Another hangup, US CW sticker

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Added a sticker to Matheny-417, got an extra "category", not in red.  Can someone fix and explain?
WikiTree profile: John Matheny
in WikiTree Tech by Christine Henderson G2G6 Mach 1 (12.1k points)

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latest version of sticker does error checks, which are explained on the sticker page...  you have

{{US Civil War
| enlisted =08/02/1861
| mustered = mmm dd, yyyy
| side = USA
| regiment flag = image file
| regiment name =10th Missouri Infantry
| unit =
| rank = 4th Sgt}}

|mustered= is date left service and should have a date, the default as shown on the sticker page is mmm dd, yyyy which is the format to enter the date.. leaving it as that indicates that research is need.  if unable to find, change it to |mustered=unknown  this will show as unknown on display to show still need to find it, but will pass the error check as researched. any other value will also pass, so it could be changed to 1865, Dec 1865, Dec 1 1865, etc.  since you have him killed in action, it should be |mustered= May 14, 1863 (KIA)  just the date by itself is assumed to be discharged/resigned....  adding KIA DOW DOD DMS Deserted explains other reason for service end date (mustered)

|unit= is blank  this parameter tells the sticker what category to add to and should have some value.  in this case you have something on |regiment name= identifying the unit served in, as well as an explicit category entry for it, so that should be changed to

|unit=10th Regiment, Missouri Infantry  and the [[Category:10th Regiment, Missouri Infantry, United States Civil War]] should be deleted. the sticker automatically adds ", United States Civil War" to the |unit= parameter, so do not add that part yourself or it will try to add to a category with it in the name twice, which will result in a RED category.

looking at the profile, you have the {{Roll of Honor}} sticker also, with it above the ==Biography== line, as a sticker, it belongs below that line.



by Keith McDonald G2G6 Mach 9 (91.0k points)
The category and KIA sticker were added by someone else.  I thought to add the CW sticker, but after making the changes as I understood them, I ended up with the Regiment name as a red category.  I deleted the whole thing.  I still have the KIA sticker, but it needs improvement.  It sounds redundant.  Missouri had units on both sides in this conflict.  The KIA sticker should say KIA Union Army U S Civil War.  Thanks anyway, but in this case less is more.
if misspelled, wrong case, unit does not exist, the category will show up as RED and that means you need to look at the parent category to check for any differences in the way it is named

the sticker for {{US Civil War}} was close to correct, looking at the last change where you deleted it, the issue was you had |unit=10th Regiment Missouri Infantry  which was missing the comma, so make it |unit=10th Regiment, Missouri Infantry



there is [[Category: Missouri, United States Civil War]] for the union, and [[Category: Missouri (Confederate), United States Civil War]] for the confederates.

KIA, WIA, MIA, etc are tracked down to the country/war level, so it would be [[Category: Killed in Action, United States of America, United States Civil War]] or [[Category: Killed in Action, Confederate States of America, United States Civil War]]   more specific information can be placed in the profile, and/or listed on the sticker line of the profile in the  {{Roll of Honor}} |description=  parameter.  the default is |description=Killed in Action, but it is free text, so can be changed to Killed in Action on Apr 1 1862, Killed in Action at Gettysburg, etc
Quick question about the US Civil War sticker. Next to regiment flag, it states "image file".

Is there a regiment flag for the 50th New York Engineers?

Keith is there a Category for Civil War soldiers who died of wounds received in battle ?

Those categories are by country and war, so it should be Died of Wounds, United States of America or Confederate States of America, United States Civil War

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