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In the profile for Albert V. Miles, I include his obituary.  It has the date and location of his birth along with his parent's names.  How do I put a footnote or reference after his birth so it shows that the information is from his obituary?  Hope I explained that okay. :-)  Thanks!
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Thanks for all the suggestions on how to add a reference.  I appreciate all the help.

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Hi Lori, 

First of all HERE at the Helpindex of WT you can find how to add references in a bio. 

if you add to the biography at the end of the obituary<ref>[thelinktotheobituary space obituary-Nameofsource] all other info you think is important</ref> In this case the obituary is original from a newspaper and the image of that is added to Find A Grave memorial 23283207 it was added there by M.King and copied to Ancestry by an Ancestry member. 

Now a reference for this obituary can look like this: <ref>[ Obituary-FindAGrave] Charlevoix Courier, August 28, 1929 added by M.King 2014</ref>

I hope that was helpful! 

Kind regards from The Netherlands, 


by Astrid Spaargaren G2G6 Pilot (245k points)
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Thank you Lori.

I saw you already made a link to the Find A Grave image under sources.

Do you know how to make repeating references? It is bedtime here now but please if I can help you at that, feel very free to contact me.


Night for now,


Sorry for responding to this late.  I'm just seeing it now.  I do know how to make a repeating reference - <ref name="grave" />
No worries at anything Lori.

I  just liked to make sure you were able to and you are! :D

I have pretty busy weeks at real but as soon as I have time I will see if I can find more info on your great aunt!
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In the biography after the birth information add the following in the same line of text:

<ref>the reference for the source</ref>

Obviously the text between the two bracketed tags has to be altered for the profile you are working on.

After the biography should be the following:

== Sources ==

<references />

This is included in the standard biography when you add a new profile.


I hope that this helps.

by Stephen Thirkettle G2G2 (2.6k points)

OK, I should have looked at the profile before I answered.

You use <ref> tags already.

Just tag the birth info with a copy of the tag for the obituary.

The same source will be used twice but everyone can see that both pieces of info come from the same source.

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Hi Lori, You can copy and paste the details and then use the opening <ref> and the closing tag </ref>. This will add the URL of the source or source citation under sources automatically. I see a lot of your sources are from Ancestry and a good many WikiTree members do not have an Ancestry account and can not access the actual records in the Ancestry sources.
by David Selman G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)

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