Should we start a Newfoundland Project?

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I'd like to start a Newfoundland Project, like the Nova Scotia Project, as a subproject of the Canadian History Project. This would be a way to integrate everything from notable people and events and places into one coherent (and hopefully easy-to-navigate!) structure.

I'm (personally) particularly interested in adding historically accurate place categories, and community free space profiles. I've got a basic framework for categorizing Newfoundland towns, historically, worked out (see the example of Hant's Harbour, below, with the various categories, and the categorization format.)

I'd like to formalize this, within a project framework. If anyone is interested in helping?
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retagged by Ellen Smith my third great grandmother was born in Newfoundland but could go no further as could not find any birth or marriage records.

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For anyone who's interested, I've started a space for the project here:

I'm trying to figure out how to get it established, as an official Canadian History project. But while I'm waiting, I'll try to at least start laying out some pages on how we might organize our efforts. For instance, here is a rough outline of how we might classify communities:

and I'll do another for how to set up community free spaces as well.
by Brad Foley G2G6 Mach 4 (44.3k points)
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Hi Brad ... Mags (I think) will show up and help out.  The Canadian History page says to contact Erin Breen but she seems to have moved on.  If you don't hear from Mags in a day or two you should just send her a note.

I think we used to just create those project pages ourselves ??? and, of course, I can't remember for sure or how to do it.  Anyway, we do need a Newfoundland project!!
Hi Brad, I'm the project coordinator for the Ontario sub-project. You do need a leader now to set up the project and, as Bob has pointed out, Mags is the person to get in touch with. (BTW, Bob is much too modest. He did a mammoth amount of work setting up lists of premiers, colonial governors, etc.)

Best of luck. If you have any questions, just drop me a line. The Categorization Project should be able to help you with any categorization questions.
Apparently Mags isn't the person to ask for these things, she was just stepping up for a while. She sent me to contact someone named Abby. I'll get back to you when I hear!
LOL. Well, that's good to know!
(And thanks for your offer of help, Laurie! I'll hit you up for advice, for sure. I've been looking at the other projects, and trying to be consistent. I need to do a big cleanup, and finish the first draft, er, draught, of the category pages, and then I'll ask you to have a look. If you don't mind.)
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I've got Newfoundland ancestors from the Hermitage Bay and Carbonear areas, and they've been the toughest brick walls for me so far. I'd be happy to be a part of this project, though my interests lean more towards geographical categorization and one place studies than in profiles for notable Newfoundlanders.
by Sean Benjamin G2G6 (7.8k points)
I'm personally with you on the notables thing. I've found geographical categorization to be really useful, though! Especially in some of these towns, I've found I may as well do a page and genealogy for the whole place---because I'm related to everyone there four different ways.

I'll try and get permission to set up the project page, and I'll write up some general goals, and we can argue about naming conventions later. I've been trying to get a category system that works for me, and I think I'm there. But if it's not useful to anyone else, that's pointless.

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Brad ... I entered some of the Newfoundland premiers a few years back.  Just the recent guys from 1949 on ... I think.  I'll check on the colony guys (early 1800's) and others and get that all cleaned up.

First province premier:
by Bob Jewett G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Cool! Yeah, the categories are a little bit of a mess right now, sorry. I've been trying to sort them out, and I've got a few thousand profiles (mostly ones I created) that I'll need to recategorize before it makes much sense. Let me know if anything is confusing, or if I've done anything wrong!

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