Does anyone have a profile that was a Knight Templar?

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I found a profile Walter Pennell in Maine that was a Knight Templar.  I sent a private message to the profile manager.

I was wondering do we have special badges or something for masons, and or Knight Templar?

I have a lot of Mason's and Shriner's, Eastern Star in my family.

in The Tree House by Taylor Worthington Gilchrist G2G6 Mach 7 (74.1k points)

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Yes, there is a Freemasonry Project started by Eric Weddington you can join:

It also includes Eastern Star.  

This is the category we use to add above the biography section on profiles to designate a Mason: [[Category:Freemasonry]]  Don't think Eric has come up with a badge or special template yet.
by Carolyn Martin G2G6 Pilot (133k points)
selected by Eric Weddington

Thanks, Carolyn, that is correct.

@Taylor: We just have a category for Freemasonry at the moment. A Knight Templar is part of the York Rite, which is part of Freemasonry.

We don't have a separate category, yet, for Knight Templar (or York Rite, or Scottish Rite), mainly because currently there would be so few people in such a category. 

The current recommendation is to place the profile in the "Freemasonry" category, and to detail all Masonic achievements and affiliations in the Biography of the profile.

... And lastly, I haven't created a template or badge because I'm not a WikiTree Leader, but mainly because there hasn't been many requests for it either.

Thanks for the "best answer" acknowledgement, Eric, and also the additional information.

Thank you for all the additional information.  I truly appreciate it.  All my relatives in Mass and my dad were Masons.  My husband and I became hooked on the show on tv called "Curse of Oak Island" which is an island off of Nova Scotia.  Nova Scotia is where my two grandmothers Nickerson and Ripley are from.  Anyways the Knights Templar are suppose to have hid many of the religious artifacts deep on the island and for hundreds of years people have been looking for them and the gold that was hidden with them.

There are videos on You tube all about this.

I think that this would be a worthy project.

I love that show!!  I am hooked also. I have thought about doing profiles (if they aren't already on here) on the people who had lived there and/or pursued the treasure, like Samuel Ball and others who came later.

I was so bummed out last week when I thought I was watching the finale, but I saw an ad that they are on tonight with one of their "digging deeper" shows.  Can't wait!
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Now this is an intriguing question. Can't wait to see if there is a project.
by C Anonymous G2G6 (9.3k points)
I don't have any Knight Templar.s in my family but I have noticed some as I am going thru the Maine book!


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