Gary Boyd Roberts' latest work The Royal Descents of 900 Immigrants

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The Royal Descents of 900 Gary Boyd Roberts is now available from GPC. Has anyone seen it or reviewed it? I'm interested in purchasing a copy but would like to know the immigrants actually covered. 

Thanks, Maureen

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I too would like to see the list of people. I would think that for commercial reasons they would simply post it. You see a name you recognize, and buy.

Edit: well, NOT buy at that price! And certainly NOT buy without the list!

i'm happy with my investment in Richardson's works. You can search Google Books copy of Magna Carta Ancestry. I ordered directly from his site:

$75 for a used copy of a 2018 work (not sure how it got used so fast):

I think i'd try libraries first to see if I wanted to invest in it. I tried finding it through, but best I found was a 2014 reprint of a similar 2004 work (600 Immigrants) with a 2008 Addendum:
Richardson and Roberts are two entirely different types of works. I have Richardson and the previous edition of Roberts. Roberts is not a reference work, its just something you look at once to see if there is some line you should seriously look at.

The problem with libraries is that my local one doesn't do genealogy (*), so I have to use interlibrary loan, and genealogy libraries do do that, so I have to order up scans of predetermined pages.

*Footnote: unless I or somebody else gives them our old copies. I must remember to give them the 1st edition of Roberts.

ah - thanks! I am fortunate in that the "RELIC Room" at Bull Run Library is not far from me (it has a copy of the 600 Immigrant one I found on WorldCat, but not the new one that Maureen asked about).

I recently just uncovered a line, that connects our family to numberous
Kings and Queens, It just continues to branch out so numberous they are, it is mind boggeling.  Of course they have much information to many of them, but no definitive connection to our family yet.  The line shows direct ancestors. I was curious as to how far back WikiTree goes on Royals.  These lead back to some the years 400 and 500, and of course much earlier.
The earliest truly reliably connected ancestor of European royalty is Arnulfing-2. Some suggestions for his ancestors are almost surely correct, but we truly don't know the exact (or even approximate) path. Charlemagne is clearly descended from a Merovingian, but we don't have real evidence for any path. Arnulfing-2's wife is also clearly connected back to real people we know of, but all paths are equally conjectural.

Gary Boyd Roberts isn't perfect.  I share a Mauduit cousin with Peter Lawford.

The following is taken from pages 192-193 from The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants by Gary Boyd Roberts, Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, 1993.

1. Edward III, King of England, d.1377 = Philippa of Hainault

2. Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York = Isabel of Castile

3. Constance Plantagenet = Thomas le Despencer, 1st Earl of Gloucester

4. (illegitimate by Edmund Holand, 4th Earl of Kent) Eleanor Holand = James Touchet (or Audley), 2nd Baron Audley

5. Contance Touchet (or Audley) = Robert Whitney

6. Eleanor Whitney = John Puleston

Problem is that Eleanor Whitney's mother was Robert Whitney's wife, Elizabeth Vaughan rather than Constance Touchet.

Some very interesting and supplementary ancestors up her line but not as promised


That was 25 years ago.  Everybody showed that line then, except Bartrum, and it wasn't sorted out until 2008.

Bartrum gave both Ellens to the Vaughan wife,_Robert_(c1436-1494)

but we give them one each.  It might not be over.


Reopened the discussion because I expect that others will we want to see this or discuss (although Maureen ended up purchasing the books sight unseen, and may not want to continue getting email notifications about this).

Maureen: I think you can edit your original question to uncheck the box about notifications.

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Richardson limits himself to pre-1700 immigrants to the area that later became the USA.  Roberts includes immigrants to Canada and post-1700 immigrants.

Richardson supposedly includes primary sources for every generation of a lineage, but not always.  Roberts limits himself to published secondary sources.  

So if Roberts simply summarizes Richardson's broken Cudworth lineage, for example, he will simply copy Richardson's error without any evaluation or discussion.
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John, good to know,with only a couple of copies available and these only available in paperback. I'll keep my $75.00 for a bit. I'm waiting for the errata sheets on Roberts'  work  if nothing else. And for the "used" price to descend.
+3 votes has the 2004 (600 immigrant names)  edition available if you have a subscription with them. I was looking at them last night. I would be curious to see the new additions with this latest edition. I'm almost tempted to buy this latest 2018 edition. I would want to see what new names have been added first though. The previous 600 immigrant  names edition does not list any of my direct ancestors.

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