You've got TWO William Braswells mixed in as one man

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I put the original record up for William Braswell now someone has come along and merged a William Barjonah Braswell in with my original William Braswell.  My original William Braswell died i SC before 1790 and had only TWO daughters per his estate records which serve as proof.  William Barjonah Braswell died AFTER 1820 and was never in SC.  William Barjonah Braswell had SONS.  Someone must have merged a William Barjonah (Jonah) Braswell in with a William Braswell.  These records should be separated.  Braswell DNA pedigree proves that William Barjonah Braswell is NOT DNA related to William Braswell D'cd in SC by 1790.  Not even the same DNA.
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I have edited William's wikitree profile. Records referring to William BARJONAH Braswell have been removed. You might want to check to see if I have gotten everything.
WOW, that was quick Clayton Martinez!  I'm ever so grateful to you for jumping in so quickly to help FIX the mess that was made.  Kudos to you and WikiTree I do feel that WikiTree (with volunteers such as yourself) help to make corrects as much as possible!  The only items left to remove on profile Braswell-1103 I have copied and pasted below....THANKS AGAIN!

First thing to be removed is.................

""HISTORY OF CALDWELL COUNTY. The first Braswell family to settle in the Caldwell County area was the family of William Barjonah Braswell. William Barjonah was born ca 1755 in Edgecombe Co, NC. Perhaps this is where he became known as “Jonas” Braswell to distinguish him from the many other William Braswells in that area. After serving with the NC Militia in the American Revolution, Jonas lived in Johnston County, NC."""

Second item to be removed is............

"""Between 1810 - 1815, Jonas Braswell and his family settled in the Lower Creek Section of Burke County, NC. He and his sons hunted in the northwestern mountains of Burke County. Late one fall, Jonas became ill when caught in a sudden snowstorm. He had to spend the night camped under a rock on a high ridge. When morning dawned, Jonas was taken to a nearby settlement where he died after having revived for a short time. He was buried near Linville Falls. The mountain or ridge where he became ill has been called “Jonas’ Ridge: or “Jonas" Ridge since that time. In 1913, the DAR placed a Revolutionary Soldier marker on his grave."""

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There are 2 William Braswell's listed as sons of Valentine & Patience Braswell. One (Braswell-1203) has spouse Sarah Lamar & child Dinah (Braswell) Mathis. Except, birth is abt. 1738 & death is abt. 1784. That one must be the William Braswell you are referring to. I know you didn't create it. Since there's 2 William Braswells, they could be edited & one removed as child of Valentine & Patience?
by Clayton Martinez G2G4 (4.2k points)
only one William can be linked as having the DNA proof lineage that link to Charity Braswell MUSE *he would be her brother) a proven daughter to Valentine and Patience Braswell.  Since William Braswell only had daughters this cannot be proven, however William Barjonah Braswell has DNA participants and he is EXCLUDED as a child of Valentine and Patience Braswell, his DNA does not match Charity Braswell Muse DNA family.  On the other hand, MY cousins DNA DOES link me (and a handful of others) to Charity Braswell Muse's ancestors on FTDNA cousins DNA tests.  William Barjonah Braswell does NOT match our Valentine/Patience Braswell DNA family.  So, William Barjonah Braswell is NOT a son of Valentine and Patience Braswell.  William Braswell who died in SC has documented proof evidence of his Valentine/Patience connections while William Barjonah Braswell (a COMPLETELY different person) Does not have one shred of paper trail evidence linking him to Valentine/Patience Braswell.  Therefore, on WIKITREE it is wrong for someone to have merged the William Barjonah Braswell PERSON with a DIFFERENT person, that of William Braswell son of Valentine and Patience Braswell of Cumberland/Wake NC.  Everyone in  Braswell surname research knows this.......everyone.  Thank you for your time, I do hope that William Braswell who has the two daughters and wife Sarah Lamar and died before 1790 SC is separated from the William Barjonah Braswell who is a different person.  I appreciate the effort in putting the Valentine/Parience Braswell lineage back in the original way I initially posted it, without Wm. Barjonah Braswell.  I do have documentation for my lineage proven and my FTDNA cousins test and matches are well documented and I would only have posted what I put out there originally on WikiTree for my line what I can prove.  The fact that WikiTree allows merging of files wihtout proof is completely ridiculous to me.  Anyone at all who takes the time to look up the information of William Barjonah Braswell online can plainly see that he lived WELL beyond 1790 and never stepped foot in South Carolina, let alone die there.  Anyone conducting research on YOUR Braswell lines looking up this Valentine and Patience Braswell, please note that there is NO William Barjonah Braswell on this line and that is DNA proven he cannot be on this line.  Please know that Valentine/Patience Braswell's only son William Braswell is proven to be married to Sarah Lamar and had two daughters per his SC estate papers and land deeds.  Smiles and keep informed and Do Your Own Home Work before you believe everything online.  Thanks again!!
Hi again, in the case of William Barjonah Braswell born 1755 there appear to be TWO of them on WikiTree.  profiles...   Braswell-124 and Braswell-1103. BOTH profiles should be merged in with Braswell-124 that have William Barjonah Braswell son of RICHARD BRASWELL and Elizabeth.  William Barjonah Braswell born 1755 in profile Braswell-1103 WAS CHANGED at some point.  The original William Braswell that I posted as son to Valentine and Patience Braswell did NOT reflect a middle name of Barjonah.  Someone came along and CHANGED what I originally posted and added Barjonah.  William Barjonah Braswell already HAD a profile and it is Braswell-124 showing his correct parents.  Therefore WikiTree, which has a lot of mistakes, has continued a mistake with something that I posted of which WikiTree allows changes and someone came along and ADDED the name Barjonah to my William Braswell plus Barjonah's information and this is WRONG. Please internet World and fellow Braswell researchers take what I am writing into consideration while tracing your lineages so that you do not get the wrong information.  Plus check in with Braswell DNA webpages for clarity on the pedigrees and DNA proof to the lineages.  Thanks again....AGAIN Braswell-124 should be the only William BARJONAH Braswell on Wikitree and Braswell-1103 needs HUGE mistakes to now be corrected since someone came along and ADDED William Barjonah Braswell's paper trail and MIXED IT IN WITH MY William Braswell's paper trail.  Therefore William son of Valentine/Patience Braswell (profile Braswell-1103) is NOT to be trust as ONE Person, it's mixture of TWO different William Braswells and  you will need to see profile Braswell-124 in order to sort them out yourselves. Thanks and happy hunting.  Remember, always do your own Genealogy homework and only use Web sources (such as WikiTree) as references for YOU TO PROVE OUT yourself.  Don't trust all you read on the internet, volunteers for on WikiTree out of the goodness of their hearts and should be THANKED for that, however WikiTree allows merging of records which causes HUGE mistakes such as this happens often.

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