What is happening to wikitree fun?

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So i made a mistake on a profile...I have many prfiles and probably more mistakes...It doesnt mean I have it totally wrong and It doesnt mean I cant go back and fix it when i have time to do so. When a wikitreer goes and fixes the profile then posts a nasty little note on my page that I need to do more to do all the fiddly coding etc then its upsetting...I learn at my pace and at my liking. It sometimes seems that wikitree standards are making it a chore not a hobby...  and my unsourced profiles are slowly getting their data added as I get time. I have added very few profiles for this reason although I have at least a cabinet drawerfull more ancestry. Idk tho... seems like wikitree is getting site in shape for sale...
in Policy and Style by Gloria Lange G2G6 Mach 1 (11.3k points)

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Well, we're kinda family, you know? 

Don't every family have all kinds of personality types among their relatives? Or in their married extended family? 

At least that is how I try to think of it, we have those who are really, really lovely and who are easy to connect with and then we have those who seems odd but is a gem when we get to know them better. We have those we love but not always agree with and that's fine too. Then we have those that we rather forget we know, like uncle XX's wife's sister ZZ who is a real "!%/€. 

Since we are contributing to build one big tree we're all family. But even family has to abide to some rules, on WikiTre that is the Honour Code. So, as Rubén says above, if anyone done something really, really stupid you should let mom and dad WikiTree leaders and team know about it.

Although, I can't see the message on your profile so I don't take any sides here, just like a wise older sibling. It may simple been someone unintentionally expressing themself in an odd way, not all have English as a native tongue (yes, I'm partly speaking of myself).

by Maggie Andersson G2G6 Pilot (138k points)
selected by Marj Adams
I'm new but I really, really, really, REALLY! want to make this THE. BEST. ANSWER. EVER!!

So, who is the designated dirty Uncle in this scenario?


Being hung out to dry would REALLY be against the honor code.
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Hello Gloria.

There are 181 Thank-yous (up to this point) saying how valuable is your work in WikiTree.

We all know point III of our Honor Code:

"We know mistakes are inevitable. We don't want to be afraid to make them. We assume that mistakes are unintentional when others make them and ask for the same understanding."

If there is a member ovelooking this, please see here:


By the way, you have over 6,000 G2G points. The G2G6 badge is awarded manually. To have your badge please see here:


Many thanks for being part of our community and congrtulations !

by Rubén Hernández G2G6 Pilot (739k points)
Thank you it helped rereading that. Yes yours may be the most correct and helpful but Kings was the best...made me laugh.
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If by fiddly coding you mean all that fancy in line bullet purty purty, I DO NOT do that either. Send your critic my way. I will Kong her.
by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (620k points)
Yes exactly. Plus all the reference and souce links wanted now. If someone wants to do that and has time good. If someone wants to foloww the source i put on and then make a link good...but to tell me I NEED  to do all that is not making me want to add sources at all...i have way too many. But i am no longer as angry after your comment. Thank you I laughed alot.
It is the quality of the source that counts , not how purty it looks. And changing info via find a grave ! Ohmygosh, geez Louise !! Touch one of my peeps with crappy crappy, I will pull the doors off your car ! ! WITH MY BARE HANDS.

Anyhow, you need help cracking some walls, holler. I am the X-Treme Kong of research ;-}
That was only part of the error i made. I had added james jasper adams sr as father to james jasper jr. Not realizing i had james jasper no suffix as father to my line so jr was actually brother to my ancester and james sr was father to both.yes that could have been a serious error, but i did make a note to go back there as soon as i finished up with a cousin who was collaberating with me on Lacey/abbott... I had to step back because there is an adams marriage to Abbott and i didnt want to foul it up too lol so altogether just a need for some understanding from someone who was telling me that i need more study...well of course I do i never stop lol... thanks again for your input.

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