Notables May 2018

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Hear Ye!! Hear Ye!!

If you are interested in people who are famous, notable, noted, significant, important, historic, heroic, or otherwise fascinating, then the Notables Project might be for you!

The idea behind this post is for anyone who needs help with connecting Notables to the tree to post to this thread and ask for help.

Or if you just want to tell us whom you have successfully connected up.

Above is the Notables Project page where you can find unconnected Notables who have profiles and who need to be connected to the tree.

This month we will celebrate Mothers Day (13 May) so the THEME for the month of MAY can be NOTABLE WOMEN, and especially those Notable WOMEN who are MOTHERS

And remember - they should have a Wikipedia page at the very least to qualify.

Have fun!!

asked in The Tree House by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (538k points)
I would love to help with this project!
We can only make dead people, right ?
As of now (!) we can still work on living ones, but no one will see them until their death, which kind of spoils the fun.

That is one major reason why I have stopped working on any notables.

That plus I am currently working on my cousin matches after I recently did a DNA test.
Badge awarded to Nicki!
Why do I just have the urge to quote the Sixth Sense about this time...?

"I see dead people."

Thought I was in, sent in my box tops, and have been looking in my mailbox every day for my  badge and decoder ring . . . ;-} 

I'm up to 6 new notables entered and got [[Huleatt-19​|Charles Bousfield Huleatt]] and [[Crane-5363​|Richard Teller Crane II]] connected to the tree. Struggling with having European-born notables, and trying to get them tied to our tree.

Hi Rebecca - I've added the Notables badge to your list. Not sure how I missed it previously, but at least I've got it now. Thanks for joining the team!

We lost 2 astronauts in May - Donald Herod Peterson (Peterson-9068, not yet connected) and Alan La Vern Bean (Bean-3993)

So I've been working the "Notable Profiles in Need of Notable Project Markers" (red banded lists) on the Project: Notables page and am ready for someone to come behind me, check me, and edit the list UNLESS its ok for me to do it since I see I have access to the Edit button in the Right Margin. I added/corrected the Wikipedia/ Wikidata markers for: James Adam, Robert Adam, Jack Albertson, Don Ameche , Hans Christian Anderson , Louis Aragon , Willem Arondeus , John James Audubon , Red Auerbach , Gene Autry , Charles Babbage , Karl Baedeker , and Robert 1st Baron Baden-Powell . If everything is done, should these people be removed from this list?

Alan Arkin and Patricia Arquette both say the privacy is "set" but since they are now Unlisted, does another level of meaning need to be added to that column?

I want to make sure I am following the guidelines here and I need a mentor!

PS: Scott, I see your note below about the sticker instead of the project version, so I will do these above too.

Hi Rebecca,

The "List" has been a Work In Progress for many years now, and team members from Notables are encouraged to make updates, move things around, add to and delete from the lists as needed. I'm about to do a complete re-write on that page to incorporate the new sticker guidelines, and at the same time, I will probably move the "List" to another Free Space Page so that it is no longer a part of the standard instructions. This should give us a bit more breathing room on the page, as that page has grown to titanic proportions from time to time, and it's primarily due to the size of the "List".

So to answer your question more directly, it's fine to make the appropriate edits and even to move the profiles to another section or remove them from the "List" if you believe you have resolved the issue that was stated in that section (i.e., missing biography, sources, connection, or otherwise). Hope that helps.
I would recommend putting it in a spreadsheet form as I have suggested before. This will allow people better access to it and more adaptability. You can also chose who has editing rights by the email used.

I started a tab on my spreadsheet for notables but never got any direction to go with it. I'm still willing to help set one up if you have any parameters for me to go by.
To Scott - Thank you, it does help. In going through the "In Need of Markers" List I have found a number without bios and will move them down to the 3rd category.
FYI there is now a new and seperate thread for June notables.

