Puritan Great Migration Project (PGM). Want to Join? [closed]

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Do you have ancestors who immigrated to New England between 1621 and 1640?

At WikiTree, this time period is covered by the Puritan Great Migration Project (PGM), although not everyone who immigrated during the time frame was a Puritan.

There are several ways to participate in the PGM Project.

A. Acknowledge. To acknowledge that you have ancestors who immigrated 1621-1640, place this sticker on your own profile: {{PGM Descendant|[[WikiTree-ID|PGM Ancestor Name]]}}. (Copy and Paste to your profile. Replace the highlighted area with your ancestor's information.)  For example: {{PGM Descendant|[[Swift-95|William Swift]]}}

B. Be Informed & Learn. Do you want to improve your understanding of PGM-era profiles and know what’s going on with the project? Are you new to WikiTree, and think you might want to join the project in the future? Read the Project page. Follow the G2G tag  pgm .

C. Contribute Do you love puzzles, enjoy research and improving sourcing on profiles? Then you might want to actively participate in the improvement of PGM profiles. As common ancestors to so many generations, these profiles often have duplicates needing merging, and incorrect data that needs sourcing and correcting. If this interests you, please read the Project page to find out more details. Follow the tag  pgm , and request the badge by posting an answer to this question. Please include a link to a profile you've created or edited that demonstrates your understanding of WikiTree editing generally, and PGM guidelines, research and sourcing. NOTE: After receiving your badge, you will be asked to join the PGM Google Group, which is one of the tools project volunteers use to track PGM profiles.

Hint! it is absolutely a pre-requisite of improving PGM profiles that you know how to work with and create inline citations.

Thank you


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in Requests for Project Volunteers by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
closed by Anne B

I noticed this article recently 


that states Anderson's PGM project ends in 1643. Have I been wrong in my recollection that the Wikitree project only goes to 1640?

The PGM project only goes to 1640. Maybe Jillaine and I will have to scratch our heads together, but I have to say we have quite enough with end of 1640.
Thank you for pointing out the article on PGM end.

Now that Jillaine and I have both read the article, I can address the comment. We've decided that for the moment the Wikitree project will continue to end at those who arrived by 1640 with a little "wiggle" room. The project is quite big enough now without adding another few years to the parameters.
Sounds good.
Hi Anne,

I have an ancestor or two on my Brick Wall list.  I would like to join the PGM project as I seem to have a number of ancestors in there.  I spent the other day collecting information on the parents of Hammelsbach-1.  However, I want to sort thru the information and go back on Ancestry.  I also printed the profiles of others that were missing one or more parents the other day to see if I can find them.

The parents of Maria Barbara (Hammelsbach) Happolt

Profile Hammelsbach-1 her parents are Susann Werlings and Joannes Adamus Himmelsbach.  I want to review all the information as there are so many different ways they are spelling the same names



Taylor, please answer the question and provide the ID or URL for a profile you've created or edited that demonstrates your understanding of WikiTree editing generally, and PGM guidelines, research and sourcing.

If I have more than one Puritan ancestor, how would you code it?

{{PGM Descendant|[[WikiTree-ID|PGM Ancestor Name][WikiTree-ID|PGM Ancestor Name]]}}


{{PGM Descendant|[[WikiTree-ID|PGM Ancestor Name]]}}

{{PGM Descendant|[[WikiTree-ID|PGM Ancestor Name]]}}


Hi Norman, the first way doesn't work. So you have to do each one. If I listed all my PGM ancestors, they would take up a lot of space on my profile, so I picked my favorite ancestor and used

{{PGM Descendant|[[Turner-149|Nathaniel Turner and more]]}}
Does "closed" mean I can't join the project. Have a few qualify ancestors. One has been proven by the NSSDP.

