battalion members name sits on the list.

You can cross connect your free-space page with the category page so that any category visitors can see the full list of members on your free-space page. 

Hope this helps. 

by Kitty Smith G2G6 Pilot (558k points)
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This sounds like the best solution.
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I think you may be going about this incorrectly, you are creating, from your example, a profile with no data or relationships. This is not the way to do this, you should create a profile when you have information, at least a birth date and a relationship to another profile, at the same time ensuring that you are not creating a duplicate.

If you add more details to the Biography as well then you would not have the problem of the credit ref being next to the category. The four extra steps you mention do not complete the profile, a complete profile has all the dates, relationships and a Biography narrative.

You imply that there are some existing profiles that are incorrect, and that you are creating a new one to get the category entered, this is not the way to do it, you need to contact the profile managers and work with them to improve the profile already on wikitree, there should only be one profile per person. The one you list above has dozens of potential duplicates as you have no dates or other data entered.
by R. G. G2G6 Pilot (213k points)

I figured that would be the first response.  You're assuming there exist genealogical relationships, birth, or death information.  If there is, I put it.  There is none in the documentation that I'm working from unless they died while in service. In general there is little for this particular generation.  I have an organizational relationship, rank, name, and a general location in which they lived.  I scan each match list for duplicates.  Some of them do have profiles, which I augment.  Most do not have profiles, and would not if I followed that standard.  These people definately existed.  I can put an approximate birth date (~1750) good to within a decade, but that is the best there is.  People have been working on this problem for decades with little success.

The reason I'm going about it this way is to figure out the relationships. There is very little documentation for this area, during this time period. There is a pattern of families intermarrying and staying together as they spread out across the US. If I can track one of them, then I might be able to find others.

Let me rephrase my request.  You have a software inconsistency that should be addressed.  If you have a category followed by a reference tag in a profile. the category scanner will not detect the category tag.  You will have a working link from the profile to the category, but not in reverse.

The software incostency you mention is only because the only information you are entering is a category, that is more a problem with creating profiles ith no information.

If you were to add an estimated date of birth, and add a note in the Bio how the date was estimated, or even use the template {{DateGuess}} to warn others the birth date is an estimate then these would come between the Category and the ref tag and you would not need the four steps.

If the ref tag was autoadded with a cr before it then everyone else who enters Bio's with data would have a spare ref tag hanging at the bottom of the page.

A profile with no data, not even estimated data does not belong on wikitree, I appriciate what you are trying to do and just adding the estimated date would improve it no end. Without dates, relationships or something in the Bio some arborist is liable to tidy the profile by merging it away.

You could have a text about the birthdate and the reason for the profile and then single click paste it into the Bio on creation then everyone would be aware of what you are doing and you would not have to ask for a change that probably will not happen.

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