1st WikiTreer Awards - Winners

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Congratulations to the nominees and the winners! If you missed it you can watch it at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y1tukAFmQKA


Best Personal Profile: Campbell Braddock

Fire Extinguisher (Ranger): Debi Hoag

Best Profile Manager: Anne B.

Prized Penmanship: Dorothy Barry

Tree Surgeon (Arborist): Esme van der Westhuizen

Most Friendly WikiTreer: Emma MacBeath

Most Helpful WikiTreer: Emma MacBeath

Notable Newbie: Deb Durham

Eradicator: NJ Penny

Funniest WIkiTreer: Eddie King

Dot Connector: Heidi van Os de Man

Best Photo of the Week: Pearl Marie (McClerry) Lovelace

Sourcerer Supreme: Hans Hoffman

Most Volunteered WikiTreer: Emma MacBeath

WikiTreer of the Year: Emma MacBeath

Lifetime Achievement Award: Robin Lee


Again, congrats to the nominees and the winners! Thank you to our presenters: Eowyn, Carole, Lucy, and David. Keep your eyes peeled for nominees for next year's awards!

Charlotte & Susie

WikiTree profile: Space:1st_WikiTree_Awards
asked in The Tree House by Charlotte Shockey G2G6 Pilot (921k points)

Congratulations to all the nominnees and the winers !


to all those of you who collaborated in bringing this event into reality !

Thank you Rubén! It was a lot of work but very fun. :-)

Miss Robin is only 29 years old ! Do she have to wiki for 70 more years ?

Send her chocolate covered chocolates !
That sounds amazing... chocolate covered chocolate.. as long as it's all dark chocolate for me. :-) LOL
Thank you to all the awesome presenters and everyone who put in the hard work to make this all happen. Happy 10th anniversary WikiTree!
Wow, I never expected that. I've been called a fire plug and a firecracker but never a fire extinguisher. Thank you all for seeing in me what I don't see in myself. I'll keep doing the best I can with the goal of being as good as the Rangers that I look up to. Go Rangers!
Congrats Debi! :-)
Debi, I had to look up fire plug because I had never heard that term before. I learn something new every day!  And you are all around awesome!
How wonderful!  Just a great group of people!  And, one of my favorites, Emma (who must have more than 24 hours in her day -- I wish she'd teach the rest of us)!

Congratulation to all of you!
Thank you Kathy. You are awesome! If I ever figure out how I do so much in a day I'll let you know because sometimes I surprise even myself. One tip though--some days (cough...a lot of days) the dishes don't get done ;-)
Congratulations to all the winners. All so well deserving people.
Congratulations Emma, Robin and all award winners.

18 Answers

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 I told Munky I won an award. Munky is my foam rubber monkey with marble eyes and he's 35 years old. (I be 38) Munky wants to know are we having cake and ice cream ?  Yes, Munky talks to me . And he sits on my box of snackles guarding them. Munky tries to bite the mail man who brings bills I have to pay because if I use up all my money on electricity and Internet I can't buy Munky snackles. When I was 3 years old, our house caught fire on Christmas day. Munky had just got borned and a fireman saved him. Munky doesn't try to bite firemen. Munky wants to watch Godzilla vs Mothra now.  Please send two pieces of cake. If you only send one piece I won't get any. Black Forest chocolate . And banana flavor ice cream. And a bottle of YOO-HOO chocolate drink.  THANX THANX THANX SMOOCH. (I gotta go. Munky just ran out the door. I have to save the mail man,)

answered by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (360k points)
Man, can this girl cook! I think Munky will be very happy!
Oh my goodness ! ! Yep, that covers the 4 food groups. My conscious is clear. Piggypiggypiggy

(You nice ladies will think I'm naughty cuzz I just made a profile for a Playboy Bunny. YES I DID ! !   But Munky always like Yvette Vickers in ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN and ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES.

(I'm not the Pre-vert ! ! Munky made me do it ! ;-P )
I bet Munky gets blamed for a whole lot of things Eddie does!
I'm thinking so, too! :-) LOL

*slow clap*

Been meaning to congratulate you. Was busy yesterday. It's good that you won and that rocked the house. You are one of the funniest people on the site. Kudos!  The two of us need to team up more and rock this joint.

