Why is 52 Ancestors a category on WikiTree?

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I don't understand how "52 Ancestors" is connected to WikiTree or why it is a WikiTree category.  Will someone please explain?

I found this category on the PGM profile of Henry Kinne.
WikiTree profile: Henry Kinne
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Can you add the tag for categorization please?
Hi Steven,

I had the tag in the original post.  It is 52_ancestors and can be seen on the profile for Henry Kinne

Sorry about that Cheryl, my post wasn't very clear. I actually meant the tag for "categorization".

I don't know, Steven, since I didn't create the category.  Sorry.
Let me try this another way - In your G2G question, where you have the tags pgm, 52_ancestors, and kinne - I was asking that add another tag called "categorization". This will attract the attention of the Categorization Project and help us to get some feedback on your question.
duh...  thanks for your detailed explanation of your question, Steven.  I think my mind temporarily escaped me!   :-)

Yes, I will add that.

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It is related to the 52 Ancestors for 52 Weeks in 2018 Challenge. According to the top category for the challenge, Category: 52 Ancestors, users are encouraged to add their ancestors to the week's challenge category.

Even though it is not mentioned, I would imagine that after the challenge is completed (last week in December), the categories would be removed from profiles and the categories dumped in preparation for the next years challenge - so this would only be a temporary category for tracking progress during the challenge.

In either case, I would hope that is the intent of the challenge sponsors, as those categories could add up fast and start to clutter profiles after a certain period of time since they have no direct relation back to the original post or blog entry that mentioned them in the first place...

answered by Steven Harris G2G6 Pilot (113k points)
selected by Cheryl Skordahl
Ugh!  It's like leaving the garage sale signs up months past the event!
I was thinking of the "clutter" problem when I asked the question.
I started up the 52 ancestors challenge or this year, but I did not start up the categories.

If they are only going to be removed at the end of the year then I see no point to even using them.

At the same time they are categorized under Challenges, so I don't see how they can be called "Clutter".
Sorry if I have offended you Robynne, that was not my intention.

As I said above, when so many people are descendants, (as in PGM or other older profiles) it just makes no sense to me that only a few of their descendants are mentioned.  It is like writing in the comments section "He was my 10th great grandfather..."  or some such statement. Just my opinion...

Again, I didn't intend to offend you, and I apologize if I did.
Thanks Cheryl.

I do see what you mean though - he was the ancestor of many but one person chooses to emphasise him in this manner.

Like I said, I didnt start the categories so it's no bother to me if they get closed down and removed, but perhaps there needs to be some official policy on this? These categories are "unofficial" after all.

I'm thinking maybe a new categorization policy is needed with regard to "unofficial categories" for challenges.

Either that they can be made with the understanding that they will not permanent and after the challenge is over they get removed.

Or you can choose to not allow them at all. I do agree that they dont do much - except allow others to get to other profiles in the same category.

And most of the reasons why they are in that category in the first place, is not on the profile, but on the weekly thread for that prompt. Which kind of defeats the purpose.

These categories were started and are done by Veronica Williams I think.

This particular challenge will last all year!!

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It's this challenge https://www.wikitree.com/g2g/529844/52-ancestors-in-52-weeks-challenge?show=529844#q529844

I don't think it belongs on our "PGM" and "Mayflower" ancestors, but was willing to leave it be for the moment.
answered by Anne B G2G6 Pilot (970k points)
I agree.  Also I think that having it on the profiles for a year is a long, long time.

I do understand that it is good for creating an interest in genealogy, but hope the category will be removed from these important profiles that are shared by so many.
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Sorry for being late to comment on this post, but I am in Myanmar and the internet is very poor here as is the constant supply of electricity so doing anything on the internet is problematic!

I created this category structure for the 52 ancestor challenge.  There were several reasons for it:-

  • For Wikitreers to be able to keep track of their work relating to the challenge 
  • For others to be able to see the type of ancestors people were choosing to showcase; and
  • For the challenge to keep track of what Wikitreers were submitting to the challenge

The use of categories was optional.

