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WikiTree profile: Chris Ferraiolo
closed with the note: Event is over.
asked in The Tree House by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (158k points)
closed by Chris Ferraiolo
I HAVE to be a Sourcerer eventually! 1) I used to teach writing and research papers 2) I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and the possibility of being able to say that I'm a "sourcerer" is just too tempting. 3) I am determined to master this sourcing thing - genealogy is a whole different ballgame from MLA in a college paper!!!

Give me an idea of an easy way to break in during the challenge and I'll give it my best shot!!
Chris - we've all certainly had days when we felt like that!! :)
Good to see a fellow writer AND a Harry Potter fan here. =D

Here's what you can do to get the sources. Raid the census bureau. =)
Hey Pamela

Do what I do LOL.  Just read through 39 wills today  looking for one girl .

Found her. I am the X-Treme ! ! ! !

Needed 4 cups of coffee and 3 cigars.
Seriously, one good will sources parents and kids.
Pamela,  first of all here is a great resource for sources


In a more general answer, I like to use 3 basic sources to start as they often give a lot of info quickly..

1. Obituary  often has birth and death plus spouse(s) and children and parents.

2.  Death certificate. Many states have these on line.  They generally have birth, death, current spouse and parents.

3.  Census  has clues and often has at least some other family members.


What did you mean  by

In a email to me.
Explained in a message. Don't worry about it,

Hi Chris!

Thank you for inviting all to yours! :D

Hope you had - and still have a lot of visitors coming by.

Almost Spring-Greetings from The Netherlands!


Pam, I have been in and out a lot this weekend so missed your question on the Sourcerers' Challenge.  There is a challenge that runs all month.  Basically, you go to the thread in G2G for the March one until the 31st when it ends at 11:59.  I ran Jan - March.  There are 4 of us leading the challenges.  I forget who has April but they should be posting the April thread on March 31st between 11 and noon Eastern time.  You select answer and just say you want to participate.  Then you get a point for every existing unsourced profile you add a valid source to.  A  valid source is something like a birth certificate record, a death certificate, a census record, a will.  Internet trees are not considered a valid source.  

When you save the profile after adding the source then in the top of the profile a box will show up.  Select Challenge Tracker.  This opens a new box.  Select Sourcerers Challenge and then pick the reason from the list on the right (if census replace YYYY with the year of the census).  Or you can add your own comment.  Press add action and you are done.  You can close that window and do another one!

Besides the monthly challenge there are weekend sprints.  They work much the same way, but last I think it is the Saturday of the weekend.  Because I work a lot of Saturday's I have not done the sprints.

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Hi Guys, 

Nice to see you all again here. 

For your info: We re starting a Dutch Roots Project Challenge next Tuesday. Please, please join us if you like to learn have fun, meet and learn the DRP active members and more about how to find reliable sources at The Netherlands. We will guide you! 

I was away this weekend. We were invited to a 50-birthday party last Saturdaynight and my hub and me decided to add some quality time and booked a nice Hotel for two nights, we took of Friday from work and walked and biked Friday and Saturday in the middle of the Netherlands. :D But I am home now as we need to be here for the next DRP challenge!!! 

Now anyone new here at WT, but interested in genealogy at The Netherlands  - and those experienced too of course!! - are invited to the participate please at the next DRP Challenge that starts coming Tuesday. 

Feel very welcome please to participate. Do not feel shy please!!!. Especially those that think they are not experienced enough!!!  

We only have few participants and that is the charme of the Challenges at the DRP. Besides you will learn to know (very active and less active) DRP members, so it will be easier to ask/share things, you will learn lots about sourcing etc. And next time you will be able to join the main Challenges at WT if you think you re not able yet.  

The (active) DRP members once started here as anyone new!!!! (and we did not forget how hard it was as we started to get all!), we love the fun together, we love the stuff we get down together, we love to explore/find talents are and we love to know more WT-ers. So please join us.  


Anyone that likes to join: General info with link to more info you can find  HERE.

More info and to communicate you go to the Challenge G2G post HERE

To register you go HERE

Ales made us a challenge tracker so you only need to click after saving the right challenge. We love to guide you at that too! 


Just hope to welcome you! 


Happy Treekend from The Netherlands, 



answered by Astrid Spaargaren G2G6 Pilot (150k points)
selected by Linda Barnett
Thanks but I don't know the lanquaqe  the Netherlands. But thanks for the invite.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Astrid glad you had some time to rest up before the Challenge.  

Hope you get lots of people participating!
sounds good. What's the subject this time? The link brought me the Hoogoven guys but that's an old challenge. I  don't have as much time as during the last challenge but would like to take part again.
Hi Eef,

This is about the challenge in March. The Hoogoven guys. :) But as soon as we have a new one we will keep you up to date! :)

You were such a great participant at the Liberty Challenge in May.
I noticed it after i placed the comment.....
Geeft toch nix!  Eef je bent een aanwinst!

