What are examples of military categorization?

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Here are examples of military categorization. These aren't final. We're still working out how to do this, and I think the only way to make progress is to start categorizing real profiles.
[[Category:19th Bomber Group in World War II]]
[[Category:B-29 Radio Operators]]
[[Category:USS Bangor in World War II]]
[[Category:TBM Avenger Pilots]]
[[Category:Air Group 51 in World War II]]
[[Category:USS San Jacinto in World War II]]
Free-Space Profiles:
[[Category:Tacoma-Class Patrol Frigates]]
[[Category:US Coast Guard Ships in World War II]]
[[Category:B-29 Bombers]]
[[Category:19th Bomber Group in World War II]]
What if you don't know the conflict, branch of service and/or unit/ship, etc? Here are possibilities:
If you know the conflict, nation, and branch of service but not the unit/ship:
[[Category:World War II US Army Air Corps Veterans]]
If you know the branch of service but there is no conflict or you don't know it:
[[Category:US Army Air Corps Veterans]]
If you know the conflict and nation but not the branch of service:
[[Category:World War II US Veterans]]
Note that we need to be consistent about the names. None of these would be acceptable in the above naming scheme:
US World War II Veterans
US Veterans in WWII
WWII US Veterans
Veterans in WWII from US
What profiles do you need to categorize? Please answer this question by listing your examples here. If you have ideas for the categories, include them here and on the profiles themselves. We'll work and re-work them together.
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My father was on the USS Leo during the Korean war. Any way to add that particular ship?
Hi Richard,

Sure, just enter [[Category:USS Leo in the Korean War]] on his profile. Then on the new category page you created, put [[Category:US Navy Ships in the Korean War]], then put that in [[Category:US Navy Ships]] and [[Category:Korean War]].

Frank Welty http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Welty-60 served a term of enlistment in the Army. He then joined the Navy and served on the U.S.S. Missouri (the pre-WWI ship), the Reina Mercedes, the U.S.S. Tennessee. In WWI he accompanied the Marines as a Navy medic and was killed at the Battle of Belleau Wood. He was postumously awarded the Navy Cross and the Silver Star Citation plus one or two French citations, one with a letter signed by General Petain.
At this point the Civil War categories looks a bit disorganized.  I'm trying to place my relative.  [[Burke-1011|William Newton Burke]] in the correct categories.

Fought for the confederacy as a private in the 60th Tennessee Regiment, then was captured at the battle of Vicksburg, and held as a POW at Fort Delaware.

I think a danger exists for too many categories but I'm not yet sure.

Hi Ed,

Burke-1011 is a great profile. I just added him to http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:60th_Tennessee_Mounted_Infantry_in_US_Civil_War -- what do you think of that? Also see the messages below between Kate Eakman and me.


I need Bronze Star winners .

Hi Richard,

That's great! I just created http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Recipients_of_US_Military_Awards_and_Decorations

Put [[Category:Recipients of the Bronze Star Medal]] inside the body of the profile.



In working with Revolutionary war patriots we have both the DAR and the SAR for those that have been formally recognized.  How should I categorize James Monroe's military experience.  He fought in the Revolutionary War as a Major and was in the Continental Army.  I've created a biography item to describe it but not sure which category(ies) to put his military experience into.


I've taken this thread and put it into a single freespace article call WikiTree Guide to Military Categories.  (I've done the same for a different free space page on Politicians).  This guide should give anyone that wants to place someone in a category a forum for feedback and discussion in addition it will list all current related categories.

It will prevent someone from having to search g2g articles for the final version and allow them easily to go to top levels of categories to get guidance.

This page will require edits of course but I hope we find it useful.


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This looks very good.  I'm struggling a little bit to not confuse Spaces with Categories in the Wiki formatting.  But we definitely need the consistency you mention.

Please see Kurrack-1.  John was a cousin, and enlisted in the US Army Air Corps during WWII, became a Tech Sergeant while attending Flight School and eventually was commissioned and piloted a bomber.  (I'll get a bit more detail about his aircraft, unit, etc. soon).

So I tried to put in a B-24 Pilots Category, but it was a bumpy ride and I'm not yet sure things are as we will want them.

by Keith Baker G2G6 Pilot (101k points)
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Excellent, Keith! This looks good to me, until we have a unit for him.

By the way, I'm going to be traveling for the next few days and will be unresponsive to new posts, but don't let that discourage anyone from continuing the conversation without me.
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I have a number of Civil War ancestors that I would like to include categories for, but I don't think I see anything related to the Civil War at this point. Can you correct/direct me, please?

For the most part, Union, Infantry (although there is one cavalry), different states, different regiments, different companies.

How detailed do we want to be?

by anonymous G2G2 (2.9k points)
Hi Kate,

Sorry for the long delay in a reply. We really need to work out this question. Can you post the IDs/URLs for your family members and what you know about the units they served in? Then we can try to figure out the best categorization together.



Thanks for the reply Chris.

Here are the first two. Once we get these hammered out I bet I can figure out how to go from there.

McConahy-13 - Thomas McConahy, Co. F. 100th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry

James-3610 - John William James, Co. M, 22nd Regiment/3rd  Provisional Pennsylvania Cavalry. Private. 

Hope this helps get us started!



Hi Kate,
I took a stab by adding your relatives to:
[[Category:100th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry in US Civil War]]
[[Category:22nd Regiment, 3rd Provisional Pennsylvania Cavalry in US Civil War]]
I think the company is too small to include. Do others agree?
They could go in intermediate categories for Pennsylvania Infantry or Pennsylvania Cavalry, if/when a lot of the other regiments are added.
By the way, it's great that you have a photo of McConahy!
Chris, thank you for your help - I will do the same thing for my other CW relatives. I agree that until there are more regiments, this category makes the most sense.

And yes, I am very lucky to have a photo of "Big Tom" His was a sad story, and I iwll have to add it some day.

Again, thank you!

While we are on this topic there are several Fraternal organizations out there that are military specific.  Categories are already created for the DAR & SAR (daughters and sons of the american revolution)  These are both great genealogical resouces by the way.  But where do they fit in this discussion?  How about VFW?


On a not quite relevant but maybe ....


I'm wondering if we should put a category out there for Masons

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