Can anyone check this source?

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Rene Jette-Dictionnaire Genealogique des Families du Quebec des Origines A 1730 pg 479-754 Repository, AFGS, Woon, RI.

Rene Jette-Dictionaire Genealogique des Families du Quebec des Origines A 1730 pg 685/1068 Repository, AFGS won RI.

The profile is [[Maillot-153|René Maillot II]]. It says he was born in 1605 in France; married 1671 in Quebec; died 1636 Quebec.

I'm guessing DOB has last digits transposed, and guessing DOD has century typo, but that's a lot of guessing. Source listed but not cited. In the course of attempting to fix DB error 406 fixed a few other minor problems, but not happy leaving the main ones unaddressed or guessed at when the answer may be right there.

WikiTree profile: René Maillot
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I can't help you directly, but:

René Jetté, Dictionnaire généalogique des familles du Québec: des origines à 1730, Montréal, Québec, Canada: Presses de l'Université de Montréal, 1983.

It's a volume in a series of reference works published by the University of Montreal: Programme de recherche en démographie historique, Gaetan Morin Editeur Limitee

Google says there's no ebook available.  Someone may have easy access to a copy at a library (see

I have Jetté at home plus a supplement with errata. Will check tonight.
We all need to chip in and pay for one of us to enroll in underwater basket weaving at the local Junior College so that we can get access to the Worldcat records LOL.

If you have any university/college students in your family, check if they have a Worldcat login and ask them to pull a copy for you.  When I was working on my Masters degree, all of these books and articles were an easy pull.
born 1605           married 1636                 died 1671                   ?????????
Lol, yes, Linda, that's one logical guess. But I came up with several other (seemingly) logical guesses, so I didn't want to take that chance, especially if someone could find it in the listed source. Apparently birth (1605) and death (1636) were correct-- it was the marriage that was wrong. The man born in 1605 had a son with the same name who married in 1671. Thanks to Helmut for looking that up for me!

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From Jetté, 1983, p. 754:

MAILLOT dit Laviolette, René (René & Jeanne-Catherine BERGER OU PRIGÈLE) du bourg de Castellaroy (aujourd'hui: Castel-Arrouy), archev. Toulouse, Languedoc (Haute-Garonne); d après 1711, Deschaillons; 44 ans au rec. 81, à Grondines; confirmé 31-08-1665 Québec, 21 ans; arrivé été 1665, soldat de la compagnie de PORTE au régiment de CARIGNAN; habitant de Deschaillons en 1702.

m ct 28-10-1671 Becquet (Sillery)

CHAPACOU, Marie (Simon & Marie PACAUD) d après 1711, Deschaillons.

12 children listed.

answered by Helmut Jungschaffer G2G6 Pilot (438k points)
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Probable family links - through his son:

*[ PRDH René Maillot - Marie Chapacou.]

*[ Nos origines - son fils / his son René.]

*[ Généalogie Québec - son fils / his son - René.]
Thanks, Gaston!
Thank you so much, Helmut! Exactly what I needed!
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actually there is a merge pending on that profile, other profile has sources.  dates were deleted from him before, since they differed from the sourced one.  Someone has added them back in, that profile is a mess, dates for his son, who would then have been marrying his mother.  sigh
answered by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (160k points)
I know. Trying to fix a data base error 406-- marriage before birth-- I probably made things worse. There are 3 or 4 generations of men with the same name, and beaucoup duplicate profiles. At least I'm trying to sort it out. (I may just restore what was there and leave it for someone more qualified.)
lol, giving the name of the father to the first son and of the mother to the first daughter was common practice.  And please don't put numbers or things like junior, not a French usage.
yes, just offering an explanation for some of the confused profiles I stumbled into while helping with the data doctors' project. I did remove "1st" and changed "2nd" to "II" and "3rd" to "III," but I'll remove them and add a note.

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