Lieve groeten,

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Chris you are a star!  Thanks for hosting this weekend!
answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (448k points)
Have your people call my people. We'll do lunch! You're welcome!
If you ever get to St Louis area, I'll cook!
Sweet. =D
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
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Tips March 23

  1.  Conflicting information on profiles should be fairly and completely explained.  Sometimes a family will have different versions of the same story.  This can cause WikiTree conflict.  It is important to remember that we share our trees with the whole site.  So if there are different versions of a story all sides should be entered into the bio section and the supporting sources for each version should be listed.  Sometimes these come about because the records from former time periods are not clear and it is easy to confuse people with the same name.
  2. WikiTree stressed collaboration.  When someone makes a change on a profile that you manage they may or may not communicate with you as the PM before the change is made.  The Data Doctors do a lot of changes for the good of the tree.  We have a code that stresses making a simple change like fixing USA listed before 1776, fixing an obvious typo like Frnace does not require communicating with a PM.  Adding a source does not either.  But we advise that any substantive change should include a communication with the PM before the change is made.  This can be a note in the comments box, or a note in the bio when say a death certificate is found that corrects a date of birth or death and the location.  For a longer communication a private message can be used.   If the issue deals with something like pre-1700 or pre-1500 profiles a note in G2G is a great way to get experts to help. 
  3. There are some profiles that appear open, but are actually managed by projects.  These are Project Protected Profiles.  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:Project_Protection  Project Accounts act as the Profile Managers for protected profiles.  Rather than having hundreds of managers for historically-significant ancestors, individual members participate through the Project Account. The project, as a whole, works out controversial issues.  Some examples of these types of projects:

·   European Aristocrats

·   Mayflower Ancestors

·   Acadians

·   US Presidents

·   Puritan Great Migration

·   New Netherland Settlers

·   Dutch Roots Project

So, it is best to put a note in G2G or on the profile if you think a change is warranted.

answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (448k points)
I changed dates - only dates -  on several profiles, ancestors of George Washington , last week and proposed merges of dupes that were clearly and obviously the same. AND one fellow filed an MIR last Saturday against me just for doing that. Changing dates .

So, I have become semi-retired, working only on profiles I manage or create and pestering peeps in the G2G.
Cool tips. Welcome to the weekend chat!
He Eddie you can help me work on my profiles anytime!  I welcome your help!  Besides, the project notes say anyone can work on them you just have to notify the project and join the project first.  Don't retire, you do great research.  I've see what you did on some of those hard to find Civil War folks.
I am a member of the Presidents Project and Robin Lee asked me to look at George

and on the profiles that needed work, I posted a note on the comment boxes I would be editing and waited a week to hear from the managers.


The guy who filed the MIR NEVER NEVER indicated he didn't want me in his people . Just up and hit me in the face via MIR ( and he's been here years - not a newbie - and he knows the rules and protocols for communication and collaboration.
Eddie, I hear you, I have not had an MIR yet but I too have started only working on profiles I manage or am related to, with a very few exceptions. My problem is if I did not restrict myself even more than that statement I could work on almost every profile on WikiTree. So with that in mind I have made it a point to only work on profiles that I manage unless someone asks for help.
Thank you for the kind words Dale. If it weren't for good friends like you, I would be gone. Your friendship means a lot.

I did get an invitation from werelate to work exclusively for them shortly after I proved Reuben James.

( werelate - our free-site competitor spies on wikitree work and workers)
I hear you Eddie.  Hopefully things worked out then.  With Robin involved as leader of the project you should have been fine working on it. Sometimes there is miscommunication between projects when someone overlaps.  I don't know since I am hearing this after the fact, but it sounds like you were working at something the Project Leader requested.
I still say you should have told the guy flat out that you were working on the thing and that he should have minded his own business. =)
I agree wit Chris I haven't hade a MIR but I had managers tell me off and I have said what Chis told you. I agree with everyone except you Eddie for quitting. Don't be a quitter fight for your rights.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.

Also thanks Laura for the great and marvelous tips again.

I look at it this way. Why waste my time when some Bozo is just going to "restore the profile" to the ancestry dot com ancestry tree crap . And I had found a land record that would have proved father-daughter that I hadn't put in the profile and now NEVER will. When G2G discussions eventually start about proofs and possible detachments etc ( and discussions will start because this is an important historical line ) , I can say I had proofs but Bozo can read through a hundred land records and find it himself. Score ! ! !

As Khan Noonien Singh said to James Tiberius Kirk


Meanwhile I am happy making soldiers. My newest soldier


You could always put it  on the profile HE isn't monitoring just to spite him. >=)

Don't quit over this, man. If anything take it to one of the bosses and make sure he knows what's up lest he feels the wrath of your mighty trumpet.

And yes, you will leave him as he left you. Buried alive....BURIED ALIVE.....
OK everybody, Actually Eddie is doing the right thing. If the manager got that riled up about sourced changes then the leaders, not Eddie should step in and fight him. I have put any important work elsewhere, in my case on a computer in a program not connected to WikiTree, to make sure that when I get it right nobody is going to fight me about it and if Eddie is getting punished for making things better here then that is a problem with this site.

Hi Dale. 

Glad you got back.

My project leaders, Robin and Paula got my back, so no problem. Bozo got bonked good.  But every now and then, I get a little tired of the "mine all mine just mine" mentality of some folks. I'm sure you've felt the same at one time. You dig and dig for days and find gold and Mr X converts it into styrofoam LOL. 

