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Hello all, do you have an interest in people born in New France between the start of the colony of Canada (in St-Lawrence valley) and 1763 when France ceded its territory to England?  Then join our project.  To do so, answer this question so a leader can award you the badge, and follow the instructions on this page:

There are 2 sub-projects also, which may be of interest to you:

The ''Filles du roy'' (daughters of the king): https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Filles_du_Roi

The ''Filles à marier'' (marriageable girls): https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Project:Filles_%C3%A0_marier
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hello Cheri, please convert your comment to an answer.  And welcome.
This is similar to my family’s surnames, Duplanty which turned into DePlanche!

I have been working on my Acadian genealogy recently making great breakthroughs and finding new resources and thought it was a good time to review the other side of my French family tree. My family was from St. Laurent area the family name is Salois (or Saloue, Salsis) - aka Sallaway here in the US. I went back to Quebec a few years ago and visited the family church. There are only about 100 Salois listed in Wikitree and it would be nice to have them included in the greater Quebec Project. I look forward to participating in another great Wikitree project and adding this family.

Regards Morgan

hi Morgan,

the project only covers up to 1763, ie when the English renamed the area Province of Québec, previously was Canada, Nouvelle-France.  The project name is somewhat misleading, but no concensus has ever been reached on a more appropriate name for it.

The Acadian project has time constraints also, there is a tag for the descendant of a person who is within the timeframe of the project but was born outside the project timeframe. Does this project have such a category tag to add the the post 1763 decendants?


no Morgan, we don't, for one thing there are a gazillion people it could apply to.  Acadians are much fewer to start with and a lot of them perished or got lost somewhere unknown with the deportation.
I am interested in joining this project - I have adding early Québécois family to my own family line, then extended family, and now I'd like to look at whole parishes, especially the earlier ones.
hello Jessie, could you please convert your comment to an answer?  That way things can get properly tracked.
I'm from Quebec and the great majority of my ancestors are as well.

What I'm wondering is if we could (should?) make the biographies and details in both languages on profiles of people from Quebec.

Has it ever been thought or discussed? Thanks!
hi Ken,

For the Filles du Roi and Filles à Marier, those sub-projects include getting the bios done in both languages.  For those with no descent, I've been doing them mainly in French, if someone has an interest in translating them afterwards they are welcome to do so.  But definitely French bios are appropriate for Francophones.

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Wow!  Amazing !!laugh

I am a French Canadian, I'm living in Quebec city, 

still new on this website trying to learn how all this work. 

3/4 of my family are from French colonisation 

Some of my nearest names are Belanger / Gauvin / Desmarais / Bordeleau / Voyer / Duschesne / Riberdy

Just for the curious ones wink 
The others 1/4 are from Prince Edward Island & Scotland cause my Great Grand father Joseph Arthur Gaudet (dit Matt McDonald) Married to Lucinda Bordeleau  
Then from there I looking for Gaudet / McDonald / Cameron / Arsenault

by Erika Belanger G2G1 (1.1k points)

We're probably related with some of those names, welcome to the project, make sure to look at the guidelines on the project page.  Our leader will get you your badge soon.  Bienvenue à bord.  laugh

yes Super laugh

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 I am working on the Coulombe family in our tree and want to learn more by joining and getting this badge.  My husband's family covers the US and Canada so I'm looking for more information.

