How is William Bean related to my George Heard & William Heard on the 1767 Pittsylvania Co. tithable list of Hugh Innes?

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Hello Anonymous, Are there profiles for your Heards that we can look at?

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No.  The 1767 tax list was published for Pittsylvania Co. VA.  It has George Heard, William Heard, and William Bean listed together with 3 tithes and 400 acres.  It was as though they were all living on the same 400 acres of land together.  In 1786 I find a George Heard on the Watauga petition in NC/TN.  I think he is the same George Heard and that he must have some connection to William Bean or he wouldn't be there, but I have no idea as to why.  George had been  on the Western Waters of VA since before 1771 when William Bean went to NC/TN about the same time period.  The 3 of them had also been on the very same road crew in 1766 in Halifax Co. VA.

George then returned to Russell Co. VA by 1792 where he signed a petition to create Lee Co. VA.  I have no records for George from 1784 when he is in Mont. Co. VA where he was living.  He, too, ran with the Longhunters just as William Bean was supposed to be doing with Daniel Boone.  George Heard's daughter married the son of a Longhunter who knew Daniel Boone because Boone was his Lt. in 1774 out on the Clinch River where they were sent to build forts.

It seems like they all knew the same people from Halifax Co. and Pittsylvania Co. for it not to mean something.  And, why are they all connected to the same 400 acres?  Why does this seem to be my George with Bean in Watauga?
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I returned from Spring Break to read your question with interest.  I am more than a little familiar with the Bean family of the Watauga settlement.  I did find and build a profile for a William Heard [Heard-1345] who was originally from Hanover county, Virginia (Pittsylvania county Virginia was established in 1767)  His parents are purported to be James Heard, 1722-1779 and his wife Martha. 

This William Heard was married three times.  His second wife was Mary Heard was born in 1752 in Albemarle County, Virginia, the youngest child of nine children of Stephen Heard, Sr. and Mary Catherine (Faulkner) Heard.  There is MUCH to add to his profile.  If this is the William Heard to which you refer, you could share information here, or add it to the profile with sources.  

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This is not the same William Heard.  My William Heard had a son named George.  William and George are found on two records with William Bean in Pittsylvania and Halifax Co. VA.  My William remained in the area until his land lay in Henry Co. where he died after 1803.  His son, George, went with the Longhunters over the Blue Ridge into the Western Waters.  He lived in Mont. Co. just above TN on Elk Creek.

I find a George Heard on the Watauga petition in TN in 1786 and wondered if it could be my George who knew William Bean in Southside VA.
I am also related to Stephen Heard and his wife Mary Faulkner through their son, John, who is the brother of Mary who married William.  These Heards are all related.  I descend from two of the Heard branches from Ireland to PA to VA.

Are you a Heard?

I have not added all of the children of this William Heard because I have to find sources for them. I have not as yet found the maiden name of his third wife, Rachel, so I don't know how many children they had. His son, William had thirteen children. 

So, the year of death for your William of 1803, in Henry county, Virginia is a good clue.  Do you know the year of  birth/ death of his sons William or George?    So, his son George is the one that was at the Watauga settlement?  The members of  the Watauga settlement requested to become part of Virginia, but were denied.  Then, they requested and were approved to become part of North Carolina, and eventually became part of Tennessee, when it was created.  So, dates are crucial.

No, I have never looked for any Heard relatives.  I am a direct descendant of William McBayne, ancestor of William Bean in this question.  I have three volumes of Clan MacBean books (the ones by Joseph S. Bean) and can do look-ups for names of people who married into the Bean Clan.  
Here is an example:  Lydia Bean married Captain William Russell.  They have a daughter, Susan Russell, who married Mark H. Wagner.  Susan and Mark Wagner have a son Mark H. Wagner, who married Sarrena Heard.  Because there is so much information regarding these three couples and their children, it can take me a while to enter it all into WikiTree.
1803 is just a ball park figure for William's death.  All we know is that William gave all of his land to his wife and ONLY his son Jesse.  He did not have a Will.

According to the Will of Stephen Heard who died in 1774, his daughter Mary Heard was to inherit land IF she were to produce issue.  He named 2 of her sisters who would receive her land IF she never had issue.  Since this land was later sold by the two sisters, that means Mary never had issue.  We think William Heard was her cousin.

My William Heard never had a son William as far as I know.  I descend from George who was from his first marriage to an unknown woman.  His second wife was named Margaret on deeds and we can document that they had 3 sons.  However, only Jesse inherited land.