So my "stop drop and roll" is my cowboys and my soldiers . When I finish Mother Star Trek wife of the Great Bird of the Galaxy, I connect Brad Johnson, my cowboy , to his PGM ancestors then maybe do the other cowboy Johnson. BEN JOHNSON, 

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ben_Johnson_(actor) who also has ancestors on wikitree.

I'm happy. 


Eddie it is good that you are happy!  I agree with Dale, the Leaders need to fight the fight for you and Robin and Paula are two really good ones!  You do great work.  You are always welcome to work on any of my profiles.  

Yes, any of us who have ever touched a profile to make it correct or better and been whomped know how disheartening that is. But you got vindicated so it all worked out in the end.
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What's that? The spunky young upstart is hosting the Weekend chat?! The horror! The scandal! The cheers from the cheap seats! Welcome to the Weekend chat, everyone! I hope everyone has had a great week. Mine was busy with various things.

On the genealogy front, I got several ancestors DNA confirmed. AND this went live: https://www.wikitree.com/blog/meet-our-members-chris-ferraiolo/

Some...interview I did. Give it a read and as always be courteous in the chat. I'll be watching. (My notifications are gonna explode.) I'll be back with some questions. Welcome to the jungle! We got fun and games!
answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (158k points)

Loved the interview!!!

Are you by any chance related to the actress Veronica Hamel?

I think she was on Hill Street Blues and was definitely on Greatest American Hero in the 1980s?

Hamel may not even be her name, but I am curious!!
Used to watch Greatest American Hero back in the day.  Nah, I don't think I am related. Would be cool if I was.
Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear!!

Veronia was never on GAH. She looks so much like the actress who was. HER name was Connie Sellecca - that definitely looks like an Italian name!!

My apologies to both Veronica and Connie for getting them confused!!
S'okay. I am sure they are fine, Robynne. Will have to look up Sellecca.
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
YOUNG ? Dude, you're over thirty.

You're already headed toward the Twilight
Shh. 29 forever!!!!!!
We got everything you want! Honey, we know the names!

Geez, Chris, you lured me out of the Wiki shadows again. This time with Guns N Roses lyrics. They do seem rather appropriate to the WikiTree, though.
It was either that or offensive novelty rap. I don't think that would have gone over well with this crowd. =)
Eddie, you come to me asking for a favor on this the day of my daughter's we...Wait. I don't have a daughter.

Great movies Godfathers 1 and 2. Great theme. Godfather III never happened.
About Godfather 3

You remember on DALLAS, Bobby Ewing died ? And the beginning of the next season, he stepped out if the shower and the whole "dead" season was Pamela dreaming ? Well, while Pamela was dreaming Bobby was dead, Bobby was dreaming Godfather 3.  (J R Ewing = Michael Corleone) ??
It's possible. Just remember everything also ties to that St. Elsewhere ending. Are we all inside a child's snowglobe?
My understanding is that everyone you see in a dream is actually some part of yourself....   oh no...  I don't want to even think I am dreaming....
Wonder what that says about writers....
+14 votes

Happy Week End to All!


I missed the chat last week as I was enjoying (NOT!) the great weather in Mattapoisett, MA.

I saw Plymouth Rock & what I want to know is, how do they know that is the rock.....there are lots of rocks there?


answered by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.3m points)
Ya know I wasn't gonna mention the storm....

I think i saw that on a field trip. When I was a kid, I thought it'd be BIGGER.
They don't.  Some old timer was asked and he wandered a bit and then pointed to the location where he thought they landed.  Thus began the mythology.  Or at least as I recall the story.  Rock taken, lost, broken, returned, glued back some of the pieces, quite the adventure.

(And THANKS! a bit of wry humor is always welcome!)

Beside that, the carver of "1620" could have carved any old rock with that date, but his lifespan might have been 1920-1972.  The carving is very precise, such as is done for gravestones. The carver was a pro, and not a person on site in 1620, I'm betting.
Because of the date. They landed in 1620. I been there and took a picture of the rock and also so the ship that the pilgrims came on. The story of the ship, rock and the pilgrims are very interested. I saw in 2002 or 2003.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Where I live, we have a tree - "The Old Gum Tree"- under which the colony of South Australia was proclaimed. Not much of the original tree left - it's been bolted and concreted together for 200 years. And ...it's not the right tree anyway! Http://www.wikitree.com/photo.php/d/d4/Anne_s_Image_Portfolio-1.jpg
When I visited the Indians were protesting. It was around Thanksgiving.
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Military Musicians Puzzle

Military Musicians leader: Paula J and coordinated by Mary Richardson

Welcome to the Military Musicians Project! This project is dedicated to those individuals who served as military musicians from all wars during all eras and during peacetime. It is not necessary that you have an ancestor who fits this description. If you have an interest in this subject, you are more than welcome to participate.

