Barrie "Scottish" family left with no departure dates (of death). Can you possibly help?

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We have a Scottish family born in the late 1680's and early 1700's without death dates.  Includes 7 profiles. 

Robert Barrie was born 1684 in Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland. He was the husband of Elizabeth (Mack) Barrie — married 29 Jan 1710 in Linlithgow,West Lothian,Scotland.

Children: He is the father of Elizabeth (Barrie) McGhieJean BarrieMargaret BarryMary Barry and James Barrie

Could someone interested in the Scottish Clans assist in finding their departure dates please?  

WikiTree profile: Robert Barrie
asked in Genealogy Help by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
reopened by Dorothy Barry

Maybe someone from the Scottish Clans project can PPP and adopt  these profiles until info is found. Surely someone has an interest in this family of now eight people with no death dates.  Thanks for considering this request.

Note: most of these profiles were created in Sept 2015  (imported the data for Elizabeth (Barrie) McGhie from Alexander Richards_ Family Tre.ged)

and abandoned in Dec 2016.

FYI: These profiles were not created by me, nor related to me in anyway. I was just trying to find dates of death for seven people that are pre-1700 (or early 1700 profiles). I did not orphan them except for the father of Robert which was created only because it was suggested to... But no help for death dates.  If someone wants to adopt them and they can get through the paid site or find the info some other way, please do. I just thought that the Scottish Clans project might just be interested.

UPDATE: Got a breakthough with the wife Elizabeth Mack!! Thanks for all your replies especially Sheena!!

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I've found the mother's (Elizabeth Mack) death and updated her bio, I'll have a look for the rest of the family.

By the way, there's a child missing from the list ;-)
answered by Sheena Tait G2G6 Mach 3 (34.8k points)
selected by Dorothy Barry

I think I've found the death for daughter Jean

Thanks Sheena!!! Great job.
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Well, I still dont know where they went, but here is a good possibility for the baptism and parents of Robert:

answered by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (618k points)
Thanks Lynda, added that info to Robert's profile.
Robert Barry and Elizabeth Gibsone married in Linlithgow on 27/7/1682. The record is on Scotlandspeople if you want to cite it. You can look up the index for free.
That may be Robert's dad. This Robert was born in 1684.
Lynda, Do you happen to know when the 'Dad" was born?? Then I could start a profile for him as part of the integrator project objectives.

Afraid not, The only other Robert Barrie baptism in the 1600s in Linlithgow was in 1628, so probably more likely to be the grandfather. I didn't look further afield for the Dad. There are some candidates for the mother Elizabeth though if you want to try and integrate her. Maybe take a closer look at the one in 1665: 

Thanks, but no, my main objective was to get the dates of death for the first orphaned family of seven, wasn't looking to adopt or integrate at the time.

If you would like to work on the mother "Elizabeth" as part of your integrator objectives, please feel free to do so. That would be awesome.  I myself am still working on obtaining the deaths of seven people, now maybe eight, born before 1800!!

Suggestion: If you (or anyone else) can see the correct dates, could you PLEASE JUST ADD THEM. These profiles were not created by me, they are not mine,,, I signed up for the scottish website however and got the three possibilities but the site asked you to Buy credits. I am NOT going to do that. Thank you for your assistance but the main goal was to get and add the actual date of death on Robert's profile and his children. I am trying to say I went as far as I could without paying. Thanks! 

Yes Dorothy, I understand that you do not want to pay, which is why I gave you the full marriage date and a link which should have taken you to the two possible death dates, 8/6/1723 and 29/3/1741. All of this is accessible without buying credits.
Sent you private email.
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Scotlandspeople have possible death records for a Robert Barrie in Linlithgow in 1723 or 1741. Might be worth a closer look.


answered by Lynda Crackett G2G6 Pilot (618k points)

Hi Lynda, Thanks. 

I registered to get info, but now you have to "Buy credits" what's up with that.... I am not going to do that. Will have to try something else but its a hint anyway!! 

You can view the index for free, so you can see dates and location. If you want to view the image of the record, which may give more information, then you need to pay by buying credits. Scottish records are good value. Once you get into the timeframe of civil registration you get a lot additional information on the record. Even before that in the old parish records you get the full page and can pick up some interesting stuff. Anyway, you will find there isn't anything much else to try if you want to see the actual image. The government site has the rights to publish them, others don't.
I added "research notes" to profile. Since they are not my actual ancestors, or a part of my own tree... (I was just going through adoptable profiles to try to find missing info..)  maybe someone from Scotland or a direct relative will investigate further. Thanks again for your input though.
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Hi Dorothy.   Best bet is old church records on Scotlands People    e.g they have two Robert Barries deaths in Linlithgow which might be yours 27 Mar 1741 and 8 Jun 1723.
answered by Maria Maxwell G2G6 Pilot (136k points)
Thanks Maria.

I registered to get info, but now you have to "Buy credits" what's up with that.... I am not going to do that. They could have least given birth month so you know what Robert it pertains to..... So glad we have "FREE" WikiTree!!
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It is possible he was in the 1715 Uprising and deported to the American colonies.  Unfortunately there are very few passenger lists available for this period. A search of the transportation lists might help. His wife might have followed him.
answered by Gregory Lauder-Frost G2G2 (2.8k points)

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