Lansing/ Wonack family

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I'm the profile manager for the suspected Lansing parents of Elvira Womack.

Until there is better sourcing I'm for leaving this relationship as it is currently.

I will look into the Wonack relationship listed in this post, and see if it ties into this family
WikiTree profile: Elvira Womack
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It looks to me like George Lansing and Mary Afton might be good candidates for a "this person may never have existed" label.   :-)

People born in Massachusetts in 1630 are extremely unlikely to have ended up in Virginia a couple of decades later, and anyway (given the Dutch antecedents of the name) it seems rather unlikely that anyone named Lansing arrived in Massachusetts in those years.

See my answer to this question:

This entire genealogy, starting with Henry Womack of Accomack Co, VA, is a fake.  The families they married into, such as Lansing, are fake too.

Several years ago, various Womack researchers, but especially David Dunn, tried to find any real trace of this family, and after going through all records of Accomack and Northampton counties, found nothing.

In particular, see David Dunn's message on Womack Genealogy Network from 15 Dec 2001 ( ):

Hello Roger and everybody. Yes, as Roger says, the 17th century dates are just too perfect for the alleged "Henry of Accomack" line. And after a two week absence for some pro bono work, I have now finished the review of every record available from LDS for Accomack and Northampton Counties for the relevant period. 27 rolls of film. DAR and LOC have nothing extra. Northampton as well as Accomack because Accomack was for part of the time part of Northampton; they are the two counties of the VA part of the Delmarva peninsula. Result: Not one reference to a Womack or any conceivable variant of the name. Either these people lived there for more than one generation without owning land, without dying or somehow appearing in their or anyone else's probate records, without being in court for any reason, or without paying taxes - they weren't there. As always, happy to be proved wrong by evidence - in this case, wish somebody could.

I have no problem designating these two profiles with a label saying they never existed. There is no real proof they ever existed but on paper

FYI: The way to label profiles of imaginary people is to apply the Uncertain Existence template (add {{Uncertain Existence}} above the == Biography == heading).. See for a use example of this template.

Thanks to Robert for supplying the information on this fabricated family. I created Category:Womack Genealogy Fabrications and placed several of these people in that category, along with placing the Uncertain Existence template on their profiles. I haven't studied these families (beyond verifying the nonexistence of the publications that supposedly documented them), so I don't know where the boundaries are between real people and fabricated people, and I can't do a good job of documenting fabrications that presumably exist in the Weaver family.

I hope that Robert Burke and others familiar with this situation will augment or correct my work, as well as adding more profiles to the Womack Genealogy Fabrications category and the Uncertain Existence club.


I added some more documentation.

It's likely that these fabrications extend far beyond the Womack name. I appreciate that you've added documentation to your website, Robert, but because this forum is primarily concerned with improving WikiTree, I'm hoping to have appropriate information added to other profiles of imaginary people created in this same fabrication. Has the alleged sourcing for Sarah Liston and her ancestors been checked out? Are any of these people real, or are they also fabrications? How about Thomas Weaver and his ancestors -- have you (or possibly people named Weaver) determined the validity of that genealogy?

And I gather from your comments that at least some of the children of Thomas Weaver and Eleanor (Womack) Weaver were real people (although apparently not children of Eleanor Womack). In this generation and in later generations, who's real and who's a fabrication?

If we can document the fabrications here on WikiTree, it will be significant progress toward correcting the bogus genealogy that members of the Womack and Weaver families have been contending with.

I am not sure where the cutoff is between fake and real, I just know none of the Womacks are real.  See (unfortunately, large chunks of rootsweb are currently down, but you can go to and enter the URL there to get a cached version).  Some of the files are in RTF and take Word or some other program that can read RTF.  

Interestingly, at least one descendant of Daniel Weaver, allegedly the son of Eleanor Womack, did marry a real Womack, Frances "Fanny" Womack (probably granddaughter of Maj Jacob Womack).  

Elijah David Weaver b: Abt 1785 in Halifax Co., Virginia

          +Fannie Womack b: Abt 1780

Some info on Maj Jacob Womack:

I think there may have been one other real Womack/Weaver marriage, need to look through my notes,
Here is the other possible Womack/Weaver marriages.  I wrote a blog post about it:

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