When i wish to create an unconnected profile, why must i first link it to a false relative, then unlink it?

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Hallo! Every time (not often) that i wish to create an unconnected WikiTree profile, i cannot save it. The programme simply will not save an unconnected profile. So i first must link the new profile as father or mother to an already existing profile, then save it, and afterwards unlink the newly saved profile as father or mother. Today it happened again: a few days ago i had to change the surname of birth of John Rhydderch to John Rudderow, as the two persons had been conflated by others before me, and his true surname was Rudderow; today i wanted to create a profile for the othe person,John Rhydderch, in order to keep anyone from conflating the two profiles in the future. But the programme would not have it. I eventually added John Rhydderch as father to John Rudderow, then unlinked him from that profile. Then i added a warning at the top of both profiles, ''Not to be confused with John Rudderow'' ''Not to be confused with John Rhydderch''. Why can one not simply add a new unconnected profile without such ado ? This must be a programme error!      

WikiTree profile: John Rhydderch
in WikiTree Tech by Albertus Robert Casimir Jung G2G6 (7.8k points)
I always add new people using the Wikitree X app for Chrome, which allows you to quite easily add a new, unrelated profile.   Since it always works, I have limited experience in adding people the other way.  In case you want to give it a try, here's a link to more information: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Help:WikiTree_X

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Have you tried adding your new person using the link from where it says Add on the top right of your own profile? A drop down menu comes down and you can select or click on New Person (which a new form will appear).

I used it yesterday and had no problems. 

PS: Also help page about adding to WikiTree.... 


by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
Yes, that is always where i first start to try to add a new person. But it never works for me. I have also tried using the link which you have posted, but that is actually the same page as the tab, and does not work for me. It might have to do with cookies.
This is the one I used a day or so ago...but you have to use it from your profile page as mentioned above, just clicking on it from this comment sends you to another info page.  
Albertus, when you go to Add > New Person, and get sent to https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Special:NewPerson , what prevents you from adding a new person? Is there an error message of some sort?
Hi, Albertus,

As much as it sometimes pains me, when all else fails, I clear cookies.

No, Jamie, there is no error message. The page that i have created simply hangs, and nothing can be done with it. I cannot save it. So, after clicking on ''Save'' a dozen times, i finally give up and leave the page, losing all that i have written. It is very frustrating. I keep forgetting that this simply never has worked for me in the years that i am a member of WikiTree. I hope now that the next time i 'll remember that it doesn't work and donot try it again! I'll simply create a false parent for one of my profiles right from the start, then delete it. This is less time-wasting than trying to create an ''Unconnected Profile'' and end up losing a fully-created profile.

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