Do you have Irish Ancestry? Join us in the Irish Roots Project! [closed]

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Starting a new thread as the previous one  has over 100 answers !! 


The Irish Roots Project co-ordinates the efforts of Wikitreers who have Irish ancestry and/or would like to improve the profiles of Irish people and the Irish diaspora on Wikitree.

There has been an explosion of free Irish genealogical records in the last few years and there has never been a better time to bust those brick walls and improve the Irish profiles on Wikitree.

If you would like to join the project we would love to have you.  Please post an answer below (including your research interests and what you would like to work on) and follow the instructions on the project page.


in Requests for Project Volunteers by Maria Maxwell G2G6 Pilot (163k points)
closed by Maria Maxwell
Hello, would like to participate. Born in Ireland and have ancestral links to County Mayo & County Antrim. Currently reside in County Down.

Many thanks, Lucy.
Please add me to the project. My maternal lineage surnames: Adair, Jamison, Kinnear, Little, and Martin. All were living in County Down in the early to mid-1800s. The came to the US in 1856 and settled in Oakland, Garrett, MD. I'd enjoy tracking back their ancestry, meeting cousins, sharing information, etc. Also, I wonder if 'my' Adair, Little, and Martin family are connected to those who came to America in the 1700s and eventually settled in Laurens County, SC. If so, they were neighbors of my paternal lineage (Bell, Bourland, Odell, and Prather).  Thanks so much!
Hi Lucy,  sorry for the delay in picking up your post.   Welcome to the Irish Roots Project.  Good luck with your research.
Hi Beth and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.   Good luck with your research in 2019.
thanks so much (again)!
Hello, my name is Jessica Moylan from the United States, I have ancestors that came from Ireland but I am not quite sure as to how many generations ago. If anyone has any information please let me know
Hi Jessica and welcome to WikiTree.    Please see the note I've posted on your profile.
Hi, I am Irish on my mum's side but one of my unties did a dna test and it said we could have an Irish ancestor who was alive about 1775 who possibly lived in Munster but I don't know who he is because my tree somewhat stops around 1833 at Emerson-2390(John Emerson) can someone please help me thanks:)
Hi Lochlan

I have an Emerson [[William Emerson|Emerson-3305]] in my family line (my fourth great grandfather) who born c. 1737 and lived in Waterford, Ireland (part of Munster). So far, I have only identified his three daughters. His youngest daughter Martha Emerson married Thomas Shearman and our family is descended from that line. My information is rather sketchy & haven't been able to take it further back. There were other Emersons in the Waterford and surrounding areas at this time.

Jeanette O'Hagan
Hi Jeanette,  thanks for this.   Are you interested in joining the Ireland Project ?

Lochlan - welcome to WikiTree.

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Hi. I'd love to join. Currently researching Hall and Stephenson in Antrim, Aghalee in 1770s. They lived at Mt Prospect until Thomas Hall died and his wife and children moved to New Zealand.
by Lisa-Marie Hardley G2G Crew (960 points)
Hi Lisa-Marie and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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Glad to join the project!  Primary Irish roots are Donovan and Coleman/Colman from west Cork - probably around Bantry, but have learned that there are more distant relatives via marriages that I am only beginning to uncover.  Additionally my wife's family traces back to Laughlin's near Kilkenny.  Will have more time to assist this summer.
by Mike Cruz G2G Crew (730 points)
Hi Mike and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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I would like to join. My relatives come to Newfoundland, Canada from Cork, Wexford & Dublin.
by Debbie Wiseman G2G Crew (530 points)
Hi Debbie and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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I would like to join the Irish Roots project as I have had DNA testing done and learned that my roots trace back to Brien Boru (High King of Ireland (the O'Bien dynasty).The family name that linked my roots to the O'Brien dynasty was Finucane.In 1854 Lucius O'Brien 13th Baron of Inchiquin married Louisa Finucane..My grandmother was Anna Mary Finucane.At this present time i am researching to link up my grandmother and earlier ancestors to Louisa Finucane.Once I have found that information I shall be able to trace back my roots for 1000 years..
by Maureen Ahmad G2G Crew (350 points)
Hi Maureen,  welcome to WikiTree and to the Irish Roots Project.   What an amazing find.   I wish you the best of luck with your research.
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Hello, I'd love to join the Irish Roots Project.
by Anonymous Dooley G2G1 (1.0k points)
Hi Casey and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.   Enjoy the Clean-a-thon !!
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Hello, I would love to join, I am working on my new Irish found family of Marshall and Wynn names who in the US are listed as Irish and no town yet known and this is a new find. I also have North Ireland links I would like to scavenger through with my White name, Auhn and Carson and also information about Clan areas in Northern Ireland if they took to Clan groups as in Scotland Thanks
by Mary Tyler G2G5 (5.3k points)
Hi Mary,  welcome to WikiTree and to the Irish Roots Project.  Good luck with your research.   Love the hat in your profile picture !!
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I would love to join the Irish Project, I have Northern Irish on my dads side of the family and just found my GG-Grandmother and GG-Grandfather on my moms side and she is from Ireland and I believe Southern Ireland because My Great Grandmother was Catholic! Marshall and Wynn.  :) Yay! I can Drink Green Beer everyday! haha :) Now I can search for that pot of gold! GG-Grandparents and GGG-Grandparents!!
by Mary Tyler G2G5 (5.3k points)
Have fun with your research.   As a child I remember my dad was convinced his ancestors came from around Dublin because they were RC.  Turns out they were from Fermanagh in Ulster !!
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My Maternal Great great grandparents  Thomas Moore & Julia Follis were born in Ireland, unknown area. I have been unable to find any further information on them. Without having to pay for it. I would love to join.
by Tina Simmons G2G2 (2.7k points)
Hi Tina, welcome to WikiTree and to the Irish Roots Project.  Have a look at our research page for free Irish research sites.
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I am interested in joining this project, I have several branches of my tree that trace to Ireland, Rafters (Dublin), McNamaras (don't know where they come from), Moores, Lochrie/Loughrey (Londonderry or Derry) Maxwells (Strabane) - please add me, thank you very much
by Margaret Lochrie G2G Crew (700 points)
Hi Margaret and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.  Great to find another Maxwell researcher in Ireland too !!
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I would like to join the Irish Roots projects. I am particularly interested in the Delamain family who came from France to England around 1625, and eventually settled in Dublin and Kilkenny. They intermarried with various Irish families over the following two centuries.
by Ralph Wedgwood G2G2 (2.2k points)
Hello Ralph and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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I would like to join the Irish roots project. I have McEvoy / McAvoy, Donovan, Kelly (and more) roots in NB, Canada.
by Erin Klein G2G6 Mach 2 (20.6k points)
Hi Erin and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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On the Hanrahan side, most of my ancestors were Irish from Galway in the townland of Garryad and Garryduff in the parish of Killimor.  I can find records back to about 1800, but not before.