The reason for the categories is explained on the main category page and on each of the subcategories.  So I don’t agree that the reason for the existence and what they are meant to capture is unclear.  The main 52 Ancestors category refers back to Amy Johnson Crowe's Challenge page, and to the original G2G thread suggesting the challenge be initiated.  For the weekly ‘prompts’ these are published monthly and I have been created them then.  When the new thread for each week is published by Robynne, linking the sub category page to the thread. When Amy sums up the challenge for the week, then also linking that to the subcategory page.  This way people can follow the places on the internet where Wikitreer have highlighted their ancestor.  Some of the links for March have not been finalised due to my internet woes in Myanmar.

A number of those participating in the challenge are writing extensive blogs about their ancestor.  Others just a little.  Others working on improving their WIkitree profiles.   I don’t see a problem with having the categories remain on the profiles as a way to:-

  • allow others with the same ancestor to see another view of their life, that they may not have considered;
  • see the overall contribution Wikitreers have made to the challenge;
  • a source for other researchers who may be focussed on a particular ‘prompt’ research area.  Eg Misfortune.  Wikitree is not just about documenting people lives, it I can be a source for researchers of all types, people, places, stories (such as e.g. misfortune in 1800’s? etc).

Not all WIkitreers are following the same process in how they contribute to the challenge.  Not do they need to.  On the G2G feed some talk about their ancestors, some put a link to their blog, not all are connecting their post to the ancestor.  I think that is a problem and the category process helps that if they add the category (as I said previously it is optional).

For me, I have created a free space page to keep track of my own progress and am documenting links to my blog posts where they exist.  If I don’t created a blog post and just want to highlight my ancestor for that week, I post to G2G with a link to the ancestor having usually done work on improving the profile and add the link to Amy Johnson Crowe’s challenge page.  When I create a blog post (and I aim to do one for all in time), I add the link to the G2G page, then also share to 'Wikitree in Australia’ Facebook page, plus Amy Johnson Crowe’s main challenge page, also on Facebook.  This helps Wikitree get highlighted a bit more on Facebook, which I had understood was also a preferred strategy to get more people linking back in and discovering Wikitree, not just to increase membership but I recall Chris saying it was good for our priority in searching somehow (not really sure how). For my profiles where I write a blog post I am also creating a sub heading of 52 Ancestors and directing people to my blog post directly from the WIkitree profile.  My blog has lots of Wikitree links, so (if anyone reads it!) then they get more exposure to Wikitree. 

Someone else mentioned the challenge was a good vehicle for encouraging people to be involved in genealogy.  I must agree with that and also say it can also help to encourage profile improvement on Wikitree as some members will just choose to update their ancestors Wikitree profile.  

Many of us are doing the challenge slowly.  It is a big commitment.  I am behind, but do intend to achieve them all in time and I certainly don’t want the categories removed.  The last challenge was 3 years ago.  It is unclear if there will be another.

As Robynne has pointed out the categories have been set up under Challenges, so I don’t see a problem with the category structure.  I am a member of the categorisation project (albeit not very active) and am happy to continue to take responsibility for maintenance of these categories.




answered by Veronica Williams G2G6 Pilot (106k points)
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Generally, the issue of "Category Clutter" refers to too many categories appearing on an individual's profile.  My own take is that once a profile has 10 or more categories on it, my eye skips them all.  I'm sure individuals vary on this.  But if there are so many categories on a profile that you need to skip down several frames to see the Biography and sourcing, it would seem like the biography is cluttered.

From what I understand of this challenge, while a lot of categories have been created, a particular profile is not likely to have more than one on it, so that would not add much clutter.

The other issue is what happens in 2019.  When you look at the profile for Jane Doe in 2019, and she is categorized with a 2018 challenge category, is that still meaningful?  I don't know the answer to that question, but I think it does need to be asked.

It used to be that a category, once created, could never go away;  now with editbot, it is possible to edit the names of categories and delete some which have passed their time of usefulness.  Still, there is so much work for editbot that I think it tends to be backlogged.  If one is planning to create and use some categories intended to be temporary, then there should be coordination with Ales Trtnk.  And if one is planning an entire hierarchy of categories rather than just a single category, a proposal for the category hierarchy really needs to presented to the Categorization Project and then discussed on G2G prior to implementation.

Jack Day, Categorization Project Coordinator
answered by Jack Day G2G6 Pilot (227k points)
Thank you for your responses Jack and Veronica.

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