Very elaborate backstory for Munky. I think I saw him at the tracks once betting on the ponies. Munky might have a problem. 

Congrats, brother. Here. You can have this:

Christmas 1983. I was 3. The house caught fire. When I was older Grammy said we had the gas shut off cuzz she couldn't pay the bill. Electric space heater went bad. Munky was my Christmas present. Somebody snatch me and run . Left Munky. Grammy used to tell I had my first King Kong tantrum. Biting, screeching. The firemen broke down the door and one of them threw Munky out. 

When my apartment flooded July 2003, I grabbed Munky, my wallet and my keys. Everything else went floating down the road LOL.

I've seen fire and I've rain.


Aww. Poor Eddie. Enjoy the cannoli! =D
Thanks. Manly hug.
Any time, man. =D *brohug and brofist*
+29 votes

First a special thanks to those who nominated the individuals in each category. Then my congratulations to those who made the top 5 in each category!! (I was honored to recognized in at least three of them if I remember right).  Anyway, my congratulations to all those who won in each of the areas listed. Way to go WikiTreers!!!!! All of you are very much appreciated for the work you do!!  

Lastly, thank you for those who voted for me so that I actually won the "Prized Penmanship" award. (I was surprised at that one). Anyway I wish I knew who you were so I could thank you personally, but this will have to do, THANK YOU!!!!

answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
You do amazing work Dorothy! Well deserved. :-)
Smooch for Miss Dorothy
Thanks Charlotte, learned from the best (which includes you)!!!
Awww! :-) Well I definitely think we all learn from each other. :-)
opps who's watching, they might get jealous Eddie, you have a lot of fans!!
+26 votes
My speech was all written. I practiced it front of a mirror. I wore a tux. My hair was just right. What went so horribly wrong??!!
answered by Bart Triesch G2G6 Pilot (214k points)
edited by Bart Triesch
LoL!! Awww keep it handy for next year. :-)

They read from the wrong card???

Exactly! What else could have happened??

You are incredibly awesome Bart!
LoL we actually joked about that Dorothy! :D
Thanks Emma. But don't get too fond of those statuettes. Next year I will work even harder pretending to be friendly.
Gasp! You mean you have only been pretending this whole time?
LoL! :-) I'm thinking more for Funniest ... ;-)
Are the losers still invited to the after-event parties?
Absolutely Bart! We have this awesome orange colored champagne tower over here.. :-D
There are no losers! We are all winners just by being totally WikiTree awesome!

There are no losers! We are all winners just by being totally WikiTree awesome!

I agree 100%. Wikitree is my home away from home. I love the people here!

Amen! :-)
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Go Kiwis!!!

Just want to say CONGRATULATIONS to CAMPBELL BRADDOCK in New Zealand, for winning the BEST PROFILE Award!!

Go check it out!!

answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (503k points)
Yay Campbell!
Whoo hoo Campbell! :-)
Congratulations Campbell...you inspire others to try new things and I just . love your page... Kathryn
Thanks everyone
+26 votes
I really had no idea I had completed that many suggestions! Thanks for the recognition ;)  Congrats to all the winners and nominees!!

HUGE thanks to all that participated in the voting and those that worked on the coordination of the awards!
answered by NJ Penny G2G6 Pilot (139k points)
You did an amazing job NJ! Looking forward to you knocking it out of the park this year, too! Go Roses! :)
You actually completed more, but they only started counting part way through the year I believe. Go NJ!! Nice work :-)
I'm looking forward to all of us knocking it out of the park! ;) Go go Roses!! I don't know how you two ladies carve out so much time -- both amazing ladies and WikiTreers!

HUGE Gianormous congrats to you Emma!
I think the key is, for Charlotte and I, WikiTree is a huge chunk our lives. Outside of WikiTree, there is um not much else :-D
I agree with what Emma said.. except for some wine thrown in. :D LOL
Your right Emma. I counted up awhile ago for one week how much I was on wikitree and it came to like over 90 hours. My husband says I have no life, but he doesn't realize that this is my Xanax, my whoo Saaa, place. These are my peeps, my social life and according to my husband my unpaid job. Lol. Congrats NJ on a job well done!!
Haha Misty, so so true!!! One of these days, we are going to entice you over to the Roses team ;-)

When I see this award, "The Eradicator," I think of something along the lines of Schwarzenegger in the first Terminator movie. I so do not picture NJ in the role. But congratulations, Ms. Penny! We all know that, if you were a supernatural movie character, you'd be Gal Gadot, not Arnold.  ;-)

Thanks Edison! You always crack me up! It does sound a bit like a Schwarzenegger role. ;)
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When I came to WikiTree about a year and a half ago, I was recovering from cancer and a complete physical collapse. I hadn't meant to stay--I was just checking it out for a client. But I fell in love from the very first few moments.