War has always been with us. Technology has not. For more time than man can fathom, military communication relied on its musicians. The mission of the Military Musicians Project is to honor those who bravely faced battle with drums and fifes while others carried rifles and bayonets.

https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Military_Musicians  Has info on how to join 

Some History:  Chinese troops used tàigǔ drums to motivate troops, to set a marching pace, and to call out orders during a war between Qi and Lu in 684 BC.  Ottoman military bands, dating from the 13th century, are considered to be the oldest of military marching bands in the world.   The oldest British military band is the Royal Artillery Band which can trace its origins back to 1557 at the Battle of St. Quentin, but was not made 'official' until 1762.  A uniquely American type of military band, the Old Guard Fife and Drum Corps, is the only band of this type. The largest military marching band in the world is in the United States, that of the "Fightin' Texas Aggie Band" of Texas A&M University. It is entirely composed of ROTC cadets from the university's Corps of Cadets.  In Scotland bagpipes are a colorful addition to military music and there is text dating to 1396 for their use in battle.  Depending on the culture, a variety of percussion and musical instruments have been used, such as drums, fifes, bugles, trumpets or other horns, bagpipes, triangles, cymbals, as well as larger military bands or full orchestras.

A docx and pdf version are here:


Unscramble This Message About Military Musicians By Moving The Tiles

Each of the 4 groups is a separate message.

answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (448k points)
Keep up the good work on the puzzles. Laua

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Laura, always an interesting puzzle each week. I enjoy them....Thanks....
+10 votes

Question #1. 

What is your favorite Italian food? Note that I said food. No franchises, please. This could be anything from lasagna to ravioli. Desserts are included and required  optional.

For me I've always liked my mother's lasagna. She got the recipe from my grandma and does a really good job with it. To this day we have it with turkey every Thanksgiving. It's a law. Turkey and the trimmings with lasagna, sausages, meatballs and brijole. 

As far as desserts go? Umm....Can I combine cannolis, tiramisu and gelato into one dessert? Apparently I can. There are gelatos with those flavors out there for people who can't make up their minds. 

answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (158k points)
Fried ravioli (from lots of places) and chocolate chip ricotta cannoli from Missouri Bakery on the Hill. And Tiramisu is delicious too! You're making me hungry. :P
Curses! You have seen through my evil plan!
It's hard to pick just one. A couple from restaurants in Rome, NY are mushroom gravy (i.e., very dark, very cooked, lots of mushrooms in sauce) and steak&eggs&greens  (all fried up in olive oil and garlic). The white pizza on the bar as a free appetizer also merits mention (never did try their tripe, aaarrggh). And of course cannoli (preferable from the Florentine pastry shop in Utica). The homemade sausage bread that Patti brought to work (her grandma's recipe) was pretty good.
Spaghetti with meatballs and sauce and parseman cheese and texas toast. Chocalate cake and extereme mouse chocolate ice cream. If your notice I have a very bad sweet tooth especially for chocolate any thing. I am a chocolate freak. I seem to not get enough of chocolate or sweets.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Ah, Linda. We need to introduce you to the wide varieties of pasta out there like orrichette, cavatelli, rigatoni and who knows what else. There's this place in town that gives you a meatball the size of a dinner plate. I wonder if it counts as a meat loaf at that point. My nephew ordered a meatball. Out comes this block of meat. I was like "Enjoy, kid."

Your sweet tooth is fine. Have some tiramisu. =D
Thanks Chris.
No problem!

That is very difficult to answer, there are so many great Italian dishes to choose from, but I would have to say lasagna is my favorite.

You have chosen wisely.
Here in the St Louis area everyone knows you are not legally married if you do not have mostaccioli at the wedding feast.  My favorite Italian food is garlic bread... you can have it with any kind of food and it is yummy.

My granddaughters are big on mac and cheese and spaghetti.  So we make a lot of those.
+12 votes

Today is....



A massive asteroid (4581 Asclepius) nearly hit the earth in 1989.  This day is commemorated annually on March 23 as people across the nation celebrate National Near Miss Day.

On March 22-23, 1989, a mountain-sized asteroid came within 500,000 miles of colliding with the earth.  “On the cosmic scale of things, that was a close call,” said Dr. Henry Holt. Geophysicists estimate that collision with Asclepius would release energy comparable to the explosion of a 600 megaton atomic bomb. On March 31, 1989, nine days after its closest approach to Earth, the asteroid was discovered.

A collision would have had catastrophic effects on our planet.

There have been other “near misses” that have happened on an infrequent basis.

Discovered Days Later

It is a good thing then that the asteroid wasn't discovered until March 31, 9 days after it had flown by the Earth. Named after the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius, was discovered by American astronomers Henry E. Holt and Norman G. Thomas


Nothing to Worry About

Since 1989, several meteoroids and asteroids have buzzed past the Earth from a safe distance. Scientists and astronomers measure the probability of a celestial object colliding with the Earth on two different scales - the Torino Scale and the Palermo Technical Impact Hazard Scale. According to NASA, there are very few near-Earth objects that have the capacity to hit the Earth and create havoc in the near future.

Space Rocks

Asteroids are space rocks that are a by-product of the formation of the Solar System. Found mostly in the asteroid belt – the region between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, these celestial objects contain minerals highly coveted by humans.

How to Celebrate?

  • This one's easy. Celebrate the day by celebrating life and all the second chances you have ever been given.



answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
I think we have a great chance of a near miss or even a collision with a car than a space object.  But it is an interesting day to celebrate!  You always find such interesting things to post!

