Changes in the 1776 sticker yuck!

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The images used in the NEW 1776 sticker are used for the French and Indian war and should NOT be used for the American Revolutionary War. (flashing the images of the British flag, a wampum belt, and a crest of some kind).  There are thousands of images available for the war of 1776 that would be more appropriate and better looking.

I understand the need to have consistency across the Military tags and have the stickers look the same but I think you should make an exception for the 1776 sticker. It was so much more than just soldiers who enlisted on certain date and when their serviced ended.

You had soldiers enlist for a couple of days a year with different companies and even in different states. You had people who swore an oath, people who did civilian jobs, etc…

Also the 1776 war was unlike any other war Americans fought in, and was not just the Honor of the serviceman who fought, but the founding of this country and anyone who participated or helped could have been hanged as a traitor.

Everyone who has ancestor who was part of that fight, in whatever capacity, is very proud to have them recognized as more than the regular military tags.
asked in The Tree House by Rose Edwards G2G6 Mach 1 (13k points)

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The image is being corrected...

As to the rest of the comments, this new sticker can be placed on people that were not in the military, i.e. the civilians who were civil servants, patriotic service of supplying goods, signed the oath, etc...  and this is explained on the sticker page.
answered by Keith McDonald G2G6 Mach 8 (88k points)
selected by Lynden Rodriguez
Thank You Keith ..
Keith, how do you add the service dates to the sticker?


use dates the person was in service, from 1st unit to last unit, not the start/end of the conflict

if researched and not found, use |startdate=unknown and/or enddate=unknown to indicate that, and this will let the sticker pass the edit check on these fields and not place it in the maintenance category.

I'm glad you changed the images, thanks Keith

I guess what I really don't like about the new stickers is that it shows blank information missing, rather than not being there at all and it also doesn’t allow for other info. You can’t charge the code. {{1776|category=4th Virginia Regiment (1776), Continental Army, American Revolution}}

The sticker reads:

Richard Edwards served in the 4th Virginia Regiment (1776) during the American Revolution

Service started: BLANK

Unit(s): BLANK  

Service ended: BLANK

But, he did serve other regiments, he was in the 8th & the 12th. But let’s say he also was a Civilian Patriot. I would prefer the missing information not be shown at all and the sticker just have “Richard Edwards served in the 4th Virginia Regiment (1776) during the American Revolution” without the Service started, Unit(s), Service ended if there is no information to put there.

See: Edwards-13388

Is there another code to use that shows the sticker but allows changes? And can I just delete the tag: 1776 Project Needs Template Update?

as we noted on recent G2G about the change

The old {{1776}} was a project box and had a single parameter |category=

The new {{1776}} is a sticker and has mostly the same parameters as the other military and war stickers

The sticker code right now attempts to handle to old, single |category= parameter and all the new ones.  Once Ales runs a routine to change all of the old |category= to the ne |unit= format, the code handling the old style will be removed.

as to specifics, {{1776|category=4th Virginia Regiment (1776), Continental Army, American Revolution}}  should be changed to

{{1776|branch=Virginia Line|units=4th Virginia Regiment (1776)|unit=4th Virginia Regiment (1776), Continental Army}}

 if he also served in the 8th & the 12th   then it would be {{1776|branch=Virginia Line|units=4th Virginia Regiment (1776); 8th Virginia Regiment (XXX)|12th Virginia Regiment (XXXX)|unit=4th Virginia Regiment (1776), Continental Army}}  replacing XXXX with the year of the regiment he served in.  since |unit= is only for a single category, to add to the categories for the 8th and 12th, you have to use [[Category:xxx]] for each of them. headers for missing data are shown so that people can see the information needs to be researched/found

as described on the 1776 Project Needs Template Update​ category page, profiles are added here if template information is missing, and it explains how to bypass the edit check for each field if data research has not found the information, i.e. unknown

the purpose is not to categorize every detail of a persons life, but if you feel it necessary to add a profile with military service, and the civil/patriotic service you can do so using a second {{1776}} sticker noting the non-military service.

Also, a sticker highlights information that is in the biography, not duplicates every word.... so if you want to further describe military/civilian service, do so in the biography section.

Thank you, Keith.  Your explanation was clear enough I actually got it to work.
Keith, I spoke too soon ... natch....

I have someone who served in the 24th Massachusetts Bay Provincial Regiment in 1775.  Would the branch be the Massachusetts Line?  Isn't 1775 before they started forming the Line Regiments? It was part of the Continental Army, so it doesn't seem to fit with the militia regiments.  (Sorry for the confusion, but I have a really hard time finding my way around the military category pages.)
Well I am a doofus!  One of my ancestors was not on the maintenance page and I tried to change to the sticker and now he is!  Hopefully if I change the unit, it will be fine.  Then I have to hunt down the 100 other ancestors...

we have the 24th Massachusetts listed under the Category: Massachusetts Line, American Revolution

|branch= is free text for display on the sticker. Massachusetts Line makes sense, but if you wanted you could change that to Massachusetts or Continental Army or anything else that makes sense....

I can't find the category for the 16th Regiment, Connecticut Militia.  They were involved in the Battle with Tryon in July 1779.
I'm getting a red listing for the unit among the categories which appear at the top of the page:

I suspect I'm fouling up the branch or unit name.

It's the 1st Connecticut Regiment, which is its title in 1775 in the volumes of rolls and lists I'm working with.  It was under the command of Gen. David Wooster.  It wasn't a Line Regiment - I'm looking at the expedition up to Ft. Ticonderoga in May of 1775 and this particular soldier ended up on the sick rolls, then discharged "in the Northern District" in August of 1775.  I think this was even before the Continental Army formed. (Wasn't this when they went up to grab the cannon, right after Lexington & Concord in April?)  The only 1st Connecticut Regiment I can see among the categories is from 1781, which obviously doesn't pertain.

Lucy, I think we're looking at essentially the same problem:  The units we're dealing with don't seem to have categories already set up - or they're set up as something we can't find.

I found (yours?)
16th Regiment, Connecticut Militia, American Revolution

Edit: Keith, I found (mine?)

1st Connecticut Provincial Regiment (1775)

It's showing up as belonging to David Wooster, so I'm going to go ahead and use this.  Please let me know, if I've guessed wrong.  Thanks.

yup.. Category: 16th Regiment, Connecticut Militia, American Revolution

​tree structure to find things
American Revolution
<country>, American Revolution
<state>, American Revolution
<state> Line or <state> Militia, American Revolution
then for the non-military
Civil Service, American Revolution   (no state sub categories)
Patriotic Service, American Revolution
<state> Patriotic Service, American Revolution



looks good
Thanks, Keith!
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I'm just wondering why it's animated. Now my 1776 profiles are saying "1776 Project Needs Template Update"
As seen here:

Should I go ahead and remove that? Not to mention fix the other Patriots under my watch.
answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (193k points)

profiles are added to the Category:1776 Project Needs Template Update  when they are missing parameter entries.  Look at the category page and it explains how to pass the edit checks and the maintenance category will drop off the profile. 


Right. I have to fill in the blanks on the template, huh? Gonna be a little tricky considering I don't have the exact info. If you want to help me out, here are the Revolutionary war profiles under my watch:

Some of these guys aren't in the DAR database. There is other evidence of their service. I need help filling in the blanks. Any help would be appreciated.
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Where do I find the old 1776 image?  Most units did not have flags or symbols.  Animated gifs are not good.
answered by G. Moore G2G6 Mach 3 (33.6k points)
They definitely weren't good on websites twenty years ago. =P

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