can one create a sub-category that shows up on the main category page?

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I have recently gotten hold of a new book on the officers of the Marine Companies to New France, extremely well researched.  I have been adding the category (which I created a while back, now co-managed by military and Quebecois projects) to the profiles that have evidence to identify them as belonging to those troops.   

Is there a way to have the officers show on the same page as the troops that have the category, but still show them differently?  The category currently is [[Category: Marine Companies to New France]].  There's no sense in making a separate category for each company, since the number of soldiers identified as belonging to each is quite low.
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If there aren't too many, you can just make a list manually in the text area.
There are well over 800 of them listed in the book, they include captains, lieutenants, sergeants and cadets.  Their presence in New France covers 1683-1760 period, and that also includes the ones who went to Louisiana and other places.

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if you want to show by company officers/enlisted that is too much detail for the category, they can be added to the category, and the listings by company should be off loaded to a free space page.
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I was thinking more in the line of something like [[Category: Marine Companies to New France|officers]] and whether or not this could show on the same page as the straight category.  

The enlisted men are actually a case by case documentation item, I probably have more data now on officers than on them.  Most often the troops are mentioned as having been of such-and-such company on their marriage records only.  

The officers are not all immigrants either, they were that at first but at some point the troops were sent from France and a local was their officer on arrival.  Nobility mostly.

Will probably transfer the listing by company to free space page eventually, not quite ready to do that yet.

[[Category: Marine Companies to New France|officers]] is the category Marine Companies to New France  and the |officers means that on a parent category it will be shown as officers, but they are still put into the same category

​We do not want to make one category for enlisted and another for officers


Have to try it and see what the outcome is then.
I guess there could be a category for high ranking military personel of that era? So the officers would be in both categories? Not sure how to work out a category structure for that though.

Some of the officers would have come back to France, while most of the troops eventually settled in New France, I guess?
ok, just did one with the |officiers part added, the fact doesn't seem to show up anywhere, he gets listed with the rest of the troops, and category on his profile doesn't show the difference either.
Isabelle, the period covered is from 1683 to 1760, and some of those born here actually died in France.  Quite the back-and-forth in the late part of their evolution.
we only want to create a category for the Generals as the military leaders of the War, not the cols, majors, etc.
as I said, |xxx in a category is a display issue with the category in the parent category, has nothing to do with the members of the category.
oh well, guess it's not set up to do what I want then.
there were no generals in this, it's not a contingent of troops sent to a war, it's continuous and repeated sending of troops to defend and expand the territory.

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