Massachusetts 600 C-a-T Chat

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This is where we can get together to keep each other up-to-date about our C-a-T activities. Even do some cheerleading, and a little bragging. Everybody ready?
asked in The Tree House by Bob Keniston G2G6 Pilot (170k points)
Ready as I'll ever be!
Happy to see you, Natalie.
So, we've started the countdown?  I'll limber up my fingers and polish up my WiFi.
Why can’t we get out of13th place? We’re working our butts off.
We’re moving up. Now we’re 11th.
I'm working slowly because most of the low-hanging fruit type errors others have got to before me, so I am working on more complex errors that require research. Still, I am plugging away at it, albeit slowly.

Every correction helps the Team, and WT.
Bob, error 603 listings ended after Dedham.  Surely there are 603s in towns which fall alphabetically after Dedham???

I'm scrounging for another area to work.
I ran into the same situation. Don’t know why.
Just looked at the numbers for the C-a-T. All told over 152K corrections, but there are still lots left. We finished in 12th place. Way to go, Team. Let’s all start prepping for the Source-a-Thon. No rest for the weary.

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I am excited to meet you all online and get the job done
answered by Judith Blodgett G2G1 (1.1k points)
Glad you're with us, Judith.
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I'm not specifically doing my work as part of the Clean-a-Thon, but my activities fit the theme of cleaning up profiles and I work almost exclusively on Massachusetts profiles now.
answered by Kyle Dane G2G6 Mach 9 (96.3k points)

We were born on opposite sides of the country, but we're 9th cousins once removed. Ah, the wonders of WT cousins. You sure you don't want to join the Team. There's still time.

I would have to warn the team that I'm not a high volume contributor.  I do my little bits and pieces of genealogy when I can fit them in to my already pretty busy life.
Every little bit helps.
Kyle, you'd actually be working with two 9th cousins once removed - and I actually grew up in Pasadena.  How can you resist such family feeling?
Small world, Susan, my parents both grew up near Pasadena, in Sierra Madre and San Gabriel and I was born in Arcadia.  My Dad went to PCC.

I've lived most of my life in Sonoma County, though.
Even smaller, Kyle: I went to PCC, too.
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It must be spring, but we're still wearing coats and gloves to walk a dog in the morning!  I'm glad to help, especially as so many of my New Hampshire Puritan ancestors immigrated from England to Massachusetts first.  

Regards, Janine
answered by Janine Barber G2G6 Pilot (133k points)
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Hello, all.

It's late here on the West Coast, so I suppose you East Coast types are all asleep.  But, in case there are night owls among you: I've run into a weirdness and could use some advice.

This profile for Alberta May has the LNAB as "Unknown Abernaki birth name"  Shouldn't it be simply "Unknown"???  There's quite a nice explanation of the situation in the biography - no sources, but a nice explanation.

answered by Susan Anderson G2G6 Mach 1 (16.5k points)
I seem to be working alone, here, but someone is definitely busy helping to clean out the 600 series in Massachusetts!  I completed 601. Someone else has apparently completed 607.

We need to have some coordination here, or we'll be stepping on each other!

I'm going to sleep (I can't even spell Massachusetts anymore!)
You're leading the team. Way to go, Susan.
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I'm awake and making corrections : )
answered by Jayme Arrington G2G6 Mach 6 (62.8k points)
I'm in error 603 1700-1799, but that's a huge category. I skipped five pages in to avoid anyone else and I'm going from there.
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Working on 631 and also hopping around in other NE states.
answered by Natalie Trott G2G6 Pilot (404k points)
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I'm back at it, and hopefully able to recognize a misspelling of Massachusetts.

Any word on if/when they're going to refresh the error (excuse me, suggestion) list?  I keep running into the already corrected.  I've found a place to start in 603 for the 1500-1699 period.
answered by Susan Anderson G2G6 Mach 1 (16.5k points)
It doesn't get refreshed during the CAT, Susan.
Ah, it caused too much trouble last year?  Drat.  Sometimes I have to sample pages of the list to find where the unfixed begin again.
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1) Have my changes been recorded?  (I've been sourcing some unsourced Massachusetts profiles)

2) Please send the link displaying the records we're supposed to work on.  It's been a long week, and it's probably right out front where I could find it, but -- I need a little help today.  Sigh.

Grins, Janine
answered by Janine Barber G2G6 Pilot (133k points)

There is a link on the Team space page - . it’s under Error Report.

Thank you!
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I'm not sure how the tracking here works, but I am working in error code 811, which has been fertile ground for me the last few months.
answered by Kyle Dane G2G6 Mach 9 (96.3k points)
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Congrats All. Don't forget to add your badge to your profiles.

{{Clean-a-Thon|team=Massachussetts 600|year=2018}}

answered by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (179k points)

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