1934 - Postcard to Ralph Baur from Jacob Baur German transcription/translations

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Please transcribe/translate this postcard from German to English. Thanks!

Background: This card was sent to my Dad, Ralph Baur, on Jan. 31, 1934. Dad's birthday is Feb. 1st.  Dad is 12 years old. Dad's father Alfred Baur had died when Dad was 5.

Dad and his widowed Mom, Clara Hinderer Baur, are living in New Ulm, MN. Dad's Grandfather Jacob Baur is pastor at St. John's Lutheran Church, Fort Ridgely, MN.

Don't know what the lower left word means. Is probably the clue to the whole card's purpose. The Bible passage is "der Herr dein Gott ift bie der ein tarker heiland." (I know the "tarker" isn't correct. Don't know what letter it begins with). Google translates it "the Lord your God is with the strong one". It really doesn't match Zeph. 3:19.

I am guessing this is a birthday greeting.... It would be neat to know the message and the prefix used on J. Baur. It is of interest the postcard was printed in Germany. Also worthy of note is this is the first street address I have run across for Dad. All the others are PO Box numbers!

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Hi Ralph,

I only know a little German. The word in the left corner is "Birthday  greetings"   Geburt (birth) tag (day) Gruß (Greeting).  The letter you couldn't figure out, is an s. 

Der HERR, dein Gott, ist bei dir, ein starker Heiland;

The LORD your God is with you, a strong Savior; It is Zeph 3:17 in German. 

 I can't really read the handwriting... sorry.
by Carrie Lippincott G2G4 (4k points)

Thanks, Carrie. I appreciate your help, and from a person who claims "I only know a little German." You did a great job!

You should have seen the Bible passage I first thought Jacob and Emilie had for their wedding verse from the book of Job: "even then you frighten me with dreams and terrify me with visions, so that I prefer strangling and death, rather than this body of mine." 

It was really from the book of Tob: "And taking the right hand of his daughter, he gave it into the right hand of Tobias, saying: The God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob be with you, and may he join you together, and fulfill his blessing in you."

Jacob's stern look and Emilie's black wedding dress really had me going there!

Thanks for the story Jim.  Isn't fascinating to try to piece these things together!   That's what makes genealogy so fun.  Old German wedding clothing is so different from what we're used to.
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Carrie already covered the front side very well, so let me just do the handwriting part:


Gottes Segen zum Geburtstag


E. u. J. Baur

Fort Ridgely Minn. Febr. 1 1934


God's blessings for your birthday

Grand parents,

E. & J. Baur

Fort Ridgely Minn, February 1st, 1934
by Patrick Georgi G2G6 Mach 1 (14.1k points)
Thanks Patrick. A short and sweet birthday greeting! Thanks for giving Carrie a "warm fuzzy."  :-)
Wow Patrick, thanks.   I was really struggling with the scratchiness of the writing.  You did great.  It makes sense now.

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