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Is there a way to hide the coding text in the biography section of profiles? For instance in WordPress they have a window much like the biography section window and in that window you can type and format things in there using a bar much like the one in the window I used to type this. In that window you can kind of preview what the text formatting will look like. (I know there is a preview section for the biography page in WikiTree which I find hugely useful.) There is also a tab that if you click on it you see all the text and the coding that surrounds it, almost exactly like what we have on WikiTree now. So I am wondering if something like this exists or is it even possible to do in this environment.

I know for myself I like to add the formating code but often when I go back to edit something or am typing in a lot of text it gets a little cumbersome wading through the coding to get a feel for what I have written or need to edit further. just curious.
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Hi Brian,

A "WYSIWYG" editor is possible in a wiki environment. It does have pros and cons, but offering the option would be nice.

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Well it may not even be a "problem" as no one else seems to have mentioned it before. I have been playing around with a new biography "template" for my profiles and it uses a lot of the different formatings available so it gets a little confusing sometimes to look at but it may be something to put before the Profile improvement group for their thoughts.  Just was not sure if it already existed and I was missing it.
I'd like to see your template, Brian! Could you point me to a profile you've applied it to, as an example?

Guess that might have been helpful.  I have not gotten far mostly my profile at this point. I have combined a lot of the things you guys have talked about in the other forums and am pretty pleased with the results - so far. Just a note either I am FAR more narcissistic than I ever realized or just have no ability to edit myself (most likely the later.  Go to my profile Chelton-4 and ask to be added to my trusted list. or if need be I can unlock it for awhile, whatever is easiest.
I went ahead and changed the protection on my profile for a little while so it is easier to view.  If you are interested in how I did anything let me know and I can show you.
Wowser! That's quite the bio!

I especially like the section with your memories of major events. That's the kind of thing that would be really interesting to future genealogists. :)
Unfortunately as I said I could not decide what other people might find interesting in the future, and there are so many things that I regret not knowing about a lot of my family members so I guess I went a bit overboard - well more than a bit. I will probably try to edit it down later, but I also used it as a test to see how I would flesh out the sections and whether they made sense - to me at least. I really like a lot of the things other people were doing and the 'major events' section was just a natural extension of some of those.

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