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[[Crane-5185|Sir Walter Crane]] needs connecting to the tree.  I’ve been stuck on this family for years and can’t progress beyond the 15 people in that tree over 6 generations.  Help would be really appreciated. He was a great friend and fellow artist of William Morris the Art Nouveau movement.  Both his sister Lucy (who translated the Grimms fairytales, which Walter illustrate do) and his father Thomas (and famous portrait painter and engraver) are also notable.  I really need help on this family.
answered by Deborah Talbot G2G6 Mach 3 (38.5k points)
You dont seem to have a lot of sources.

I found the following at Family Search for the family of John and Elizabeth Kearsley (nee Roberts)

Marriage of John and Elizabeth in 1808 in Cheshire -

Death of Elizabeth in 1836 in Cheshire -

Family tree for John (bn 1894) - includes his parents and siblings - many of the children for John and Elizabeth are duplicated - to be used for hints and where to look -

It's not much I know but at least it is a place to start adding sources.

The Cheshire Parish records are usually very good.
This is Walter Crane

John Kearsley was Walters maternal grandfather.
Thank you. I was trying to go back further for the Crane line, but have just added this Kearsley information plus more children’s profiles for Zjohn & Elizabeth.

You help was gratefully appreciated.
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John Shaw Billings is an accomplished Notable for his Military work as a Surgeon, helped design John Hopkins Hospital and created the National Library of Medicine.  I stumbled upon him when researching Civil War Hospitals for a source for my Ancestor.

I think I did everything correctly per the Notables Guidelines.

answered by Sandy Patak G2G5 (5.6k points)
A Very Nice Page - except for the dark background.

But I'm not going to quibble about that.
We're still doing that transition to sticker thing on all Open profiles, so I went ahead and switched her over to the Sticker version (instead of the Project version). Looks good.
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I think I just connected U.S. Senator Jeremiah B. Howell (1771-1822) of Rhode Island to the Global Family Tree, by adding his ancestors via corresponding information from Wikipedia and Find A Grave.  

I know that I have to wait until the servers are updated to find out if he is connected to the "anchors", but is there any way to know if he's truly connected or not at the moment?

I also added the ancestors of William Wrigley, Jr. and his wife but to no avail.

answered by D. Botkin G2G6 Mach 2 (26k points)
No sorry, you will have to wait until the system has been updated!!
He is now connected, I had a look and the anchor connections show up
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In keeping with the theme of notable women (and continuing last month's theme of authors), I'll work on connecting French Canadian poet and author Anne Hébert to the global tree this month.

answered by Greg Lavoie G2G6 Pilot (164k points)

Besides connecting Anne Hébert, I've also added and connected Surveyor General Samuel Holland.  The connection for Charles Chiniquy, author of 50 Years In The Church of Rome, should show once the system updates.

Nice one Greg.  Anne Hébert was used a lot in schools when I was a student.
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I would like to join.   I would also like to nominate one of my ancestors as a possible notable.  He wrote a chronicle which has been translated into at least 3 languages about the history of the glass makers of Eastern France / Western Germany (what we call the locations now) in the 1700s that was published in the 1800s by his granddaughter's husband.  

See  and an English translation can be found here:

answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (505k points)
I've awarded the badge and I'll need to look over those profiles when I have a minute. If they have a Wikipedia page, they automatically qualify, but if not then the team will have to provide some feedback as to whether they "would" qualify for a Wikipedia page. That's essentially the process for qualifying as a Notable.
OK - so here's where I'll toss out my 1 vote and opinion, but keep in mind that all members of the Notables Team should get equal opportunity to respond. From what I can tell, I don't think he has a current Wikipedia article on him or even a combined article where he is mentioned. So that means the easy way is out.

So this means we'll have to review his criteria against the Notability standards in Wikipedia and determine if he "would" qualify for a page there, which would mean he would qualify for Notability here.

So for starters, they recommend that there are verifiable sources on him that indicate his Notability - from what I can tell, you have a translation out on your Free Space page that shows he was a famous glassblower and founded a glassworks in Eastern France. Apparently this was one of the first glassworks in the area (at least one of those mentioned in the Free Space page). I see that he was considered a "Master" in his craft and that others in his field have cited him in their published works.

