World War II Project template updates are here!

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Project Box is {{World War II Project}}

Sticker is {{World War II}}

We had to change from unnamed to named parameters, you can review and change these stickers on your profiles to see that everything is OK, or, EditBOT will be setup to make the change in about a week

The previous way was done with 4 unnamed parameters that are identified by their position in the sticker and 2 named parameters, i.e. {{World War II|1|2|3|4|unit=|rank=}}, so you would have 

{{World War II|United States Army|1 Jan 1943|101st Airborne Division|1 Jan 1945|unit=101st Airborne Division|rank=Sgt}}

To conform with new settings, the 1st four positions  are changed to |branch= |startdate= |units= and |enddate=, making the above example 

{{World War II|branch=United States Army|startdate=1 Jan 1942|units=101st Airborne Division|enddate=1 Jan 1945|unit=101st Airborne Division|rank=Sgt}}

If yo do not want the default country flag to be displayed, we also added a parameter that allows you to identify a different one with |image=

Simple edit checks have been added.  Missing certain parameters will cause the profile to be added to the maintenance category [[Category: World War II Project Needs Template Updates]], instructions on that page explain what needs to be updated to get the profile out of that category.

Thanks to Keith McDonald who has been working very hard on this!!!


asked in The Tree House by Paula J G2G6 Pilot (208k points)

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Editbot changed my father's listing. I don't know how to get a view of the way it read before, but branch appears not to show.

It currently reads "Mr Bob Salt served for in World War II" I assume it should read "served for Australia", but even that is not that well worded. Not sure what the best, most economical wording would be.
answered by Alan Salt G2G1 (1.9k points)
The profile is (appropriately) yellow privacy so I can’t check for you. If you click on private view at the top, you will be able to see the changes tab.  If you click that and click on where Editbot edited the biography, you can see what you had there before.

But, that won’t show you what it looked like before because the template has been updated and the old one is no longer in use. I will see if Kieth can help you with the new template. Once the parameters are filled in correctly, it will look the way you want it.  Thanks for posting!!
it starts as Mr because that is what you have for his prefix.  if you know his rank, but want to keep Mr, add |rank=<his rank> to the {{World War II}} sticker, or, you could put his military rank in the prefix to be shown whenever his name is shown

the rest of the first line of the sticker is based on the |branch=XXX parameter, the branch being the Australian Army or Australia or whatever they served in.  that text is used to lookup value in a table (shown on the sticker page) to display the correct flag.  if |branch= is missing, misspelled, not in the table, it cannot format the sentence properly.  if you open the profile, or, post what the sticker line is, I can determine what is missing...

Had no issue with Mr., but if rank is wanted it was LAC or Leading Aircraftman.

I was more concerned with the "served for", whether branch should follow? (or if "for" should be removed?)

Current appearance can be seen on public page.

Even before, the template did not seem to display as might be expected. Not saying my rendition was any better, but that it still does not appear to me to be displaying quite right.

(Click on image to see full comparison of entries)

the sticker has changed from unnamed to named parameters, but even before... you have the branch as Australia when you also list Royal Australian Air Force in the 3rd (units) parameter, and also have his rank there, and a parameter with rank that needed |rank=  the last needed |unit=  but that would have failed because the RAAF unit categories have not been created yet, and I am not sure if going down to Squadron will be done, for other country air forces we only go down to the group.

Anyway....  replace what you have with

{{World War II|branch=Royal Australian Air Force|startdate=17 Feb 1942|units=82 Wing, 23 Squadron (Liberators)|enddate=21 Mar 1946|rank=Leading Aircraftman}}
You will need to change privacy temporarily to Open (white) for Keith to fix your template.
That looks better than both my version and editbot's. Thank you Keith.

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