How close do asteroids get to Earth, exactly? Too close for comfort, according to data from NASA. The amount of close calls experienced in the last century alone is enough to keep most people up at night. At least 52 asteroids larger than a meter in size have passed within one lunar distance (LD) of Earth since 1910, and prediction models say there are plenty more to come.


Thanks Dorothy.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.

NASA has announced that on September 22, 2135 (which happens to be a Thursday), there is a small chance an asteroid a third of a mile across will slam into the Earth with an impact energy equivalent to the currently deployed arsenal of US nuclear ballistic missiles

Only 117 years 'til this asteroid (possibly) hits us


Hopefully in 117 years a solution is found to move it into a different orbit...
Another great "National Day", thanks Dorothy...
+12 votes


Also, Did you know that yesterday was....





National Goof Off Day is observed annually on March 22.  Our research indicates that this day is also known as International Goof Off Day.  It is a day to relax, enjoy and goof off.  Do something fun and leave the work until tomorrow.  Everybody needs to take a break from time to time.  It is often so easy to get so involved in the work and pressures in our lives. So stop, take a break, find something different!  (Note: You could do that "today" if you didn't know about this day yesterday, one exception though- WIKITREE- Keep those posts coming!!

Whatever day you choose to do this, it is a day to relax, enjoy and goof off.  Do something fun and leave the work until the next work day.  Everybody needs to take a break from time to time.  It is often so easy to get so involved in the work and pressures in our lives. So stop, take a break, find something different and fun to do especially on the weekends! 

Let any goofy idea pop into your head.  Make paper airplanes from seed packets.  Doodle pictures of poodles in puddles in Peru.  Play a game of Jenga with randomly stacked spice jars.  Or do the obvious and spend the day in your pajamas doing nothing.


Monica (Moeller) Dufour of Davidson, MI, founded National Goof Off Day.  According to official records, the first celebration took place in 1976.  In an interview with the Detroit Free Press in 1983, Moeller suggests the first event may have been a few years later. She stated:

"My Grandfather, William D. Chase, created Chases' Calendar. When I was 10, (1976) I was listening to him speaking on a radio station encouraging people to call with ideas. I disguised my voice and called with Goof-Off Day (since I was goofing off by calling in). He said there wasn't such a day, but he thought it was a great idea. The next day, I confessed to him I called in about Goof-Off Day. He smiled, and showed me a local newspaper that said there was a need for a Goof-Off Day. I guess the reporter got wind of the interview. Anyway, that is how the holiday began...." 



There are many different things that a person could do.  Strictly speaking, goofing off is the avoidance of work. 

A few years ago, a survey was performed to identify the most popular activity for goofing off. The top activity was playing video games. Who conducted the survey? Ninetendo.......no surprise. It kinda makes you wonder just who might have had the brainstorm to create this day......hmmmm. Nowadays, the most popular Goof Off Day activity is likely playing games on the internet, or on our Smart Phones. 




answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Hey, I want goof off week!

Here's a place to go goof off if you got the money and the nerve:

Market Square Tower pool, 

Perched on the rooftop of a 40-story residential tower, the see-through infinity edge pool is 500 feet above street level, giving swimmers views of downtown Houston below. 


We should have a goof off month or even a year maybe.

Thanks again Dorothy.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
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I've been working on Majel Barrett's profile all week so my movie pick is THE CAGE , the Star Trek pilot that shot the known galaxy into a marvelous new universe for more than fifty years . ( And anyone who mentions those horrible Chris Pine STAR TREK movies will get KONGED big time )

Here's Majel


answered by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (359k points)
By "Konged" he means jettisoned out of the nearest airlock after having Neelix cook for them. =)
No. KONGED means I will hunt you down and tear off your car doors with my bare hands.

Keep in mind that in 2017 I did jail time for the car door thing and keep in mind I am VERY VERY good at "finding"
Fine. Fine. Subjecting people to Neelix's cooking will be my thing.
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat. I like Star Trek and Chris Pine.
Dude ! I be trying to eat my oatmeal !
Better be drinking prune juice. It is a warrior's drink!
Who the heck is Chris Pine? Do you mean those abominations called the "Abramsverse"? They are basically cheesy remakes of the originals. I was so disappointed I wanted to puke. And then after waiting over 2 years for "Discovery" they put it on private network so I can't watch it. Then they will cancel it due to low ratings.
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Doing jumping jacks in my lounge!!!

I have 2 good peices of news to announce.

One is that a 3rd cousin of mine who lives in BC Canada got her DNA results back and she has mostly Scots, Welsh and British ancestry - nothing unexpected. BUT she also has 10% Scandinavian ancestry. We are both descended from the last ancestor of our family who was born and raised on Orkney Isles in northern Scotland and they were under Viking rule for hundreds of years (800 to 1200 roughly).

So I interpret that to mean that I have Viking ancestry!! Which I am thrilled to confirm.

The second bit of good news is that thanks to Carol Keeling (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Winton-239)  I have finally been able to connect Richard Carpenter and his sister Karen Carpenter to the global tree!!  Karen - https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Carpenter-7448

The connection is through the wife of a second cousin once removed to Richard and Karen. Carol sent me the path along with census sources. I just had to create the profiles which I did this morning.

