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Hello all, do you have an interest in people born in New France between the start of the colony of Canada (in St-Lawrence valley) and 1763 when France ceded its territory to England?  Then join our project.  To do so, answer this question so a leader can award you the badge, and follow the instructions on this page:

There are 2 sub-projects also, which may be of interest to you:

The ''Filles du roy'' (daughters of the king): https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Filles_du_Roi

The ''Filles à marier'' (marriageable girls): https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Filles_%C3%A0_marier
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Hi Rebecca, convert your comment to an answer on here, and our leader will get you your badge soon.  Please read over the various guidelines on the project page to get you started off right.  laugh

" If you do transfer your data here, be aware that there are enormous numbers of profiles already present in our shared tree for French Canadians from the New France era, and since we want a single profile for each person, you'll have to check before making duplicates, easy to do searches."

I'm not checking 5000 people.  Find me on Ancestry.

I'm no longer on Ancestry.   I only used the site for about 6 months.   Too many duplicates and errors.
My paternal ancestors arrived in Quebec in the 17th century  and migrated to Kansas, then to Washington and CA. Noel Lareau was born in Quebec in 1682.  We have some relatives that spell it Larreau.  I am interested in helping this project in any way possible.  Friday’s are my designated genealogy days.
hello Cheri, please convert your comment to an answer.  And welcome.
This is similar to my family’s surnames, Duplanty which turned into DePlanche!

I have been working on my Acadian genealogy recently making great breakthroughs and finding new resources and thought it was a good time to review the other side of my French family tree. My family was from St. Laurent area the family name is Salois (or Saloue, Salsis) - aka Sallaway here in the US. I went back to Quebec a few years ago and visited the family church. There are only about 100 Salois listed in Wikitree and it would be nice to have them included in the greater Quebec Project. I look forward to participating in another great Wikitree project and adding this family.

Regards Morgan

hi Morgan,

the project only covers up to 1763, ie when the English renamed the area Province of Québec, previously was Canada, Nouvelle-France.  The project name is somewhat misleading, but no concensus has ever been reached on a more appropriate name for it.

The Acadian project has time constraints also, there is a tag for the descendant of a person who is within the timeframe of the project but was born outside the project timeframe. Does this project have such a category tag to add the the post 1763 decendants?


no Morgan, we don't, for one thing there are a gazillion people it could apply to.  Acadians are much fewer to start with and a lot of them perished or got lost somewhere unknown with the deportation.

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I would like de join/participate in this project.  I am mostly interested in Tremblay ancestors in North America.  20 years ago I started a website...  Le Railliment WEB des Tremblay and was webmaster for several years until the web server closed down.

I work in english and...  je travail aussi en français

I am / je suis... St-Tremblay smiley

by St- Tremblay G2G Crew (320 points)

hello St-Tremblay, laugh,  welcome aboard!  Take time to get familiar with guidelines on the project page, and good luck keeping all the Tremblay straight.  You'll probalby find a number of them are already in WikiTree.

Our leader will get you your badge soon.

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Please remove my badge and project membership for now.
by Steve Goodrich G2G2 (2.6k points)
hi Steve, what's up?
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Yes, I have an interest in joining the Quebecois Project. My northern family are mostly Quebecois, Filles du Roy and from Perche.


     Cynthia Henderson Ernst
by Cynthia Ernst G2G Crew (610 points)
hi Cynthia, welcome aboard, our leader will get you your badge soon.  We're probably cousins to some degree if your roots go back that far here.
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My French-Canadian great-grandmother's family name was changed to Geranto when they moved to Wisconsin in the 1880s, but thanks to clues from dozens of DNA matches in Ancestry.Com and searching the amazing PRDH-IGD records I discovered she was baptized as de Ladurantaye and I have traced her roots all the way back to 1600s Quebec. If it weren't for the pandemic, I would have been visiting Quebec this summer. My Quebecois ancestors are by far the most interesting branch of my family tree and I would like to join this project. Thank you and stay safe!
by Cheryl Bay G2G Crew (580 points)

hello Cheryl, welcome aboard!  Our leader will get you your badge soon.

de La Durantaye, as it would have read originally, is based upon an old seigneurie.  Will be interesting to see if you wind up with its seigneur as ancestor. laugh

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sorry, im only interested in France. i keep getting updates on Acadians and Quebecois but to be honest im not interested in that at all. i have zero connections to Canada. how can i opt out of these tags?
by Laura Lopez Van Dam G2G6 (7.7k points)
hi Laura, on your own profile you have tags that you follow (Box headed ''Following''), edit those to remove the ones you aren't interested in.  Not sure how else you may be getting such.
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I would like to join the Québecois project.  I belive all my ancestors are french canadian and arrive on this side of the Atlantic before 1760.

by Maryse Pelland G2G Crew (360 points)
bonjour cousine

Welcome aboard.  Please get familiar with the guidelines on the project page.  Our leader will get you your badge soon.
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I'm interested in joining this project.
ago by Peter Geary G2G6 Mach 4 (41.1k points)
hi Peter, welcome aboard, our leader will get you your badge soon.
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I would like to be added as a member of the project.
ago by Judith Srom G2G3 (3.9k points)
hi Judith, didn't realize you weren't among us already.  Our leader will get you your badge soon.

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