Dutch orphan profiles born 1900-1915 with no death date [closed]

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I am unsure if orphans with no death date born from 1900-1917 or so will still be visible in 4 weeks. I am guessing so since they currently may be open or public. I was curious how many people born in the Netherlands fell into that group. I now have a list (pulled from wikitree+) of 140 of them that I thought folks might want to adopt and/or look for death dates. Send me a message if you want a link to the google sheet.

The counts by region are:

? 13
Drenthe 29
Friesland 14
Gelderland 5
Groningen 8
Limburg 4
Noord-Brabant 2
Noord-Holland 20
Overijssel 15
Utrecht 8
Zeeland 6
Zuid-Holland 16
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I would like to search if there are orphans with a birth date from 1917 until now, but could you five me the details of how to search them with WikiTree?
I used wikitree+ to search for Netherlands and 20cen and then looked for everything without death dates. I was hoping to get more recent ones, but the I only retrieved people before 1920 without death dates. Jan may have more ideas how to find them. I will send you a link to the spreadsheet (which also includes all the ones with profile managers without death dates as well)
Can't add much to your method, W. It's the way I do it, but then on the province level, e.g. "Noord-Holland Orphan 20cen".

Whatever method we use, there is no guarantee of 100% coverage with just one query. On the country level also "Nederland" and abbreviations like NLD and NL are used. With NL also in use as abbreviation of "Newfoundland and Labrador"...

Same goes for province abbreviations like NH, GE, etc. Also the biggest cities may have only their name recorded, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, etc.
Netherlands seems quite inclusive. I think it picks up Nederland, Holland, provinces without country, , NLD, and NL. It may still be missing the big cities without country. Aleš has done a great job collecting them together.

I actually pulled EVERYTHING 20cen Netherlands which includes those with profile managers and those with death dates. Those are on other tabs of the spreadsheet.

Anyone that is using the spreadsheet should feel free to edit it.

I knew Aleš uses an advanced way to determine Dutch locations:

If location ends with: 

  • Amsterdam
  • Drenthe
  • Dutch Republic
  • Flevoland
  • Friesland
  • Gelderland
  • Gouda
  • Groningen
  • Holland
  • Limburg
  • Nederland
  • Netherlands
  • NL
  • NLD
  • Noord-Brabant
  • Noord-Holland
  • Overijssel
  • The Netherlands
  • Utrecht
  • Zeeland
  • Zuid-Holland

I set it as Dutch.

but thought that was only in the context of generating suggestions. Apparently also in the "search" context. 

Thanks for clarifying, W!

Jamie Nelson developed a very handy App. That let's you check all the profiles in your WatchList where the profiles are marked as living. From the list you can easely change your profiles to Unlisted.



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Excellent idea W! 

Could be the result of research will be a bit disappointing though, as death certificates are public 50 years after death at the earliest. So that would only catch deaths up to and including 1967 at most.

Other, unofficial, research avenues would be:

I will have a go at the Noord-Holland ones first.
by Jan Terink G2G6 Pilot (257k points)
Mensenlinq.nl could be a source too.

I'l try the Gelderland ones
Yes, thanks Eef!
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I'll do the gelderland ones.Do you sent a link to  the google sheet?
by Eef van Hout G2G6 Pilot (132k points)

As I understand it you need to send W a private message, so she can mail you the link to the google sheet.

Alternatively you could do this WikiTree+ query yourself and process the rows not having a death date. That's what I do for the Noord-Holland ones.

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