WikiTree has been an amazing place where I could fall deeper in love with genealogy,  learn more and more about my own family, meet people from all over the world--so many who I now call friends, and save my sanity as I recovered.

So many of you have helped me and it is my pleasure to do what I can to give back each day. I am humbled by your many kindnesses--your words and actions--and your many votes. I can only say thank you.

It is my pleasure to serve not only WikiTree, but all of you, as well as our ancestors who have brought us together in one place.  I am only one among thousands of amazing people here. I look forward to another amazing year!  And another incredible 10 years for WikiTree!
answered by Emma MacBeath G2G6 Pilot (527k points)
Thank you for your kind words and your constant support Rob :-)

Your ideas are great and I wouldn't be surprised if they expand the award list for next year. You need to send your suggestions to Charlotte or Susie so they can add them to the considerations for next year.
One of these days we'll have to do a Google chat or Skype or something.


Should be good. And yes Canollis are awesome. I asked a friend who like me is half Italian what he liked more. canolli or gelato. He said "BOTH!"

Can't argue with that.
Sounds awesome! You bring the canollis (chocolate chips are not optional) and I will bring the espresso. Your half? Italian and my quarter Italian can live it up!
Well, 46% according to Ancestry's DNA. Myheritage had me down 10%. I think that might be because few Italians did Myheritage. Whatever. Fughettaboutit. I will indeed bring the Italian desserts. =)
I want in on some of these desserts!! LOL
*offers cannolis* Plenty to go around! =D

"My only regret is a lack of recognition for Edison Williams..."

Why, thank you, Rob! But never fear. Rumor has it that, next year, there may be new award categories. Two that I believe are being considered are:

  • Wordiest WikiTreer. Among WikiTreers who have posted more than 100 times to G2G, the one who most often has the highest average word count and never fails to explain in 400 words what could have been said in 40.
  • Jumbled G2Ger. The WikiTreer who always takes us on a rousing, circumlocutious journey that delves into fascinating nooks and crannies of everything...everything, that is, except the topic of the original question.

Even if we can't disqualify Emma by getting her added to the WikiTree staff next year, I still think I have a better than average chance at running away with one of those awards.  :-)

Fast forward to 2019; 2nd WikiTree Annual Awards, Category: Jumbled G2Ger.... and the winner is: Edison Williams!!!!!!!

I know from just this week that we can get into unusual situations and as Ed said: "fascinating nooks and crannies of everything...everything, that is, except the topic of the original question".  Making a note to myself: remember the surname "Holigun", vote for Ed!!!!!!!

LoL! I'll have to keep those in mind Ed! :D
Thought that said "Weirdest Wikitreer" for a second.
+22 votes

Had some internet issues today.  But I finally got to see the show!  

You all did a fabulous job and a high 5, hugs and smooches, round of applause, drum rolls, and leaping for joy excitement over the well deserved winners!  

Way to go and be inspirations to us all!

Thank you all for everything you do!

answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (472k points)
Thanks Laura B, I will be rooting for you next year to get a spot on the 2019 Wikitree Awards winner's list.
Not a chance I don't do anything at the level all you winners do.   Many of you do so much behind the scenes that is just not highly visible.

We'll see,, because I know what you are capable of, and have done behind the scenes!!!!!! With that said, I want to thank you personally for your encouragement and help with our various projects including our weekend chat!!!  

I hope Laura does get something next year. She rocks. =)
Thanks Chris, but there are people who do far more than I do!
Those in the know...know how much you do behind the scenes!
+24 votes
All I can say is that I am honored to be a part of all of these WINNERS and a part of this GREAT BIG FAMILY called WikiTree!

