Ready for the 2018 DNA Day Sales?

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I don't know about the other testing companies yet, but AncestryDNA's DNA Day sale will begin midnight tonight (EST) and continue for nine days. Kits will be $59 USD in the U.S. (plus shipping). Watch for the new advertisements to appear today or tomorrow.

I fully expect other companies are prepared to compete and reduce costs for their products, as well. As you find out about the DNA Day sales, why not post them here for all of us?

And remember, WikiTree has an affiliate agreement with most testing companies. You pay absolutely nothing more for your test, but WikiTree gets a tiny amount of the sale to help fund operations. Start on this DNA Project Help page to see if you can help WikiTree by ordering a new test via one of the affiliate links.

(Edited: AncestryDNA made it official and its sale runs through April 29; nine days, not 10.)

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Looks like MyHeritage announced their DNA Day sale yesterday or Tuesday and I missed it. Autosomal testing only, of course, and the price of $69 plus shipping is shown as running through April 25. With Ancestry's sale continuing a day later, I wouldn't be surprised to see extensions. But if you want a new test kit, don't wait. Get 'em while they're hot.

FTDNA didn't let their DNA Day sale prices leak early, but here they are:

  • Family Finder (autosomal, male or female) $49 USD; Save $30 (was $79)
  • mtFull Sequence (mtDNA, male or female) $149 USD; Save $50 (was $199)
  • Y-37 (yDNA STR, male only) $139 USD; Save $30 (was $169)
  • Y-67 (yDNA STR, male only) $209 USD; Save $59 (was $268)
  • Y-111 (yDNA STR, male only) $289 USD; Save $70 (was $359)
  • Big Y-500 (yDNA SNP full sequence plus 111 STR markers, male only) $649 USD; Save $150 (was $799)

Sale prices end 28 April.

Edited to add bundled test prices also on sale:

  • Family Finder + Y-37 (Male-Specific Test Bundle) $179 USD; Save $69 (was $248)
  • Family Finder + Y-67 (Male-Specific Test Bundle) $249 USD; Save $98 (was $347)
  • Family Finder + mtFull Sequence (Male or Female Test Bundle) $189 USD; Save $89 (was $278)
  • Family Finder + Y-67 + mtFull Sequence (Male-Specific Test Bundle) $398 USD; Save $148 (was $546)

Well, 23andMe jumped into the fray yesterday while I was busy and not watching. But not for long: their 30% discount runs only through DNA Day, April 25:

  • "Ancestry Service" Test, $69 (regularly $99)
  • "Health + Ancestry" Test, $139 (regularly $139)

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LivingDNA has a discount, priced at $79.99 + delivery.  Usual price is $159.  The affiliate link < > appears to work.

by Jo McCaleb G2G6 Mach 2 (30.0k points)
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April 25th will be National DNA Day, so most of the companies will probably have a sale like they did last year. Weigh your options! Choose well!
by Debbie Parsons G2G6 Pilot (139k points)
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Just got this in an email... This actually matches their Christmas/Holiday pricing.

Lowest Price of the Year!
AncestryDNA $59 USD for National DNA Day 2018

Sale good through Sunday, April 29th - DON'T DELAY!

Save 40% at AncestryDNA: Get AncestryDNA for just $59 USD*! "For National DNA Day (April 25th), celebrate how the discoveries through Ancestry can unlock more meaningful travel experiences. AncestryDNA can estimate your origins more than 350 regions around the world. From discovering your ethnicity to connecting with distant relatives, Ancestry is the best way to uncover the people, places, and stories in your unique heritage. With Ancestry, your next travel adventure can be more than a destination. It can be a more authentic experience that connects you to the places your ancestors called home." Regularly $99 USD, you pay just $59 USD! Click HERE to shop - via AncestryDNA

*Note: Promotional pricing ends at 9:00 pm PDT on Sunday, April 29th. Price does not include shipping. They also have their memberships on sale too.

Just be sure to use the WikiTree links here for Ancestry or any of the other major companies:

To order a test, or just check for sales, please follow these links:

by Ken Parman G2G6 Mach 4 (47.3k points)
I bcc'd all the folks at work whose family trees I started for them.
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Ok, so I have very little knowledge re DNA testing etc. In doing some quick skimming, it looks like tracing my Y-DNA is one test, and my MT-DNA is a different  test which together is $300 worth of testing? I would like to know both my maternal and paternal lines, as there is some contention, especially on my paternal direct line.
by Katrina Whitaker G2G6 Mach 3 (35.3k points)

If you have never done any other DNA testing, you probably want to begin with an autosomal, or "family" DNA test.  That will help you with both lines, within about 5 generations. It is also usually the cheapest test.  

The way it helps is that you'll get a list of people who match your DNA.  Generally, the more DNA you share (measured in cMs), the closer your relationship is with the other person (with exceptions).  Sometimes, all you will learn (besides how closely their DNA matches yours, is the other person's name or pseudonym and their email address, unless they have published a family tree that you can compare with what they know.

Y-DNA tests are for males only.  A male carries Y DNA that is passed very specifically from father to son (usually would follow the surname, if the son is born in wedlock).  You won't learn about the male's mother, or about his father's mother, or get any information concerning any females in the lineage from the DNA itself.

MT-DNA is similar, but for females, and follows you, your mother, to your mother's mother, and so forth.

I think there is a lot more science that I haven't learned about either Y or MT DNA, but I do have the impression that those tests are often better for going back much farther in time, and that finding genealogical information is harder because it's harder to locate records for ancient people.

Hopefully, if I have said anything that's too far off, one of the DNA gurus will set me (and you) straight.

Beginning with an autosomal (Family Tree DNA, Ancestry, My Heritage, Living DNA, 23and me) test will provide you with the basic information you need to find comparisons and matches with other people who have been tested.  None of the tests will give you an assembled family tree.

It's impossible for females to complete a Y-DNA test--we don't have a Y-chromosome.  If we want information on that line, we ask our full brothers or birth fathers to test.  For a specialized test, females can test Mtdna.  That DNA is only inherited through mothers.  Not as many people test for it and matches are fewer.  

Until you have results from at least one autosomal test, the more specialized tests might be confusing.  They are expensive and provide less useful information for comparison.

Right now is a good time to get a start with a test.  Sale prices are fantastic.


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