Hopefully I can contribute something to the information found here.



by Rebecca Snider G2G6 Mach 1 (13.7k points)
Hi Rebecca, welcome aboard, our leader will get you your badge soon.
Thank you... my  journey continues.   :)
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Hi, I am Lisa.  Never having known anyone on my father's side, and  no one other than my mother on her side, and have been researching my parents' ancestry for years.  On my father's side are the Bourgoin, Gosselin, Michaud, and Simon.  My mother thought she was Polish, but it turns out her father side was from Canada, with the name Novelle/ Novell.  I was hoping to find out about a particular cause of early death on my mother's side, which after tracing 4 generations through her father, some living some not, it would seem so. All the Generations before that have half the ancestors dying in their 30's  and the other half living into their 80's or 90's.  As I was tracing back through records seemed... to just stop.  Then I found a picture of the family headstone with large lettering "Novell" right above "Longval."  I thought it must be some special inscription in French, so I  spent a couple years learning French so I could try to find its translation and to read old documents. Though I clearly still have some ways to go, I found marriage records for the same woman, listing her  husband with last name Longville. However, within a year the records shows her living with a man, at the same location, same first names and birth month, year, by the name Novell, as well as a new baby also bearing the name Novell.  All records list the woman's information exactly the same... but Longval is in huge letters right below Novell on their headstone.  There are only Novell's and their wives, none with maiden name Longville or Longval.  So I am wondering if they changed their surname from Longval / Longville to Novell.  I hope to find anything on this.
by Lisa Bourgoin G2G Crew (380 points)
hello Lisa, welcome to the project, our leader will get you your badge soon.

Interesting puzzle you pose there.  Now the question becomes, which part of Canada?  I found a baptism for a Louis Philippe Longval in Trois-Rivières in 1839, but no way to tell if it's the same man.  Have you found his marriage record and does it name his parents?
Phillip Longville married Catherine J Griffin 01 May 1865 in New Hampshire.

Louis P Novel and the same Catherine had their first child  little 9ver a year later.

His mother is listed as Angelic T Longville, his father just T or A Longville, both born in Canada, no further detail on that

Birthplace says Concord, which in other records happens to be the residence town of Louis Novell, who was eventually buried with his wife Catherine and some of his children,

1880 census has same Catherine husband listed as Louis Novel, born in Canada, at 40 years old, he would have been born about 1880.

Catherine's records are all in allignment her age, parents, children,  birthplace, so there is little doubt about this being the same woman.

So I was asked, why would he change his surname?  I dont know, but the civil war was going on around then,

another possibility is that one or the other of the names was a family ''dit'' name. 

Or else anagram sort of change to his name, Longval/Longville to Novell/Novel, vowel change can be due to how it is pronounced by English speaker as opposed to French speaker.  

Or could be another reason, like the priest officiating changed it unilaterally, had that happen in my own family tree, the whole family got their name changed around the same era.  And your man went with the flow.

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Thanks for the welcome to the Quebecois Project.
My interest is in the Ménard/Menard/Maynard names. Ironically, I noticed a comment above about spelling changes from French Canada to the US.. My ancestral name is a perfect example. Mé is pronounced MAY, so it is no surprise that the name Ménard when spoken by a French Canadian immigrant would've been written in English as Maynard. Assuming many of the working class people did not read and write in the 18th century, it is again not surprisng that this was seldom ever corrected. The accent aigu (é) is unfamiliar to the English language and was typically ignored when written. So the other change that happened was the Ménard also often became Menard in the years following immigration.
by Randolph Maynard G2G1 (1.7k points)
hello Randolph, welcome aboard.  Quite likely we are related, since I do have Ménard among my ancestry.  Our leader will get you your badge soon.
Thanks Danielle, they were prolific, and involved in a lot. Did your Ménard family emigrate to New England also?
not my ancestors no, realize there were actually several lines of Ménard in the colony, so their descent can be anywhere by now.
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I am the Great-Great Grand Daughter of Joseph Antoine Boucher (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Boucher-2371) baptized 19 Apr 1864 in Baie-du-Febvre, Yamaska. He, along with his parents and siblings, immigrated to the United States before 1870. Please add me to the project. Thank-you!
by Sarah Clayton G2G1 (1.1k points)
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My great-great grandfather Antoine Boucher was born in Trois-Rivieres 19 Apr 1864. His parents, Antoine Boucher and Esther Raymond immigrated with their children from Québec to the US before 1870. I have researched my Quebecois ancestry using mostly the PRDH and Drouin hi-res images via ancestry.com. Please add me to the project.

