GEDCOM - does it populate my tree once I compare?

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I uploaded two GEDCOMs and compared the individuals listed.  What happens next?  Do they populate my tree?  If so, how long does it take for me to see them?  I did sign the honor code.

Thanks! -Jeremy
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Welcome to G2G forum Jeremy.

Please see the following help page:

Your GEDCOMpare report(s) enables you to add people to WikiTree.

("Add buttons don't appear on the main table until all suggested matches in your GEDCOM have been confirmed or rejected")

You can find your reports here:

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It takes a bit of time to grasp the concept, but WikiTree doesn't use individual trees for each person.  It is all 1 big tree...

As you work through your Gedcom report, if a person in your gedcom is a close match to someone already in the tree, you will be able to view the existing tree person and decide to match them to your Gedcom record.  This will add the existing person to your view of the wiki tree (called Family tree).  Each WikiTree person (profile) should have a profile manager listed.  You can add a comment to the profile or send the profile manager a message with any questions you might have.

If they don't match with anyone already existing in WikiTree, you can add your Gedcom person to the Wiki Tree.  They will be assigned a WikiTree profile using their birth surname and the next available number for that surname.  You will then become that person's Profile Manager.

Suffice it to say is that, unlike Ancestry, you don't create your own family tree, but you add to the overall tree with your little branches..

Hope this helps!

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Hi Kent,

Thank you for your help, but I am still stuck.  I understand what you say about one tree versus my own tree.  I uploaded two GEDCOMs and reviewed every match that was recommended.  Some were matches to existing files and some were not.  I have never once seen add button, be it for those with suggested matches or those without.  I have also read the help repeatedly and have looked at this message board and I see that a lot of people are having the same issues since there are a ton of questions about it.

One comment said to make sure the radio (checkbox) buttons on the left were not selected.  Mine were, so I unselected them all and still no add buttons.  I must be missing a step to get the add button to appear, but I can't figure out what I am doing wrong.
Hi Jeremy,  I think Ruben's reply on your post may help as well.  Once all of the matched records are either accepted or rejected, then an ADD button will appear on the GEDCOM report.  I have added a screen clipping of my GEDCOM report showing the add buttons on my profile to see if that helps.


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