Does Prudence Alcock Whitman person really exist?

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So, I have looked through every source I can find and this wife does not appear in any of the sources around John Whitman of Weymouth.   Oh, there are hundreds of trees on other cites with this person, but, not a one has a valid source.   In fact, most of the sources called out prove that the wife's name was Ruth, not Prudence.   And all the data for this person....birth, death and marriage to John Whitman are the same as Ruth.   I do not have access to NEHGS, that would be my last place to look.   Can someone take a look at this person and see if they have any thoughts?   I have suggested to the PM that we refer to this profile in the "other wife's profile" so that we do not lose track of this issue, but, I think it is time to do the final merges and remove this relationship.
WikiTree profile: Prudence Whitman
in Genealogy Help by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (679k points)
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Hi Robin,

Another option would be for you and the profile manager to agree to an unmatched merge until further information can be found either to confirm or refute what is disputed.

Wishing you both all the best in your search for an answer.

by Billy Wallace G2G6 Pilot (212k points)
selected by Kay Wilson
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You may FIND RELIABLE proper information on Prudence by reading The History of Weymouth Massachusetts by GEORGE CHAMBERLAIN.
This is one of my regular resources, thanks!
This is a multi-volume set; would be nice to have a bit more guidance in how to find information about Prudence in this set.
Actually, I just searched each of the four volumes for "Prudence" and found no reference to her as the wife of John Whitman.
Thanks for your persistence in this question.
It's amazing what the project account error reports reveal... sigh.
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Hi Robin,

I searched NEHGS using only the name as search perameter, and it returned this:

Your search returned no exact matches.

I checked the source suggested by anonymous and put the source on the profile page for Prudence, but it only refers to Ruth as the wife of John Whitman and mother of Judith who married Philip King.

In my opinion, sometimes the lack of evidence is itself evidence. You described the problem and the solution when you said you found only trees give the reference. In my experience, that is nearly 100% proof that it is unlikely - only evidence 'by hearsay' and no evidence by record of fact.

That said, I can't agree with Billy on an unmerged match. We have an abundance of those at this time.smiley  But I do concur with Billy, wishing you both all the best.

by April Dauenhauer G2G6 Pilot (109k points)
If it were me, I would also say the lack of evidence shows the lack of Prudence. I would merge all into Ruth, put Prudence as an "other nickname" and write up all the valuable sources found that do not mention Prudence at the top of the bio so people know what is going on. Alternately, if Prudence existed but just cannot be linked by sources, unlink her and document on both her and the ex-husband's page why, removing the data that is Ruth's and has been incorrectly applied to Prudence.
I concur with Abby on this one. And in fact, I would add "(unproven)" behind the name Prudence in the Nickname field.
UPDATE: apparently no action was ever taken. She showed up on an error report for other reasons (born long after her supposed father died).

Instead of merging her away, I've disconnected her from the spouse John Whitman (PGM immigrant), and marked her as uncertain existence; I've also asked the profile manager of her parents if she has any sources to support the existence of the family.
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Torrey has some sources you might want to look into:

WHITMAN, John (-1692, ae 90) & ?Mary/?Ruth ____ (-1662); in Eng, by 1629; Weymouth/Abington/Bridgewter {NYGBR 69:364; Weymouth 4:753; Bridgewater 335; Winthrop-Babcock 553; Whitman (1889); Chute ccxli; Caldwell Anc. 13; Kimball Anc.78-79; Robinson (,7) 15; Avery Anc. (1925) 126}.

I see no reference to a Prudence in relation to a John in Torrey. Hope this is helpful.
by Bobbie Hall G2G6 Pilot (185k points)

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