Also I would like pointers on style, especially concerning things like prenom and dit names. Thanks!
by Sarah Clayton G2G1 (1.1k points)
hi cousin, welcome aboard, our leader will get you your badge soon.
you can find guidelines on names on the project page also.
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Hi, I have traced my direct ancestry to Toussaint Giroux (Perche, France 1633). Would like to learn more.

Surnames in this branch of my tree include: Trottier, Mailloux, Vachon, Godare, Langlois, Rabaud/Rabeau, Grenier, Millet, Giroux dit Asselin, Quilleron

by Anonymous Berner G2G Crew (470 points)
Hi B., your ancestor Toussaint Giroux is here: https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Giroux-583

Welcome aboard, our leader will get you your badge soon.
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I've got a new branch to add the Jean Migneron line, starting by François Migneron (not listed) (1744) son of Pierre-Augustin Migneron (1695-1744).

And can also complete and correct the Louis Gagné line.


by Richard Migneron G2G Crew (380 points)
hello Richard, welcome aboard.  Our leader will get you your badge soon.

There is actually a page regarding the 4 Jean Migneron, it is here:  https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:The_four_Jean_Mignerons

If you can add to that research, by all means do so.
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I would like to join the Québecois group To help the project and also research my French lineage.

Thank you
by Andrew Simpier G2G6 Pilot (152k points)

hello Andrew, weren't you already part of the project?  Welcome aboard.  Our leader will get you your badge soon.  laugh

I have so much French ancestry and work on the French Names so much I should have joined a long time ago. Thank you
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I would like to join this project. I have many Quebec ancestors, and some experience working with related records. Thanks!
by Ryan Ross G2G6 Mach 2 (27.6k points)
hello Ryan, welcome aboard, our leader will get you your badge soon.
Thank you!
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I have a married couple with Quebecois roots. There is no paper trail but DNA seems to confirm the connection. However one side of that couple I haven't found the ancestors for yet.
by Glenn Kittredge G2G3 (3.8k points)
hi Glenn, welcome aboard.  Any names for this couple?  Might be able to help on the paper trail if they are old enough.
Strong-1665 I think he changed his name from George Fortier.Both the Cesus and naturalization records say only that he was born in Quebec. Dob comes from census.
The original name could also have been Forcier or Dufort, Strong being a translation (or close approximation of such).  There are quite a number of Georges with Fortier/Forcier born around the right time period.  Your best option for more info is to find the marriage record for them.  Phylis Bushey sounds a lot like it could have been Boucher to start with,
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Hi Greg, I'm getting to the home stretch of working through my GEDCOM file.  My Quebecois roots are pretty well detailed back to the late 1500s--as I work through the matches, most of the profiles are already in the system, and about 25% of the time, my profile has more information.  But....not necessarily sourced.  So my initial plan was just to connect the matches, not overwrite anything, and make notes to circle back and find sources for any additional information in my GEDCOM.  Does that sound good?  That is, of course, if you'll have me in the project!  Thanks, Bernard Ellis (Jolicoeur, Contremine dit Jolicoeur, Langelier, Roy, Houle, Matte, Miller are some of my lineages).
by Bernard Ellis G2G4 (4.5k points)
hello Bernard, welcome aboard, our leader Greg will get you your badge soon.
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I think I already am in, but if not, I appear to be related to half og Kamarouska!  Catherine de Baillon and 12 other filles du roi.
by Jeff Andle G2G6 Mach 1 (10.1k points)

hi Jeff, welcome aboard, if you're related to Catherine then we are cousins, not through her but through her husband's brother Pierre  laugh

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I would like to join this project. I have ancestors and also living relatives in Quebec. That mostly in the Rouyn/Noranda area. My late grandfather is from that area. I'm hoping to help out where I can and also to find more of my family roots via this project. I would love to be accepted and perhaps be of some help. Thanks.
by C Moore G2G6 (6.5k points)
hi C., welcome aboard, our leader will get you your badge soon.
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Hello: I have an interest in the project. I will try to be of help where I can also. Thanks.. :)
by C Moore G2G6 (6.5k points)
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I would like to be a member of this project.  Danielle Laird welcomed me to the Filles du Roi project the other day.  I have done extensive research into the Quebecois part of my family tree.

