Can some one check, verify, and, add, six Pre 1500 people for us?

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I have six folks left. They come from, but the info is all private and protected. I don't know why, because it doesn't look like anyone is going to be using the information to telemarket to these people, or fill their inboxes with spam. They are all pre-1500. All are ancestors of Micah Bent, and even closer ancestors to a John Bent whom is very prevalent on this site. Can I get some love please?
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Hi Blanche, the problem with trees from my Heritage or anywhere is that they often don't provide any evidence. On wiki-tree we should only add information that has a source. That includes changing or adding information to  an existing profile.  If you have well evidenced earlier Bents then  I or anyone else who is pre 1500 qualified  would be happy to add them.

However, there are no parish records for this period , the earliest record for the Bent family that Hampshire Archives has in it's catalogue, is the Will  for John Bent died 1588 and already cited on his profile.

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Blanche:  Micah Bent,pre 1500.I would be very suspect as too its accuracy.There are no Parish records earlier than abt 1550.Plus you will

find many people with same name in same area,A lot of info on My Heritage,is off of these family trees.I would not waste my time dealing with

it.      Wayne R, Morgan 5487 Wiki Tree
by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (900k points)
Micah Bent is april 29, 1716. He has documents. I and He have 3 more generations 6 people total, husbands and wives as ancestors in the 1400's.. My John Bent is 1596 the multiple great grand dad of Micah.
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This caught my eye since I'm descended from Bent, the branch that went to Nova Scotia.  Read these.

There are ancestors on this site back to 1509.  I think that's as far as we should go until someone invents a time machine.
by Stu Ward G2G6 Mach 3 (34.8k points)
Yes there is some connection to my part of the tree. I had to confirm this during GEDcompare. Thank you.
i have peter bent as an ancester. who appears to be a john bents brother. peter is also sudbury ma resident, whos parent's were John and Martha. Very hard to validate everyone as the tree grows to enormous proportions. Also show a Micah as brother also
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Blanche, the least controversial -- and most effective, I think -- way to go about this is to take the profile for which these six people are the ancestors, and right above ==Sources== create a section called ==Research Notes==

Type under Research Notes, "The following ancestors of XX are being researched for addition to WikiTree."  Then under that create subsections for the names of the six people you have in mind:

===Micah Bent===

===Peter Bent===

===John Bent===

In each section, gather all the sourced information you can find.  This is work that would have had to be done once the profiles for these people were created, but here you can do it BEFORE their profiles are created.  

Certainly at the beginning add information you find on ancestry or geni or my heritage but give its source <ref> [the url link where you found it] </ref> Those aren't very good sources, but they often provide information that give you research clues, which if you keep poking around may lead to really solid sources.  

This way, the barriers we have put in place to keep WikiTree from getting more badly researched profiles don't get in your way, and you're doing the solid work that will make these profiles ones you're proud of.

And when they're well sourced, it will be totally simple for someone who can, to just copy everything you have under ===Peter Dent=== into a new profile.

Research first;  profiles second.  This is basically what others are telling you, but here is a way to do it!
by Jack Day G2G6 Pilot (323k points)

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