While I love all the genealogy work, what keeps me coming back day after day are all the new people I meet and all the friends I have made....including, Eddie!
answered by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (472k points)
Congrats Robin! It's truly well deserved. :-)
Eddie is a bright spot isn't he? He always seems to swoop in just when I need it the most. Congrats Robin. You have worked very hard, maintained an amazing attitude while doing it and are an inspiration to us all!
But Eddie is always causing trouble ! ! He's bad and hard-headed.

Sorry about that but in real life, if peeps disagree with me, I  just tear off their car doors . I gotta collection in the storage shed if you need one. Mostly drivers side . Gotta few bucket seats too. ( Them peeps really irked me ! ) The easiest car to disassemble is the Chevy Impala. A deer ran into my Impala a few years ago. The animal WALKED away, all snooty , and my car was DEAD. DEMOLISHED ! (I saved the doors for my collection)
LMAO!! Might I take a look at your collection? Thought of doing some art work with an antique car door if you have any. :D

Giving the winners canollis. Why? Why not! Congrats, Robin! =D

Robin, you were one of the first people to contact me when I first started and encouraged me so very much and I am so grateful.  Your winning this award is the best thing ever!  You are an exemplary example of what a giving WikiTreer should be and I strive to live up to your example!  Thank you for all the wonderful and encouraging things you do all the time!
@Chris....one of my favorite desserts!   Thank you!
You're welcome, Robin! =D
+21 votes
Thank you for honoring my grandmother, Pearl McCleery Lovelace, with the photo of the year. During the many years that she was president of The Gold Star Mothers of Oklahoma City, she reached out to so many families who were grieving with losing family members in WWII and Korea. She told me that losing her little brother, Kyle McCleery, in WWI was very hard on her. Her mother had died when he was very young, so Pearl had actually raised him. Maybe that was part of the reason she was so strong when her only child, my father Clare Alexander Lovelace Jr., was killed in WWII. She was truely a beautiful woman in every way. I feel all of you that work so hard with WikiTree are leaving a great legacy for future generations. Thank you for your time and talents.
answered by Alexis Nelson G2G6 Mach 1 (18.5k points)
edited by Alexis Nelson
Thank you for sharing your Grandmother's beautiful photo and a little history about her strength. :-)
She is such a lovely young lady. Thank you for sharing her with us Alexis!
+22 votes

Congratulations to the nominees and winners of the 2018 WikiTree Awards. Your all fantastic WikiTreers!


answered by David Selman G2G6 Pilot (565k points)

David S. did a great job in his part when they (the hosts) took turns of presenting the information on the nominees and winners. Thank you David for my introduction!! I had to watch it twice to realize it was you (our David from the Integrator project) !! 

Disclosure: Never saw David in a video or up close before except what is on his profile. Must admit, I was gazing at the clock and other things on the mantel there where you were, and listening lol... Anyway, awesome fireplace!! (did you help in building it??)

Thank you David for presenting. It was fabulous seeing you in person--well sort of in person :-)
Dorothy, I am so glad you enjoyed the fireplace and mantel. No, I did not build it, just paid for it. I was honoured and surprised when I was asked to present some of the awards and especially surprised when I saw that I was presenting your special award and that was a privilege.
Thank you, Emma! It was my pleasure to present you with one of your awards. Congratulations!
Yes, thank you David for joining us and being a marvelous presenter. :-)
Thank you, Charlotte, it was so nice to meet you and all the ladies in person (so to speak). You and Susie were wonderful at organizing the awards show.
+19 votes

Ok, ripping up my speech now. I thought for sure I was a shoe-in since the staff was disqualified. I guess being basically inactive for over 4 years didn't help.

New battle plans being drawn up. To-do list includes buying a stuffed Llama and drowning it so it can be rescued by an olympic swimmer. Answer absolutely EVERYTHING even if I just say "Me too!". Limit my sleep time down to 2 hours a night. This should allow me to be on G2G at least 20 hours a day. Learn to touch-type. (yup, I use 2 fingers and a thumb for the space bar. Comes from having shovels for hands)

Most important,,,,,,get EMMA promoted to staff position to make her ineligible.

I should be an easy pick for at least 1 in the second annual, right?