Hi Ellen, thank you for your interest. This is just an older question. You can go to the new question to join New Question

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l have 7 Mayflower Ancestors inc. Wm Bradford, John Alden, Patricia Mullins, John Rogers.  Later, Nathaniel (The Settler) Foote; Thomas Newman and spouse Mary Morton Newman and son William.  Some or all had to have had Puritan leanings.  What should I do to help Your project?

edited by Anne B

Hi anonymous. In order to join or work on a wikitree project, you must be a member of Wikitree and logged in. If you are a member, please log in and place a comment after this. Please include a link to a profile you've created or edited that demonstrates your understanding of WikiTree editing generally, and PGM guidelines, research and sourcing.

Thank you.

William Bradford is an ancestor of mine too.
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I'm working my way back slowly through several New England family lines that lead to (or presumably will lead to) PGM folk; the one I'm most certain of is probably [[Ingersoll-59|John Ingersoll]] -- hmm, not sure if that's the way to offer an internal link; let's also try [https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Ingersoll-59] -- along with parents Richard & Ann, [[Ingersoll-4|Richard Ingersoll]] or [https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Ingersoll-4] and [[Langley63-|Ann (Langley) Knight]] or [https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Langley-63]... who arrived together aboard the second Mayflower, in 1629.  So I'd like to join the Project.

A profile I created some months ago, and am now returning to, is that of [[Ropes-14|Samuel Ropes]] or [https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Ropes-14].  Samuel is an ancestor who's relatively new to me although I've been aware for years that the Ropes surname was somewhere in my maternal line.  (I have to admit that this line acquired a new level of interest when the Relationship Finder informed me that it's a probable link to an ancestor in common with Queen Elizabeth... but I think it needs some serious research before the relevant status indicators can all be greenlighted as "confident"!)

For the present, I have my hands largely full with my own lineage, but have helped, and am always happy to help, others who are searching out their own lines. -- Having already debunked (with the significant assistance of another experienced-genealogist family member) one of four supposed family connections to the (1620) Mayflower, and revealed a second to be "familial" but not biological, I am dedicated to finding the actual facts... via the best sources I can access, albeit on a minuscule personal genealogical-membership budget (just one reason why I love that WikiTree remains free).  I have adopted a probably-insane number of profiles, but love tending to them as time allows, and welcome input from other WTers, especially where the pre-1700 folk are concerned.
by Christopher Childs G2G6 Mach 1 (10.6k points)

Welcome to the Puritan Great Migration Project. If you don't know how already, you will want to learn how to create inline citations, before you start working on shared ancestors.

ps. G2G doesn't work quite the same as the Wikitree interface to create a link in G2G:  highlight a few words such Ropes-14, collect the URL for Ropes-14, look for the chain link (1st item, fourth row of the formatting palletteabove), click the chain link, then insert URL in the proper box.

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I am also interested in this project.  As I worked to connect branches to WikiTree, I've gained some experience.  One example of my contributions to editing is at Captain Elisha Freeman.  I added the PGM sticker for an early ancestor, Samuel Freeman. I'll brush up on those inline references and update my page reading.  <edited for linking>

Jo McCaleb

by Jo McCaleb G2G6 Mach 3 (31.5k points)
edited by Jo McCaleb
Hi Jo, I love that you read the previous comment and learned how to link in G2G. Two thumbs up.

Another helpful hint: Every fact in a bio should have a source designated by one of those inline references.

Welcome to Puritan Great Migration
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Hello, I'd like to join the project to make edits when necessary.  A link to one of my ancestors in this project is {{PGM Descendant|[[Green-1865|William Green]]}}.  As for edits, here's an example of one I provided sources to recently: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Simson-227

Looking forward to connecting lines and helping in the project.

