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If one finds two persons that both match your ancestor and neither belong to you, what is the correct procedure?  Currently, I merge to both, but that appears to not be the correct procedure.  Do I just merge them and then add my ancestor to the result?
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I ran into this. I merged mine into the one I thought most correct.  Unfortunately, the other one is the one that was attached to the parents.  Since the profile managers disagree on whether the child belongs to the parents, the merge has been pending for years.  I investigated, and I think the problem is multiple people with the fathers name, but the one on Wiki IS the one that should have been the father.  I sent a message to the profile manager and posted research.  Nothing has happened, so now when I run into a person that is a match in my Gedcom, I do two things, I refuse the merge, and I don't add my person.  I just leave that hole there in my tree, and work around it.  If it is going to be a major connection to a big part of the wiki tree I just stop my tree there.  I figure sooner or later someone will make the connection for me, and I won't have to worry about it.  I also don't add descendants down past 1900 or so, so if my cousins come along and want to add their family, they can have all the joy of doing that!

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I assume you're talking about the comparison phase of GEDCOM upload.

If the existing profiles are definitely matches (places and any attached relatives match; dates match or are very close, e.g. "abt 1821" and "18 November 1820"), you can propose a merge of the two existing profiles. If you're not completely certain post to G2G and ask more experienced WikiTreers to look at the profiles and see if they agree they're the same person.

As far as the GEDCOM import goes, you can match your ancestor to either or both the existing profiles. Don't add yet another profile for your ancestor. If you have good sources that the existing profiles don't have and the profiles are open, I'd add them by hand rather than using the edit-via-GEDCOM.
by Sharon Casteel G2G6 Pilot (115k points)
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The basic rule here is that it's a single worldwide tree with one profile per person, and none of the person's descendants actually "owns" the profile, as he does on other genealogy sites.  So if I'm reading you correctly, you have found two already existing profiles for one of your ancestors.  When that happens, those two profiles should be merged.  You can certainly propose the merge, stating your reasons why they represent the same person, but you wouldn't be able to complete it yourself unless you're on the trusted list for both profiles.  See this explanation in the help file:

When a merge is completed, both profile managers become managers of the resultant profile.  If you're also a descendant, then you would probably want to request to be on the trusted list, so you can add your own data and info.  You may want to ask to become a manager as well.  But you shouldn't get anxious and create a third profile for the same person, because that just creates more problems.  Sometimes it takes a little while to get it done, if the current managers are not very active for some reason.
by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (433k points)

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