The connections should go through tonight but after working on this off and on for the last 6 months and more, I am finally thrilled to be able to make that connection. The Carpenter island was getting pretty big - more than 50 profiles!!

My weekly chat with my family is due to start in 4 hours. But you all know that already!!

Oh and the Wikitree AWARDS livecast has now been rescheduled for  7th April EDT - FYI.

Off to do more jumping jacks around my lounge!!  LOL

Gosh but I am so giddy!!
answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (431k points)
Congrats! =D Using the DNA results I got and the ones from my great-aunt and my dad's cousin, I was able to DNA confirm several people on the tree. Can't get all of them, though.
Great job Robynne!   It is so cool to make a connection that you have been working on for a while!

That is awesome, Way to go Robynne! image

Ditto Robynne to what everyone said.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.image

That is very interesting information...
+11 votes
Question #2. Here's one that probably deserves its own g2g post. In all of time, where would you go? What ancestor would you meet?

Not sure when I would go. I could go back to Italy if I could. Talk to people there. I could do it now....But back then I'd be seeing ancestors there.

Gee, Chris. These questions seem to be running on a theme. Yes. Yes, they are.
answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (158k points)
Actually I am very partial to France. If I had to choose a place to go to anywhere in time, I would like to go to Southern France (Provence and Languadoc)  during and after the time time of the crusades. Women had quite a lot of independence back then in those regions. And they have a wonderful and rich HISTORY as well!!
That reminds me. I need to find Avernismil (SP) on google maps. That's where the Hamels on my tree are from.
I'd like to meet Quitman Walker, my Grampa's cousin. TUSKEGEE AIRMAN.
I'd like to go back to 1960 , to the Olympics in Rome and see Mohammed Ali win the gold medal for boxing.
I'd go back to 1865 New Orleans and look up my gggm Jane Bruce (Bruce-4930), for whom my mother was named.  I'd ask her where she was from and who were her parents, since no one else seems to know.  It would also be awesome to meet her husband Capt Cassidy, a riverboat pilot.  While there, I'd look up a couple of other gggps, like Patrick O'Connor (O'Connor-2694) and Louquincy Nelson (Nelson-13414), and get the story of how he came from Ireland and somehow stole off with the daughter of a prominent Alabama family.  I could break down quite a few brick walls on that trip!
Herbert. Herbert ! ! Pay attention

In the 1870 census, Jane says she was born in New York. There is a Drummond Bruce, son of Charles Bruce, who came from New York and opened a distillery in New Orleans. In his 1833 will he leaves his whiskey business to his two brothers, William and John.  Maybe Jane is a daughter of William or John  who were both from New York.
Maybe.  1880 census sez both Jane's parents were from Ireland.  1870 census sez both her parents were 'foreign born.'  She may have been born in NY, but her family wouldn't have been there very long.

I have a brick wall ancestress.  I want to sit with her and find out her story.

So Eva Walter born around  abt 12 May 1834 - 08 Oct 1905

Born Hesse Darmstadt if US Census is correct.  Died here in St Louis, MO.  So if she was lucid in 1904 I could go back then and get to do the Worlds Fair too!

The obvious answer, but I would go back 30 years and start doing genealogy when all the other people in my family who were offering to give me info were still alive. Now there's no one to ask and I've lost touch with them and their descendants.
I would go back to 1938 and meet my father and get to know him and  some of my history.  He was 45 when he married, 50 when he died, had four children in five years, and
died from cancer three months before his oldest son turned five and I
turned two.  One brother had just turned three and the youngest was six months old.  We grew up very poor with a single mother who did the best
she could under the circumstances she found herself in with her father-in-law.  The same one that famously proclaimed, when he found out I was a girl, stated "Too bad she isn't a dog so I could shoot her" like he
had just done to my fathers dog so no one spent money on a license.  He was a jekyl and hyde with family and friends.  I don't remember my
father, and my mother would not remarry and give us a stepfather like
she had.  He apparently was as bad as my grandfather with family
relationships.  All children should have happy grandfather memories but
my family is woefully short.

In the 1500 or even 1600 in Germany that is where Romingers lived before the came to America and married into the Leonards that my mom's surname is Leoanrd.

imageWelcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.

+13 votes
Question #1:

I grew up in an Italian suburb of Philadelphia. I think I was the only kid in the neighborhood with blond hair....couldn't help but love Italian food:

* sausage & peppers

* Braccioli & angel hair

* mussels

* fra diavlo

* pasta fagioli

* canoli

I could go on & on....
answered by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.3m points)
Must have been VERY well fed. =D
A lot of the Northern Italians have blond hair.  Tuscany has a lot of yummy recipes that basically use some combination of sun dried tomatoes, garlic, and parmesan cheese.   Yum....
I've had those, Laura. Those are so good.
That's my wife's line Chris.
There's a restaurant in Salem called Tuscan Kitchen. The food is primarily northern Italian. However, the market has food from all over Italy. You can get food from southern Italy there like hot Calabrese sopresatta. It's so good.
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
+11 votes

Today is also the day (March 23, 1775) that Patrick Henry gave his famous "Give me liberty or give me death speech".