by Eric McDaniel G2G6 Mach 4 (40.9k points)
Hi Eric, I'm sending you a message.
+10 votes
I'm fairly new to Wikitree, but I've spent 10+ years compiling my family tree using another program. I'm currently adding to and improving the profiles of my family on Wikitree and I've learned quite a bit while making contributions in the past few months. I'm comfortable adding sources, adding inline references, cleaning up merged/ged.com files, etc. I'm currently working on the line of my family that descends from [[Perkins-631|John Perkins]] and I've made several edits to his line recently. I have many other ancestors that arrived during the Great Migration, as well as ancestors that arrived on the Mayflower (Alden, Mullins, Standish, Soule & Hopkins). Most recently I've been working on and adding to the descendants of [[Crandall-3|Elder John Crandall]] - see [[Crandall-1976|Eleazer Crandall]]. I'd like to be a member of PGM if you think I'd be a good member of the team. Thanks!
by Traci Thiessen G2G6 Pilot (244k points)
Welcome to Puritan Great Migration Project
I have a Crandall line as well, Traci, coming down through John’s son, Samuel (1663-1736), who is my 8th great grandfather and lived in Rhode Island. Are you familiar with this?

On the other side of my family, I have numerous Mayflower ancestors.
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Please add me to the PGM project [[Doane-11|John Doane]] is my gg.....grandfather
by James Carr G2G2 (2.0k points)

Hi James can you point me to a profile you've created or edited that demonstrates your understanding of WikiTree editing generally, and PGM guidelines, research and sourcing.

Anne one of the profiles is [[https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Chandler-2119|Timothy Chandler ]]
Thank you and welcome to the Puritan Great Migration Project.
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I am interested in joining this and getting a badge. I merged Knight-141 and Knight-1467 John Knight he was in my family watchlist.

by Anonymous Barnett G2G6 Pilot (467k points)
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Hi. I have multiple PGM ancestors, including Thomas Dudley and Simon & Anne Bradstreet. I would like to help contribute to their profiles and also help add categories to PGM profiles to identify which ship they came over on. (Retired Navy, so the ship aspect is especially interesting to me.) I have updated my 4th-great-grandfather's profile, which was empty: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Bradstreet-368
by Kirk Steffensen G2G Crew (470 points)

Welcome to Puritan Great Migration Project. I have an image of Greenwood Cemetery I put on some profiles. It's public domain if you're interested.

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I requested to join PGM project when I first joined WikitTee, and I understand why I was rejected.  I didn't end up looking initially at many PGM profiles, so it didn't really matter.

But in the past few months, I've added the project box to eight or so profiles and I did a bunch work on the profiles of my ancestor Peter Busecot


I pushed to remove Solomon Leonard


as the father of my ancestor Rice Leonard


I also need now to merge the two profiles for Peter Busecot's wife Mary once it is determined whether "Unknown" or "May" is the better LNAB.  I'd like to consult with the group about whether the strength of Jane Fletcher Fiske's argument for her identity is strong enough to warrant using May.
by Barry Smith G2G6 Pilot (232k points)
Thank you, Barry, you've been doing good work on these ancestors. Welcome to the Puritan Great Migration Project.

Interesting about Peter Jrs death, especially how facts get distorted over time (like playing telephone)
Thank you!  I'm unreasonably excited about the badge!  (On second thought, it's probably reasonable... I had never heard of Anderson when I first requested to join the project. It's fun to reflect on how much I've learned in less than two years.)

I agree about Peter Jr.s death.  I used half of my annual allotment of free photocopies as a remote subscriber to NEHGS in getting the pages from that source, but I told the person helping me after I found the info about Peter Jr. that it was well worth it!
it's nice that we learn new things and get better at what we do, as we explore this engaging hobby. It keeps it interesting.
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I would like to support this WikiTree project on a regular basis. Since my first foray in 2014, I have touched WT now and then, but I kept using my roll-your-own method in my work as President/Researcher of the Thomas Gardner Society, Inc.

To prove lineages, I have done a score or so of organization applications for family and friends. As I did the work, I expanded out to look at the collateral families. At the same time, I have been blogging about the experience, especially tracing families that moved west after the Revolution.

And, having gotten introduced the past couple of days with the Magna Carta project, I found the documentation requirement to be nice since they are in the process of going through all of the 'gateways' with a result that is very nicely formatted. It is very encouraging to me to see that WT can provide the proper framework for this type of necessary work.