Aside from that, congrats to all the winners and nominees. (btw Emma that bribe check bounced, we gotta talk :P )

But seriously, we don't do this for awards. We do it because we want to help the community. Awards just our way of saying "we see what you are doing and we're telling"

(oh yeah, switch to slap-stick humor since dry humor doesn't work. Check)

answered by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (180k points)

So, blame her for me

Really Steven? I have to take credit for you? There is something very very suspect about this logic. You are older than I am remember?

Well see, if you hadn't been so nice to me I wouldn't be this active. And I certainly wouldn't want to be this helpful. Then everyone would miss out on my dazzling wit. So yes, it's your fault that you people have to put up with me. :P
SMH. I'm not sure it is a good thing or a bad thing that you and Edison blame me for your level of WikiTree activity and awesome work :-)
Random question. Emma, did you draw your avatar? It looks really cool.

Way to be modest, Steve. =)

Just keep talking, guys. *Floods wikitree with a ton of profiles for everyone who has ever been The Doctor, every Star Trek actor, every comic writer, everyone who has ever lived.*

LOL. Wish I had time for that. I did at least do a tree for Dee Snider of Twisted Sister. Was part of Eddie's Heavy Metal '80s challenge.
Chris, both of my sons are artists. My younger son drew the picture of me. One of these days when I can get my hair to grow back for real (or until I find a great wig), I will post a picture of my true self :-)
Ninjas? You've got a volunteer here for that!
Emma: Cool! Your son is very talented!

Richard: Okay. You may be called upon at a moment's notice. =D
Now if only I could get Emma to advertise my live chat/ spreadsheet there would be people there 24/7
Post links to kitten videos or videos of people getting hurt. That should rake in the hits.
I've advertised in the past, Steven. I can only do so much!
+18 votes
Congratulations to all the winners. I am so proud to be part of Wikitree and it was amazing to wake up this morning to see my name on the list.

None of this would have been possible without all the great people that is part of Wikitree.
answered by Esmé van der Westhuizen G2G6 Mach 8 (81.4k points)
Your award is well deserved Esmé. You do so much to tidy the tree and the work you do is excellent. Congratulations :-)
Esme, I always smile when I see that you have worked on a merge on one of the families that I follow because I know it is done right!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for all the various families on our global tree!  You are the very best.  Congratulations!!
+15 votes
Congratulations to the winners! Keep up the good work! Looking forward to next year's round of awesomeness.


Side note: Wikitree thinks Eddie is the funniest, eh? Wait'll they get a load of me..... >=)
answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (197k points)
+13 votes
Congratulations everyone!
answered by Michelle Wilkes G2G6 Pilot (107k points)
+12 votes
Congratulations to every one of the winners. You are all amazing Wikitreers.

Eddie you have such an awesome sense of humour, you are the ray of sunshine in my day. Please don't ever stop. Munky is very lucky to have such a good friend and protector ;)

A big thank you to Debi and Emma. You ladies have made me a better Wikitreer and for that I am truly grateful.


Thank you also to the hard working people behind the scenes. Without you, these awards could not have been made and the wonderful people receive what is so well deserved.
answered by Wendy Sullivan G2G6 Pilot (125k points)
Thank you Wendy. You are so amazing to work with!
+16 votes

 I am honoured to be the winner of the best personal profile. Thank you to all who voted, Congratulations to the nominees and other winners of the 2018 WikiTree Awards 

Whakawhetai koe



answered by Campbell Braddock G2G6 Mach 4 (46.4k points)
+12 votes
I'm just checking things after being at a family wedding this weekend. Thank you all for voting for me. I take a lot of pride in the profiles I work, and want them to be the best that they can be.
answered by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1m points)

You got a three-minute standing ovation, Anne. Wish you could have been there. If memory serves, there are trophies or medals on their way to the winners. So we can expect new bling on your own profile soon!  :-)

Thanks, wish I could find the time to watch. It's going to take me all week to catch up, after taking 3 days off.
+9 votes

Congrats and a big hug for all the winners and thanks for organizing and working so hard on this WikiTree awards team !  

And of course a huge thank you for everyone who nominated and voted, being nominated was quite a surprise and such a big honor, so a big thank you for all of you wonderful WikiTreers that are always around, motivating, helping and inspiring others. Teamwork makes the dream work they say..WikiTree soo is the best example it really does.


answered by Bea Wijma G2G6 Pilot (243k points)
Bea, the Las Vegas over/under odds had you winning one of the awards. Next year....

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