Who was Sally Pace?

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I have been told that Sally Pace was married to John Flowers. Don't know any dates, but it is said that Sally was Native American (Choctaw) and that Pace was the shortened version of her Native American name. It would help me a great deal and solve a family mystery, if anyone can tell me about her.

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Eizabeth Ann Hicks
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I have been told that Sallie was Choctaw and my Flowers family came from Alabama. I do not know who John M Flowers' father was, but the father came from Virginia. Some of the Flowers went to Texas (Grayson County). I was sent a picture of Sally Pace by e-mail and was told that the picture has a name and # on the back of it. The name is Ida James and I do know she is on the Dawes Rolls, but I cannot access it. I don't know who she is, either.

John M Flowers was born in TN in 1854; same as my Flowers family. Probably Hamblen or Jeffeson Co.Hope this helps you to help me. Thank you very much for your interest.

Elizaeth Ann Hcks

Ironically, the John M. Flowers and Sally Pace marriage record was the first record I found when I entered their names on Family Search.  They were married in Hickman, Tennessee in 1884.  It appears they had two children: Walter C Flowers, b. 1887 in Tennessee, and James W Flowers, b. 1890 in Tennessee.  John appears to have died between 1910, when he's listed in the 1910 census with Sally (who is now going by "Sarah") and son James.  Son Walter is found in the same census living in the same town, married to a woman named Rice F Flowers.  They have a daughter, Elsie, born in 1910.  Their trail grows cold after that.  

Sally (again going by Sarah) is found in the 1930 census living with son James and his wife, Alma, and their son, James L.  James the father is a farmer, he and his parents and wife were all born in Tennessee.  James L was born in 1919 in Mississippi.  Sally/Sarah is listed as a nurse to a private family.  She's a widow. She disappears after that census.  Perhaps she remarried?

Ida James is interesting.  She was born on the 16th of February in 1899 to Sarah Beams James and her husband, Patterson James.  Both Sarah and Patterson are full blooded Choctaw Indians.  Sarah's parents are Billy and Hannah MNUK (maiden name unknown) Beams.  Patterson James was born to Pe-sa He-ka-be and Sally Ann James.  The Dawes Rolls are available and searchable online at the National Archives: http://www.ourarchives.wikispaces.net/Dawes+Rolls.  If you type "Dawes Rolls" into Google, many interesting links come up.  I actually subscribed to Fold3 for one month (only about 12 dollars) to get the information from the rolls for Ida and her family.  If you've never subscribed to Fold3, they have a free two week subscription option that lets you access everything for free for two weeks and then you get the option for a paid subscription.  You can download the images you find onto your computer, which is nice, and save them to Ancestry if you have a tree.  Sarah and Patterson had 4 children, three of whom are enrolled to the Choctaw nation.  All of Sarah and Patterson's parents and they and their children are from Wade County, Oklahoma.

Patterson James is gone from the lives of Sarah and her children by 1908 when she married Noel J Armstrong, another Choctaw Indian.  

I can't find Sarah or Sally Pace or Flowers in the Dawes Rolls.  I also can't find when or where she or John M. died.

I'm sorry I couldn't have been more of a help than this.

Thank you very much for all the information and also the link to the Dawes Rolls. I sincerely appreciate your help...now to connect John M to my relative Charlie Francis Flowers.

Thanks again...Elizbeth Ann Hics
You should know that John M Flowers was married twice:  1st in 1874 to Dora Doughtin/Daughtry.  They had two two daughters:  Laura Ann Flowers, who married an R. D. Green and died in 1921 in Tennessee.  She can be found in Mississippi in the 1910 census on the same page as her father and her step-mother, Sarah and her half brother, James Flowers.  The other daughter of John and Dora probably died in 1880.  She's in the 1880 census with John and Dora and Laura, but she has spinal fever.  She doesn't show up anywhere else.  

Dora probably died in 1884 in Tennessee.  There's a Find A Grave memorial for her, but it states she was the wife of E. M. Flowers and died in September of 1884.  Since John and Sarah married in March of 1884, this is either not the correct Dora or the information is mistaken.  There is no headstone for her.
Thank you again and again!

Elzabeth Ann Hicks

Both Sallie Ann and Sarah Beams were born to William "Billy" Beams and Hannah Pitchlynn Beams the roll numbers my grandmother gave me do not match for these two ancestors.  The roll Sallie has was given when married to Larkin Bohanon and the roll Sarah has was given when married to Patterson.

Sallie Ann Beams (Choctaw Roll 5932) was born 10/11/1867 and Sarah Beams (Choctaw Roll 6222) was born 8/25/1977.

Sallie Ann Married Pesahekabe James and became Sallie Ann James and they had at least 4 children their son Patterson James who was 3 years older than Sarah his niece whom he married. Patterson James (Choctaw Roll 6221) is my Great-great grandfather.

Sallie Ann then married Larkin Bohanan and had children Frances (5932)and Missie (5935) Bonanan.  I could use some help in finding the geneology of Hannah Pitchlyn Beams tho.  My uncle remembers great-grandma taking care of a one arm Peter Pitchlynn and Jesse James while living in LeFlore Co., and was told the Riddles are family, but only so much was handed down and many people had more than one set of children and everyone seems to be related but not willing to admit or share what they know.  If you can shed some light on any more than I have please do.  Thank you 

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How about a place?  Do you know where they lived?  Do you know the names of any children they may have had?  Was Sally short for Sarah?  A quick check of Family Search lists many Sally and John Flowers families, mostly in the southern states.  While dates are not absolutely necessary, a place is needed to help you find the information you've requested.  

Looking forward to helping you if you can help me.  :)
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