BTW, I am a research member of the NEHGS and have access to the books and periodicals that are needed.

I will be answering questions on Quora as they apply. Example: Have you found any interesting family history ...? where I was able to refer to the work from the MC base camp effort done on WT. 

by John M. Switlik G2G3 (3.3k points)
edited by John M. Switlik

John, just so it doesn't seem I'm "playing favorites" could you add  a link to a profile you've created or worked on that shows you understand WikiTree editing generally, and PGM guidelines, research and sourcing

Sure. The profile of Chloe A (Porter) Jackson has a table of source references for a family that migrated over several states during the 1800s. The table is minimal for demonstration, as I have a slew of other records, such as probate, land, supporting a rationale for this pedigree. I could use the profile of Chloe's mother, Caroline, which I manage, but I would like to use her granddaughter, Gladys Helen (Gill) Long, and have asked for permission of the page manager to do this edit. 

Gladys is New England north on both her mother's and father's side. The mother's line goes to John Alden. The father's side goes to Richard Brewster. But, there are a bunch of PGM families, such as Porter, Wright, Hathorne, Gardner, Hartwell, Holcombe, Buttolph, Marshall, Babcock, Bliss, Howlett, French, Culver, Greenleaf, Clark, Tuttle, and others. But, on the mother's side, there is also New England south, such as Jackson, Hopwood, Pate, Howard, and others. 

Caroline was there the whole time. Chloe died young. Her husband died young. That left Myra to be raised by the family. Then, Myra died young, leaving an infant girl who was Gladys. She was adopted after her grandmother died. And, so we have this story to tell, besides having her story in her own words that she wrote for one of her daughters. Another is still alive at 96. 

Once I get permission, I'll start the edit. BTW, I have been editing on Wikipedia since 2005. I like 'wiki' as an approach. A lot of what I have from twenty plus applications is in my own system based upon HTML/CSS or I have written an article (the one for this family was an overview). I will let you know when I get it done. That is, Gladys. Otherwise, I'll use Caroline to tell the story of the family that she kept together. Actually, when we first see her, her mother and her siblings are living with Caroline and her husband since Caroline's father had died. After Lyman died, Caroline was in LA with her daughter, namesake of Myra, Caroline's grandaughter. So, she got to see the Golden State. 

Typical western tale related to the reach of the long arms of New England. 

Welcome to the Puritan Great Migration Project.
I found out today that I asked the wrong person. Oh well. I'll get started on the Gladys profile soon after reviewing all of the material that I have collected. WikiTree has already paid off as a Gill link was found that closed a gap.
+8 votes
Happy to join the project with quite a number of family lines arriving before 1640. Happy to help with sorting out questions.
by T Stanton G2G6 Pilot (236k points)

Hello, Please include a link to a profile you've created or edited that demonstrates your understanding of WikiTree editing generally, and PGM guidelines, research and sourcing.

See Research Notes and Sources for Thomas Bills  as most recent. Not a profile created by me.

A few created by me:

Evan Marshall

John Marshall

Robert Razey

Quite a number of others. I dislike how my Gedcom imported sources where that has been applicable. I prefer to list more detailed information on all sources and do so where it is was not imported.

Thank you for the Anne Twining profile. Welcome to the Puritan Great Migration Project.

A note - Your gedcom sources are only as good as you put into your genealogy program in the first place.
+10 votes

I'd like to join PGM because I have ancestors who immigrated 1621-1640 and I'm focusing my genealogical research on identifying them.  Also I find strengthening biographies with facts backed up by reliable, accurate sources to be very satisfying, and I'm all for the goal of making WikiTree profiles as correct and complete as possible. In addition to my own ancestors' profiles, I'm happy to help work on other profiles that need attention.  I love that WikiTree has standards and supervision for the purpose of creating an accurate tree (unlike other genealogy websites).  