On my Scottish/Irish MacDonald side, 25% of my family is from Nova Scotia.  I've found DNA matches and records for their time in Nova Scotia.  But tracing them back to Ireland has been difficult, especially for my 5th great-grandfather, Cornelius Dwyer (born about 1742 in Tipperary, Ireland.)

Also on the MacDonald side, I have had difficult tracing my 2nd great grandparents, Patrick and Bridget Griffin (born around 1825) before their time on Long Island in New York.  There are lots of records and several DNA matches for their time in New York, but not before.  I'm pretty sure they came from Ireland on one of the "famine ships"  in the 1840s, but I can't sort out which of several Patrick Griffins he was, or where in Ireland.

I find the intersection of personal and world history to be really interesting and would like to learn more about the pre-1700 period, not to mention pre-1800!
by P Hanrahan G2G2 (2.1k points)
Hi and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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Many of my Mom's family are from County Mayo, I would love to join this project, and learn more of my Irish history.  Go raibh maith agat! (Thanks!)
by Shannon Reighert G2G1 (1.1k points)
Hi Shannon and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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My grandparents were O'Toole and Byrne in Dublin, but I have hit the proverbial wall. I'd love to join to help and maybe discover my great great grandparents. Thank you!
by Dianne Miller G2G Crew (690 points)
Hi Dianne and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.   Good luck with your research.
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I would like to join the Irish Roots Project, but I have no idea where to start searching for my Irish ancestors.
by Jan Fulcher G2G Crew (630 points)
Hi Jan and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.    Here's a link to our Research Resources page to get you started !!   Good luck.
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3 out of my 4 grandparents have Irish roots, from Dublin and Limerick that I know about and some others I need to narrow down the locations for, so I would like to join please.
by Paul Masini G2G6 Pilot (162k points)
Hi Paul and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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Yes please! I have a few links to the island, and I’d like to explore more.
by Jeff Wright G2G Crew (790 points)
Hi Jeff and welcome to the Irish Roots Project.
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I have a few links to the island, and I’d like to explore more. Mostly via O’Neill a couple hundred years ago.
by Jeff Wright G2G Crew (790 points)
As above - welcome to the Project.
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Hello. I would like to join this project to research the origins of my paternal line in Antrim Co. Northern Ireland. I've been able to trace my paternal ancestry via family and genealogical records as far as the Brysons of Musquodoboit in Halifax Nova Scotia. Three Brothers and their married sister emigrated there from Ballymena, Antrim Co. Ireland in about 1825.

Through Y-DNA testing it appears that my line of Brysons is strongly related to the Line of Brysons (also of Antrim Co.) that emigrated to Colonial America (settling in North Carolina) about a hundred years prior (1720s). I suspect a common ancestor of the two lines to exist sometime in the late 1600's (perhaps Samuel C. Bryson or earlier). That would be 12 generations back from myself and would concur well with the DNA evidence.   

I would like to find any data or records that might link these two lines and confirm through genealogy the apparent genetic link.
by Bryan O'Doherty G2G Crew (350 points)
Hi Bryan welcome to WikiTree and to the Irish Roots Project.   Good luck with your research.
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I would LOVE to be part of the Irish Roots Project. My maternal great grandparents came over in the late 1800's, found each other in Brooklyn and married, next thing you know, here I am. I am currently researching Creamer and Sheehan lines.
by Natalie Padgett G2G4 (5.0k points)
Hi Natalie,  welcome to WikiTree and to the Irish Roots Project.  Sorry for the delay in picking up your post.   Good luck with your research.

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