My George was born ca 1749 in Ablemarle Co. VA where many of the Heards had gone after leaving PA.  George is only found with William in Southside VA.  We believe that George must have married one of the Longhunters daughters since he went over the Blue Ridge when they did and never left any records in Henry Co. VA.  I don't think he was into buying land in Southside VA.

We do not know who this George Heard in Sullivan Co. is in 1786 who signs a petition with some of the Longhunters' names we recognize.  Since William Bean left Pittsylvania Co.  ca 1771 and went to now TN, we thought that this might be our George since they had known each other years earlier.  Just a wild thought.

My George has more records back in VA after 1786  and I followed him to Lee Co. VA on the last deed date of 1804.  Now, it seems that his dau, Rosannah Heard Rogers was living in Hawkins Co. TN when she died ca 1806.  We find other Heards there whom we believe are her brothers especially John Heard.  I do not know if George died in VA or in TN.  If he died in TN it would be before 1830 as we find an elderly Heard widow who would be in his age range.  Never have found a marriage for him in the Pittsylvania Co. VA marriage books.

 William, his father, must have been Church of England since they met at his home.  Thomas Faulkner, the father of Mary Faulkner, was Church of England at one time.  We did find his marriage record in the church.

If you want the complete first 5 generations of our Heards in the US, you need to look for a copy of Joyce Poole's Heard Family History written in 2005.  Check with Worldcat.
Those that pioneered the settlement came from the area which is now Pittsylvania county, but that county was not formed until 1767, so have to check other Virginia county records, as well.  And, records for the settlers are found in North Carolina and Tennessee, as well as in Virginia.
I have only found MY William Heard in the records in Halifax Co., Pittslyvania Co., and Henry Co. where he died.  Researchers have always been rather iffy as to whether or not Mary Heard actually married a cousin William Heard.  After Mary Faulkner Heard died HER issue moved to GA.  The issue of MY William seem to be the only Heards left in Henry Co.  I have not researched William's other issue who remained there.

This George Heard who appears in the State of Franklin petition signed it as a resident of Sullivan Co. NC in 1786.  I have not researched the records in Sullivan Co. for him because I picked up MY George Heard again in VA with the Longhunters.  I did not see any connections until I began to create a timeline for MY William and his son George for DAR and William Bean popped up with them.
I will keep looking.  Those Beans are related to EVERYONE!  jan

I have been following up on a suggestion:  "If you want the complete first 5 generations of our Heards in the US, you need to look for a copy of Joyce Poole's Heard Family History written in 2005" and I am finding that many are citing her suggestions as a source, even though she may have marked her records as speculative:  for example.

I came across a Wiki Tree profile, where the source was given as, "Ancestry Chart fo John Arthur Poole"  that gave John Heard as the husband of Elinor Boyd  

After further research, I found that On October 25, 1740, in Warwick, Pennsylvania, Elenore Boyd married George Heard.  It seems as if John is their son, and also the name of George's brother.  I continue to research, but I do like more than one source, if possible.  

+1 vote may be your William Heard.  I added his DAR information, and also gave him an "other last name" of Heard because his profile was listed under the surname of "Herd."  

Information regarding this William may be found in the History of Pittsylvania County, Virginia, by Maud Carter Clement, Genealogical Publishing Com, 1929, page 54

His profile and that of his parents, and any children are in dire need of attention, as well. 

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Yes, that is my DAR William.  I have to prove George to DAR first because DAR gave his RW service to his cousin George Heard.  If they approve MY George and give him back his rightful RW service, then I can go in on his father, William, as well.  And, yes, there are mistakes in DAR as well

Yes, William is the one mentioned in Clement's book.

In the records the spelling can be Heard, Herd, Hird, Hurd.  You must check them all even in the same books.
You are absolutely right!  I just cleaned up a profile that had been merged.  So, I don't know which person quoted a source wrong, but they attributed the biographical information for three James Clemsons, into one person.  The Find A Grave memorial also attributed two of the three into one person's lifespan.  I don't know if this person interests you, but he married a Margaret Heard.  Perhaps you know her parentage?
For 60+ years we were told that John Heard who married Margaret McDonald and lived in VA were the progenitors of our Heard family.

Somehow Joyce who lives in GA and Charles Clemson (now deceased) who lived in PA found each other.  With the data that Charles had on his PA Heards he and Joyce discovered that John Heard and Margaret McDonald were NOT our Heard progenitors.  They just had issue with some of the Heard names we had.  So, Charles is our Heard cousin through Margaret Heard.

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