A profile I created that indicates my understanding of WikiTree editing and PGM guidelines is [https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Worcester-635]. 

by Melissa Mitchell G2G2 (2.8k points)
Thank you very much Melissa. Welcome to the Puritan Great Migration Project (PGM). If you have questions ask. Would you send me a private message, so I'll have your email and can send you an invitation to the Google Group.
+7 votes
Yes, I want to join
by Peggy Moss G2G6 Mach 2 (23.3k points)

Hi Margaret, have you read the project page? I see you own the GM Directory. There are frequently requests in G2G for lookups.

Please include a link to a profile you've created or edited that demonstrates your understanding of WikiTree editing generally, and PGM guidelines, research and sourcing.

Hi.  I have read the project page.  I am still not an expert at correctly citing sources in Chicago style  ( I just learned how). But I’m running into situations where I can’t add or edit my direct ancestors because they are in the 17th century;  I am fairly certain that I have the following PGM ancestors: Samuel Allen, Father of Sara, George Partridge,  Zachary Bicknell, Thomas Leavitt, Thomas Macy, Phineas Pratt, William Ryal (Royall/Royal), Stockbridge,, Thayer, Humphrey Turner, Whitmarsh, Cary/Carew, Holbrook. I would be happy just to have the ability to edit or create profiles on the lines I know the most about. 

I have done a lot of the sourcing for a Hall Pratt Taylor that my cousin  was doing.  I am also cited in the Haskell Family Association genealogy and I've also seen myself cited on here.  Between me and David? Ashley-he just did a great job on John Cary. Between us we have merged lots of profiles in my Cary line and I have added second wives to three profiles and have tried to reassign the progeny by mother.

Margaret, you can edit any open profile, you don't have to be a member of a project. There are no locked profiles of people who were born more than 150 years ago. Sometimes you can't add or change parents or change the Last Name at Birth. Those profiles say they are project protected on the right side of the profile. If you plan to edit already existing Puritan Great Migration Project profiles you will have to know how to use inline citations. Another caution is be careful not to create duplicates. Ancestors pre-1700 are more than likely already on Wikitree.

+8 votes
I am interested in helping with this project.  I have Roger Eastman as an ancestor and many others.  I enjoy the  research.

Dianne Perry
by Dianne Perry G2G1 (1.7k points)
+8 votes
I would like to assist and learn more about my ancestors including Roger Eastman.

Here is a link to one of my pages:  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Eastman-606
by Dianne Perry G2G1 (1.7k points)
I've sent you a private message.
+10 votes

Since my profile additions keep bumping into the PGM crowd I thought I'd better request the badge…I wasn't sure how to  add "my ancestor's name" to the PGM badge, since I have hundreds of them, including multiple Mayflower arrivals - but the PGM category is the broader category more suited to some of the unique data I have. Wikitree is my hope for the preservation of those unique historic items (photos, letters, diaries) our family has, such as the Bible records uploaded in conjunction with

James Seale, b. 1788
and with
Ebenezer W Blake

I'm especially pleased to have uploaded Blake's 137 page diary (heavily annotated, footnoted and indexed) here 

Ebenezer W Blake diary

A couple other family profiles I added and manage, with interesting historical context are:
Elijah Collins
Gates Curtis

by Robert Seale G2G6 (9.4k points)
Nice. You have the hang of Wikitree, for sure. Welcome to Puritan Great Migration Project
+9 votes

I'm a descendant of several PGM ancestors but Thomas Tenney was the first one that came to mind. I've been doing some heavy research into my family tree lately and WikiTree is a great resource both for finding information and cataloging my finds. I'd really like to join the team and clean up any profiles I come across that might be missing information or need expanded biographies. 

I've only been using WikiTree for about a week -- here's an example of a recent profile I created. I'm still working on getting my tree connected to profiles that already exist. 

by Liat Boucher G2G6 (7.9k points)

Welcome to Puritan Great Migration Project. If you have questions please ask.

