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There were two Jeanne de Bourgogne who were Queens of France at around the same time.  Jeanne de Bourgogne, Comtesse de Bourgogne who was the wife of Philippe V 'le Long' Capet, Roi de France (who doesn't seem to have a profile anywhere that I can find), the second son of Philippe IV, and Jeanne de Bourgogne, of the totally different family of the Ducs de Bourgogne, who was the wife of Philippe VI Valois.

[[Bourgogne-90|Jeanne de Bourgogne]] is an amalgamation of both of these women and I'm just wanting some advice about which one I should make the focus of the existing profile.  The parents and I think most of the siblings are correct for the wife of Philippe VI Valois, so I'm thinking I should keep the existing profile for that Jeanne de Bourgogne and create a new profile for Philippe V and his wife Jeanne, Comtesse de Bourgogne.  Then the children that need to be can be re-assigned.  The biography is all about Jeanne Comtesse de Bourgogne, but I think it is just a copy of the French version of Wikipedia so shouldn't be a problem.

Is that the best way to go about solving this issue?
WikiTree profile: Jeanne de Bourgogne
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It seems I am the culprit. Apologies. Tell me if I can help.
by J Pictet G2G6 Mach 3 (30.2k points)
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Maybe point John to the parts of the change logs where the old text can be found. That's how I knew it was you. wink


Not sure to understand what you propose.

All I can tell:

  • It is unlikely I merged the two profiles if they had not at least one parent in common, or if one had no parent.
  • I did not touch the biography.
What I mean is that change logs can be used to copy paste some of the information that was changed in the merge, and John may not have as much experience with merging and logs as we have ourselves, so that we can help by pointing him to those logs.

Here's one for Jeanne:

And for Philippe:

Personally I do not care who did this, and I know that some changes in logs may seem to be attributed to the wrong person too. That happened to me 2 months ago, and I don't like to repeat the things on G2G that happened then.

Fact is that both were multi-person merges, where like you, I saw enough similarities to do the merge. And now, I'm only here to help.
Thanks Jacques and Enno for your assistance.  As Enno says, I don't have much experience with merging or logs and am happy to get any advice.  I'm sure the merge was easy to do, particularly as both Philippes and both Jeannes were born about the same time, and I don't think the original profile for Jeanne, Comtesse de Bourgogne probably had any parents listed.  Her sister Blanche who married Philippe V's brother Charles IV, I notice doesn't currently have any parents on her profile.

John, Jeanne's original parents can be found at the bottom of the change log that I mentioned above:

- Otto IV de Bourgogne (Bourgogne-93) + Robert II de Bourgogne (Bourgogne-178)
- Mahaut Mathilde Flandre (Flanders-343) + Agn├Ęs Bourgogne (Capet-45)

Left column is old, right column is new data, and left column is similar to what I have in Gramps, except that I have Dutch names in there.

For Philippe, the changes are in an older log entry than the one mentioned above:

- Charles Capet (Valois-120) + Charles de Valois (Valois-36)
  () + Marguerite Anjou (Napoli-17)

I didn't check these against my own database yet.


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Most important is what you feel comfortable with, and since the parents and spouse are right, I would also keep those (and the siblings), and re-assign the children.

My own database suggests that the other Jeanne is 2nd cousin 1 time removed, and when I follow the path to her on WikiTree, I end up at her mother's profile here:

According to that same database, the Philippe's are 1st cousins, and Philippe V should be connected as a son, to Pilippe IV:

Change logs suggest that the other Jeanne and Philippe V did exist 10 months ago, but were merged into the Jeanne and Philppe VI that we still have.

P.S. When you start work on these, I suggest that you use the profile's bulletin boards to communicate with fellow managers.
by anonymous G2G6 Mach 2 (20.2k points)

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