Robert Morin is my 7th Great Grandfather.  Unfortunately my surname line hits a brick wall with him.  I have linked my name line to him on WikiTree.

Regards, Jim Morin
by Jim Morin G2G Crew (820 points)

hi James, welcome aboard, our leader will get you your badge soon.  

ps, the name is Liard, not Laird, no Scottish blood in this lass wink

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Hi, I am interested in this project as I have maternal and paternal ancestors from 1700's Quebec.
by Katie Butterfield G2G1 (1.9k points)
hi Katie, welcome aboard, our leader will get you your badge soon.
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I am very interested in this project. I have been developing my tree using Heredis for several years. The work has been slower than I would have liked, but it's coming together. I try to update my Wikitree ancestors when I have the time, but it is a chellenge at times.

I trace back to Zacharie Cloutier and Xainte DuPont, Robert Drouin and Anne Cloutier/Cloustier, and others.
by Marshall Garland G2G Crew (490 points)
hi Marshall, welcome aboard.  Our leader will get you your badge soon.
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My 4th great-grandmother, Marie Marguerite Robidoux, was Quebecois, and her line seems to be fairly well documented on PRDH-IGD (she married a Canadian-born American, and subsequently migrated with the family to Illinois). Since, so far, there doesn't seem to be much of that line currently on Wikitree, I'd like to contribute however I can. :)
by Anonymous Morimoto G2G Crew (380 points)
hi anonymous, welcome aboard.  Our leader will get you your badge soon.
Hi Danielle. You might want to hold off on that, actually. After getting a bit turned around (hopefully with a minimum of damage, although I accept responsibility for any edits made erroneously), I'm beginning to suspect that this connection may be a false one exacerbated by GEDCOM/Ancestry. I'm looking into it now, but I mainly wanted to apologize for any chaos I may have caused.
no chaos, if you need help in research, feel free to ask.
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I have recently joined WIkiTree. Have 10+ years experience on ancestry / Geni / MyHeritage etc. 

I am looking to join the project for Quebecois.

I am bilingual and can assist others with the traditional Quebec sources like Tanguay and Drouin. Experienced at Archives departmentales in France. Also there are interesting Canadian archives with Amiraute de Guyenne which I have found very useful.

My principal interest is my own ascending line especially with the transition into France. My principal progenitor Nicolas Mongeon (https://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Mongeon-12) likely immigrated in about 1705 - 1710 as a crew member on a ship who just decided to stay. This presents interesting challenges as there is no immigration record we woudl normally expect to find form a passenger list.

by Marcel Mongeon G2G Crew (670 points)

Welcome aboard Marcel, 

My curiosity is piqued about that Amirauté de Guyenne reference.  More please?  laugh

Amiraute de Guyenne is a term for the French ancien regime (the Royal government) Admiralty operations based in Bordeaux. (There are others also available.)

The Canadian government through the Library and Archives function has a collaboration with many French archives and has been digitizing a lot including the Amiraute de Guyenne. Searches of what has been digitized can be found at: http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/lac-bac/search/arch

Every once in a while I do a surname search on these types of websites. Came up with a couple of records that mention the surname with Capitain's of vessels who are given a "licence" to go between France, the Caribbean and Nouvelle-France.

The digitization of summaries is excellent as it is done by properly trained archivists. Amiraute de Guyenne is only one of the treasure trove of material you might discover!

Bonne chance and Good luck!

merci bien, je connais le site mais ne savais pas qu'ils avaient ajouté celà.

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