Why is Bot being allowed to remove the county name from Categories?

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Bot is continually renaming categories removing the County name.

Why is this being done? The County name is needed for sorting in the Hempel Name Study and used in the Cline Project as well as others. Is there no control on this now?

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The Bot is doing what it's programmed to do.

The county name is removed from the place category because there is no other Grassyville in Texas and it's not needed. It nests in the category structure under Bastrop County, Texas. You may sort your name study any way you wish. If you wish to use Grassyville as a place in your name study, you can create [[Category: Grassyville, Bastrop County, Texas, Hempel Name Study]] and use it but if it's simply a place name, they are categorized in a particular way. I see that there is a Giddings, Lee County, Texas as a place name, which should be, instead, Giddings, Texas, a category that already exists in the category tree.

Here is Bastrop's category: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Category:Bastrop_County%2C_Texas

And How To Categorize (which is in the process of being updated):

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That very well may be true,however in Indiana there are lots of places with the same name in different counties, and the bot changed every last one of them after somebody went to great trouble to disambiguate them. Names like Mount Vernon, Mount Pleasant, Fairview, etc. were founded before governments could actually tracked such things, a lot of post offices names were changed by the US Postal service, however the places never actually changed their names as they never actually incorporated.
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And County Categories are used for other things too.  Sometimes we don't know where a person was born, and county is all we have.

Sometimes things don't need to be "improved."
by Lynette Jester G2G6 Mach 4 (49k points)
He's not talking about removing the county from the profile, just the category of the place name. If you look at George Hempel's profile, the county is present in the fields and in the biography. Nobody should be removing the county from those places.
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I would think that it makes more sense to have a consistent format that always includes the county.  Except where one does not exist.  (Like the City of St. Louis, MO which is a separate legal entity from St. Louis County and is not part of the County, In which case the county might be expresses as Independent City)  By removing the County designation it removes an ability to search for any location in that county.
by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (558k points)

The format follows consistent rules, but the application differs in different U.S. states.

In general, the names of cities and towns (or incorporated municipalities with other names, such as boroughs Pennsylvania) are unique within the state (this is something that state governments control), so the category name will be simply [[Category: City, State]]. Important exceptions exist for a number of states where the same township name can exist in multiple counties -- for example, a number of U.S. states have multiple counties that include a Washington Township. In those states, all townships (or equivalent entities if the state uses a different term) need to have the county name in their category name ([[Category: Washington Township, XYZ County, State]]). I think there are a few instances around the country where the county name might be needed in a category to avoid ambiguity in a situation where two non-township communities in the state have had the same name -- for example, at different times in history, but it wouldn't make sense to create a general rule to accommodate a few oddball situations.

And since a county category includes (as subcategories) all local places that are fully or partially in that county, a person should not need the county name to be part of the category name in order to investigate the contents of categories for other parts of the county.

So how would you search on WikiTree+ for all cities within a specific county if your category is not including the county?   Does the system just know that city x is in county y?   I don't think it does.  Which is what started this entire thread.
When a category is created, it is given one or more parent categories -- broader-scope categories of which the new category is logically a subcategory. County categories have the state category as a parent category, and the category for a town or city would have as parents the category(ies) for the county(ies) in which the town or city is located.
A lot of places in Indiana were created before governments did that.

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