Eventually, you will run into one of those banners about coordinating with a pre-1700 project. Here's my advice. --  In general, feel free to update pre-1700 profiles that need proper sourcing and more information. Ask yourself: Does what I'm adding add value to the profile? Always, always source your updates/changes/facts/statements. Before you make major changes (changes in relationships, vital statistics) like parents make sure you attempt to contact the profile managers. It's always polite to contact managers if you're going to do a major overhaul.

You are coordinating so can ignore the banner.

<!-- /* Font Definitions */ @font-face {font-family:Cambria; panose-1:2 4 5 3 5 4 6 3 2 4; mso-font-charset:0; mso-generic-font-family:auto; mso-font-pitch:variable; mso-font-signature:3 0 0 0 1 0;} /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal {mso-style-parent:""; margin-top:0in; margin-right:0in; margin-bottom:10.0pt; margin-left:0in; mso-pagination:widow-orphan; font-size:12.0pt; font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-ascii-font-family:Cambria; mso-ascii-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-fareast-font-family:Cambria; mso-fareast-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-hansi-font-family:Cambria; mso-hansi-theme-font:minor-latin; mso-bidi-font-family:"Times New Roman"; mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-bidi;} span.m-6383415661613791276gmail-tl8wmem-6383415661613791276gmail-emohub {mso-style-name:"m_-6383415661613791276gmail-tl8wme m_-6383415661613791276gmail-emohub";} @page Section1 {size:8.5in 11.0in; margin:1.0in 1.25in 1.0in 1.25in; mso-header-margin:.5in; mso-footer-margin:.5in; mso-paper-source:0;} div.Section1 {page:Section1;} -->
+9 votes
I have a great interest in PGM, as my 9th Great Grandfathers are William Ruscoe and Edward Baker.  I want to create new, and add to existing PGM profiles.  I've been active in the Magna Carta Project, and have made 1525 contributions with 16 badges.  An example of a profile that I've created is that of my father, Warder-52 (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Warder-52).  I'm also active in Euroaristo, and have found my Gateway Ancestor, George Elkington (Elkington-8), and trails to King Henry II Plantagenet-1627, King Henry I Normandie-45, Guillaume (William the Conqueror) Normandie-32.  I've been a WikiTree member since March 2018.  Thank you for the opportunity to help!  Gordon Warder Jr "Bud" (Warder-49)
by Gordon Warder G2G6 (6.6k points)
PGM will love having you. Thank you.
Ann B: Help. I've got at least 100 profiles in my direct lines that meet the PGM requirements including full source citations. :)  Do I just choose one at random and use her? What have others done in this situation? Thanks for your time.
+11 votes

Please consider me for membership in the PGM Project.  I submit the following in support:


1. Successfully complete the Pre-1700 Quiz: completed

2. Review the Project Guidelines: completed

3. Add PGM to your list of followed tags on G2G: completed

4. A link to a profile that I editedhttps://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Perkins-526

5. Acknowledge ancestors who immigrated: here are four - Perkins-526, Bachiler-22, Locke-147, French-20, and their stickers are on the profile.

6. Be Informed & Learn:  I read the Project page.  Although I am new to WikiTree, I am learning quickly. As a long-term member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society, I am familiar with Robert Charles Anderson and his “Great Migration Study Project.” I subscribe to American Ancestors, Ancestry.com, Fold3, and other databases.  I am a member of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution and Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. 

7. Contribute: I am eager to assist with updating profiles to in support PGM Project Goals including “the most recent qualified research” with particular attention to “good source citations.”


Thank you,


Clyde Perkins



by Clyde Perkins G2G6 (6.2k points)
Welcome to Puritan Great Migration Project. Remember not to neglect the profiles on your watchlist.
Thank you.  : )
+6 votes
Hello Ann,
I just received the folllowing post from Leigh Anne Dear by mistake.  Bud
Ann B: Help. I've got at least 100 profiles in my direct lines that meet the PGM requirements including full source citations. :)  Do I just choose one at random and use her? What have others done in this situation? Thanks for your time.
by Gordon Warder G2G6 (6.6k points)
Thank you Gordon, I'll contact her.

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