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May I have the option to switch OFF automatic place names?

I well undersatnd the need for standardisation, but I find this feature frustrating, as some times I need to type (yet again!) the full place name before it pops up.

I would prefer to use the Autofill feature of my browser.
in Policy and Style by David Wilson G2G5 (5.4k points)
Thank you, Eva.

'Twas under my nose the whole time!

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There's a toggle link below the Death Place field.

For some reason you have to click it twice to turn off the automatics.

I do this every morning as the first thing on WikiTree.
It doesn't remember my preference.
by Eva Ekeblad G2G6 Pilot (442k points)
selected by David Wilson
It remembers mine, and I only click once. Maybe we are on different operating systems.
Eva, thank you for the answer.

Re: 'click twice' to toggle and repeating the process after a reboot

My computer functions as yours, I suspect, for the following reasons:

1/ When I configured my laptop I choose 'double-click' rather than 'single-click' for opening applications and files.

2/ I have an application installed (Ccleaner) that daily empties the computers buffers, and that process deletes the cookie from WikiTree that informs this website of my log-on preferences. WikiTree does not forget my preference, rather it is my computer no longer having the cookie instructions.
Well, I dont have anything installed that chomps cookies, so no idea why the autolocation-no-thanks cookie evaporates when I restart the browser. It does with Safari as well as with FireFox. But I'm pretty sure the cookie monster doesn't eat ALL WikiTree cookies - a lot harder to notice the ones you don't have to set on a daily basis. What I do know is that my preferred sort order for my watch list also evaporates upon browser restart.

But I don't mind WT not being perfect ;-)
After this discussion I've been thinking about the "click twice" when I do my little morning routine. It's not a double-click - I can click once, wait several moments, then click the second time.

Yesterday I tested a hunch: click once on the "hide" link on on profile, then open a second profile and again click once on the "hide" link. It worked!!!

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