Clara Hinderer Apache Mission school 10 item list. Transcribe/translate from German to English.

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This is a 10 item list concerning Clara Hinderer's teaching at the Apache Mission school. It was sent to her father, Paul Hinderer by an unknown person from WI. (note: It would help if I can get the city from the top of the July 4th letter.)

I think this document is probably more interesting than the letters. Help transcribing/translating this would be awesome and truly appreciated! Thanks!

Background Information: 

In 1913, 25 year old Clara Hinderer is living in Watertown, SD and her 50 year old father Paul Hinderer is a Pastor in South Shore, SD. Clara doesn’t have any formal teaching education, however, both her mom and dad were well educated.

She is attending St Martin's Lutheran Church, Watertown, SD where her future husband's Uncle William Sauer is the pastor (it is possible he got asked to recommend her). Clara is a Sunday School teacher and working for the International Harvester company.

On July 4, 2013, a letter is written to a Clara’s dad, Pastor Paul Hinderer. It is written by somebody living in WI. I can’t make out the name. Probably somebody from the below name list.  The letter is being written on the orders of ???(possibly Kock).

The main thought appears to be that Clara Hinderer is considered suitable for the work. It contains a separate piece of paper on which a list is written. Paul Hinderer’s name is written on the back of the list. A directive is given to pay special consideration to “item 7.”

In July 15, 2013, Gustav Harders wrote a letter to Paul Hinderer. He informed Paul he had  forwarded a letter he received from Paul to O.H. Kock in Columbus, WI. Harders had been told to “clearly describe the matter.” (Kock would write Clara on the 22nd after she accepted the position)

On June 16, 1913, Clara Hinderer received a letter from Gustav Harders. He is happy Clara is coming to Globe. He asks if she has a job description and she should write to O.H. Kock to get one.

On July 22, 2013 O.H. Kock writes Clara and expresses thanks she is going to Globe. He notes that Harders has answered her questions.

Clara stops teaching in 2014 and gets married.

Synod Officials' names and cities possibly used.

  • G.E. Bergman - Fond Du Lac, WI

  • Spiering - New London, WI

  • Tim Sauer - Appleton, WI

  • Hein Gieschen - Milwaukee, WI

  • W.M. Nommensen - Grand Rapids, WI

  • H.Knuth - Milwaukee, WI

  • C. Dowidat - Oshkosh, WI

  • Kock - Columbus, WI

  • F. E. Stern


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Die Indianerschule in Globe, Arizona

1. Die Arbeit ist vor allem Missions?arbeit. Die Kinder wie deren Eltern
sollen zur Erkenntnis d.? Herr? Heilands gebracht werden.

2. Die Schulzeit ist von 9-12 und von 1-3 Uhr. Es wird unterrichtet in
Religion, Lesen, Schreiben, Rechnen, Singen, Zeichnen, Handarbeiten.

3. Die Schule muß täglich unter Aufsicht der Lehrerin von den Kindern nach
Schulschluß gereinigt werden.

4. Kranken und Fehlenden muss nachgegangen werden und ein Verkehr zwi-
schen Lehrerin u. Eltern in den ... aufrecht? erhalten werden.

5. ... bei? den Indianern wegen der Lehrerin die ... des
..., wenn sie uns anderweitig ... werden, zur Verfügung?.

6. In den Ferien muß ... Besuch? in den ... mit
Kindern? u. Eltern? aufrecht? erhalten werden.

7. Um der Eigenart der Indianer und der Verhältnisse in Globe willen
kann die Autorität der Lehrerin nicht durch Schlagen? oder die Hilfe? des
Missionars, sondern muß durch die Persönlichkeit? der Lehrerin und das
Wort Gottes geschaffen und erhalten werden.

8. Wenn nötig? muß die Lehrerin in Kapelle? oder? bei den camps [?if so, here's an english word thrown in]
den? Missionar? im? Gottesdienst vertreten?.

9. Die Lehrerin spielt in? Kapelle? u. bei den ... die Orgel?.

10. Jeden Freitag nachmittag müssen? die Kinder unter? Aufsicht? der Lehrerin
das ganze ... in Ordnung? bringen.


The Indian School in Globe, Arizona

1. The work is primarily mission work. The children like their parents
shall be brought to knowledge of the Lord and Savior.

2. School time is 9 to 12 and 1 to 3. There are classes in
religion, reading, writing, calculations, singing, drawing, handcraft.

3. Every day the school must be, under supervision of the teacher, [cleaned] by the children
after school.

4. The sick and missing must be followed up on and a [communication, probably] bet-
ween teacher & parents in the ... must be kept up.

5. ... bei? den Indianern wegen der Lehrerin die ... des
..., wenn sie uns anderweitig ... werden, zur Verfügung?.

6. During vacations there's a need to [keep up] visits of ... with
children & parents [keep up].

7. Due to the peculiarity of the indians and the situation in Globe
the authority of the teacher cannot, through punches or the help of the
missionary, but must through the personality of the teacher and the
word of God be created and preserved.

8. If necessary the teacher must in chapel[?] or in camps[?]
substitute the missionary in church service.

9. The teacher plays the organ in the chapel[?] & at the ... .

10. Every friday the children must, under supervision of the teacher,
bring in order the whole ... 


several pieces still missing, will see if I can read more tomorrow.

by Patrick Georgi G2G6 Mach 1 (14.1k points)
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I'm not trying to flatter, Patrick, but you continue to amaze me. Thanks for all your generous help. I look forward to hearing what else you find!
This is totally cool you are doing this, Patrick! The timing is great. The Apache Mission is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year! :-)

There's a word that appears three times that I can't deciper. It probably means something along the lines of church service. With that, it would be:

4. The sick and missing must be followed up on and contact bet- 
ween teacher & parents in the [church service] must be kept up.

6. During vacations there's a need to [keep up] visits of [church service] with 
children & parents [keep up].

9. The teacher plays the organ in the chapel[?] & at the [church service].


"Kapelle"/chapel is also just an educated guess based on context.

I don't think I can decipher more of the letter.

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Here is something you may wish to consider.
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