Image result for patrick henry

answered by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.3m points)
What a fantastic photo Doug
Welcome to the chat. Totally gonna use that line in a comic at some point. =)
Ditto to what everyone said even Doug.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
+13 votes

Thank you for hosting the Weekend Chat, Chris! You Rock!!

Hosting the Weekend Chat

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Contact about Hosting the Weekend Chat

We are always looking for enthusiastic members to host the Chat. If you are interested let us know!

Contact the G2G Weekend Chat Coordinator, Director, Supervisor - Laura Bozzay


answered by David Selman G2G6 Pilot (523k points)

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
+14 votes

Music ! ! Please note the exquisite trumpet and cornet work ! Trumpet players are the SUPREME  XTREME of all musicians


answered by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (359k points)
Eddie you will be happy to know that my 5 year old granddaughter's preschool class went to a tour of the symphony hall here.  She was quite excited about the trumpet and got to play one.  She has now decided it is her favorite instrument!

I like a jazz trumpet.   Cool sounds!
Those of us who play trumpet are so fine

So beautiful

So sophisticated

So intelligent


and we're always so MODEST
It has been years but I played Trumpet in the school band. I also took up keyboards and tried my hand at drums a bit. I have a friend who worked at Cleveland Recording Company during the years of Grand Funk, Bloodrock and many other rock groups who now owns his own recording company in a suburb of Cleveland but he spends most of his time with symphony orchestra music now, check out http://www.fivefourproductions.com/  My friend is Michael Bishop.





Sounds of the


This is why when I post, Eddie King is on trumpets. Laura is on drums.

In 1996, ninth grade, I fell off a 12 feet high chain link fence and broke both arms, left with an over-ride and my right shin.

I was in the marching band ! !

I never missed a game. Had just enough finger poking out of the casts to play, so I hopped along in place, (picture the Karloff mummy LOL)
Chris I have sung on stage and in a stadium but I do love percussion.

My granddaughters have discovered the fine art of drumming using a large exercise ball and two pins from a child bowling set.  It is quite fun.

Our local symphony televises some of the performances and I record them then play them every now and then for the grandchildren.  They have taken to playing their instruments along with the symphony!  It is quite fun!
And thus the Wikitree band was born!
I play a mean tape recorder! Well, clarinet back in the day, then choir. My high school bf played the saxophone, both tenor and alto. I was a band hang along geek and theatre geek.
Oh and we need to include the other trek themes.

TNG: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jo9EM7-vf4g (First showed up in the TOS movies)

DS9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsOE73pxpys

Voyager: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztx1NqtvEQY

Enterprise? Uh....Pass. =P
Eddie - oh what a mental picture!
Keep in mind, Kay, back then I was six two inches tall at average two hundred pounds.. a lot of plaster and gauze LOL
Is this what they call a one man band?
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
+12 votes
Thank you for hosting Chris
answered by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
No problem!
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
+12 votes

I haven been around much I lost my wonderful dog Emma  Saturday, she woke up and Emma could not walk, we took her to the hospital but there was nothing they could do

She was 12 years and 3 month.


Emma will certainly be miss.

answered by Susan Laursen G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
I know the feeling, I feel the pain, love my beagle
I'm so sorry. =( Welcome to the Weekend chat. Hopefully we can keep you entertained.
Thank you Chris
Thank you Rodney it is so hard to loose your pet
No problem, Susan!
Susan you have hugs and lots of sympathy coming your way.  You have a lost a treasured member of your family and not just a dog as some people say.  You have lost a loyal friend and I hope your memories of the fun times with her will help you bear the loss.  I understand.  Our furry family members are just as important to us as the non furry ones.  They are part of our families.
Thank you my sweet Laura how right you are Emma was our everything because we do not have children

She was so cute to be around thank you for your wonderful words
I'm so sorry she's gone. I know that hurts. I can't find it right now, but there is a great poem from a doggy's point of view that reminds us that he crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is running around again and that it's ok to be sad but later to give the same love you have to a new dog. That he doesn't mind sharing your lap, his toys or your heart with a new doggy. Big hugs,
Thank you Katrina for your sweet mail I knew w the rainbow the poem are wonderful Emma was so special and we love her a lot

Aaah that's soo sad I feel so sorry for you Susan, I know how important and loved Emma was by you and your family, this was the first picture you were able to share with us eeh ? It's like Laura says loosing a pet is loosing a treasured family member.. hope we can cheer you up a bit, and lots of hugs from Holland xx

Thank you so much Bea for the wonderful mail and poem it was so cute,  

Emma was like our familie and we adore her.

Yes it was the first photo I share because you teach me how to share the photo

Big hugs from Susan
Susan I know what you going through our first dog had the same kind of problems but she had 3 legs and she was the same age in 1970's when we had to put her down. Then we had a cat that died in her sleep at age of 20 and then we had a dog that was killed by some mean person at the age 5 and then in the same year as the dog was killed which was 2002 16 years our last pet and cat had to be put down at the age of 22. So I know what your and your family is going thru. Also what everyone said here goes for me to.

Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
Susan, I've always felt like that when a family pet dies. And now that I'm truly old, I've been happy to hear the "news" that 1. Babies really do smile! and 2. that Dogs and other mammals hold DNA that is only a few xxx (a SMALL measurement) different from human beings' DNA.

We understand them via various means: messages sent through their eyes, body language, the lowering of their ears while saying no to our requests, their indifference to their expensive medicated dog kibble, their hatred of the resident cat.

While retired I've been getting lessons from them in these ways because I've had time to pay real attention to them. "Nuff said. Lessons learned."
Thank you linda for your sweet mail, how can anyone kill and an al that is terrible. Wow a cat 20 years that is a high ages.

Thank you for sharing your story
Hi Roberta

Thank you for your sweet mail, you are very kind
+10 votes
Hello everyone, Today it is COLD but sunny here in the northeast corner of Ohio, the snow and bad weather is staying in the southwest part of the state. We have been running about 10 degrees colder than normal but by mid week we should get into the normal range for this time of the year. I have not done much this week with funerals and birthdays but I did get a little done on WikiTree.  Just to add insult to injury my computer is acting up and at this time I am forced to use Microsoft Edge, and I hate Edge, but I might get some time soon to do a complete reload of my OS. Today is also the halfway point in my class on Ham radio so that is a plus, only 6 more weeks to go. We decided to try and sell our travel trailer because it has been sitting unused in my daughters yard for about 2 years and they get a lot of people asking about it. It looks promising because a disabled Veteran wants to buy it and park it on his family's 30 acre lot to use as a tiny house, it is 2 bedrooms and one bath and about 400 square feet, He said it is ideal for him and I could not think of a better person to get it and use it. His family actually suggested that he get a trailer but he still wants their input before he commits to buying it.
answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)
Welcome to the weekend chat!

Edge isn't good. Use Chrome. =)
Chris, I had Firefox, Chrome, and Edge on this machine but Edge is the only one that still works at this time. Maybe if we sell the travel trailer I could use some of that cash to buy a new computer but until that happens I am going to just try a complete wipe of the hard drive and reload the OS to see if I can use a different browser, and just for those who are worried all of my genealogy work is backed up on a portable drive and another computer.
There might be a bug in the system. Be sure to run scans. Some bugs tend to mess up web browsers. Couldn't hurt to check.
Trust me Chris I have checked for bugs and errors and whatever is happening it is widespread enough to warrant a wipe and reload. Just to add insult to the problem I am having problems with my power cord and power supply so I may be replacing that soon as well. When you can see the wires exposed in the insulation it is bad.
I have worked with programming, running, designing, and building computers for over 30 years so I think I understand the problems and right now the biggest  problem with my computers is I am very low on the cash needed to solve this.
The computer I have transferred my work to is one that I rebuilt and did a complete reload of the OS on and most of the genealogy data is offline so it should not get corrupted, in fact that computer is almost never online and most of the genealogy work has been added via keyboard to minimize the threats.
Alright. Dunno what else to tell ya. Good luck with the computer issues.  Yeah, it may be time to get a new cord. Just was asking since my brother is head of IT at the University of Virginia.
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat.
+8 votes
Welcome to the weekend -- already!!

We won't mention the weather, as we've all had enough of this. My husband did plant some lettuce and radish way too early, and did rototill the garden today.

I keep getting distracted on WikiTree, still working on single letter LNAB. They sure are rewarding when you fix one. I started to look at my own family and realize that I have some research to be done before I start adding them to WikiTree.

We are still waiting on repairs on our RV, which is 800 miles away at a repair shop. We're in a holding pattern and will then be on a short notice to travel to pick it up.

All Chris' talk about food food and more food makes me want to abandon WikiTree for a bit and cook some. There is a big pot of spaghetti sauce in our near future.
answered by Kay Sands G2G6 Pilot (173k points)
Welcome to chat. We got some food on the counter. Have a little. *drops a ton of pasta in your bowl* Mangia!

I've had to fix a few last names at birth too thanks to typos. Usually it's on my end when I put something in. That's why I usually copy/paste. The worst part is coming across a name that has a ton of different variations. Like Cadron/Cadrin/Cadran and Carrabis/Carrabs/Carrabse.
It sure makes me glad that I have only created profiles manually (well, I did upload a 3 person GEDCOM and decided it was too much work). Most of the ones I have found are from old GEDCOM loads. There are some pretty amazing names out there...quite a few women with the first name Unknown and last name Nancy or Mary or whatever. Most, but not all, single letter LNAB are women. I'm only working in the US, where I feel comfortable with the records.
I uploaded my gedcom to compare with other peoples'. I saw I needed to build some bridges to the main tree and I did. I filled up the Sargents, Frothinghams and I did the Hamels. I then added the Italians and well here we are. =D

I do tend to run across gedcom files in my travels. I try to fix them when I can. The thing is, like you said, there are too many Mary Unknowns or something like that. It gets confusing.

What's funny is that sometimes the Data Doctors picked up on the Italian names and are like "Are you sure it's spelled correctly?"

Usually it's named like Francescoantonio which is all one name.
Welcome everyone to the WikiTree Weekend Chat. Ditto to what everyone said here.

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