From a verifiability standpoint, I think we're covered. I see in his profile that there are a number of sources that seem to indicate his name mentioned in other articles and other documents.

The one thing I am still a bit fuzzy on is exactly "what" he is known for. Without reading all the articles and doing my own research, I'd recommend adding a few lines in his biography for his specifics that make him famous. For example, there are lots of glassblowers from that period, and there are less but still a lot of "Master" glassblowers from that period, but what is it that made his work special or made his work stand out among his peers? Was it colors he was using, techniques that made the glass shapes more pleasing to the eye, fancy things he did to shape the glass so that it was more unique in shape than anyone else was able to do at the time, a technique he used to refine the glass that was ahead of its time, a method he used in his shop that was unique or anything of this nature? I'm sure the info may be there in the links, but it might be better to just call this out as I'm sure you have a better grasp of this than I do.

So other than me having a clear understanding of what made him famous, I think I'm OK with setting him up as a Notable, provided you can justify what made him famous in the biography. Just my 2 cents. Others can also provide their input too. :)
The Chronicle he wrote that documented the glass makers of Eastern France / Western Germany is what he is probably most known for.  His research documented people back to the 1500s. Below are two works based on his chronicle that are house in the Rakow Library of the Corning Museum of Glass.

From the Marcus book cited in the sources on the profile: (this is a quick machine translation from the French)  GEORGES WALTER, born in 1737 to Meisenthal, and death to Gcetzenbruck in 1823, at the age of 86 years, belonged in his times, through his father and his mother, to two of the old families of glassworkers of the country (France), whose descendants are, in our days, at the head of the first two glassworks who have been established in the last century, and which have been founded by them. After being apprenticed, in his youth, to the work of the glass, in Meisenthal, Goetzenbruck and in several other manufactures of France, he was devoted to trade and travel. For 15 years he traveled and worked in Switzerland, France, the Brabant, Holland and a part of Germany and then returned to the country of Bitche. It is he who, on the request of a trader of the name of Chambre, began, at the glassworks of Goetzenbruck, the manufacture of glass watch faces / covers, obtained by detaching the flattened bottom of small vials. His chronicle is devoted mainly to the glassworks and the glassmakers of the forests of Bitche; it contains details on a few events retained by the tradition in his family, on facts of which the author was witness and to which he is found involved; it is written in German and is not dated.. An extract from this that the manuscript contains most important information has been done by Mr Pierre Berger; parent of the publisher and lithograph under the title: Ursprung der Glashûlten von Saint-Louis (dit Muntzhal), Meisenthal und Goeltzenbruck, Auszug eines Manuscriptes von Georg Walter. ln-40, ohne Ort, 1830. It is to this work that I have borrowed many of the information.

Is this what you mean?   If so I can add it to his profile.
That would be perfect! I'd add that, or a summary of that (depends on how much information you want on his bio) and tag him with the Notables Sticker. :)
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I'd like to link in Barnaba Chiaramonti (Chiaramonti-1)....I think I need some kind of authorisation from the notables project?
answered by Charlie Ferrero G2G1 (1k points)
All looks good, other than we're moving towards the Sticker for Open profiles. I made that small tweak and we're all set.

I understand the individual words in your reply, but not the whole sentences... What are Sticker for Open profiles?
Hello Charlie!

The Notables Template looks like this {{Notables}} and should be used when a profile is controversial or does not have Open Privacy (black and white lock).

The Notables Sticker looks like this {{Notables Sticker}} and should be used when a profile is Open Privacy and just needs to be acknowledged as a Notable.

Hope that helps.
The difficulty I'm facing is not the Chiaramonti-1 profile itself, it's that I can't add any parents or siblings or other relations to it (because it's Project Protected), hence I can't connect him into the tree.  I think only the Profile Managers can do that?  So I guess I'll just step back and wait?
I can remove the project protection - I'll just keep an eye out for when you have parents added and I'll put it back on. Thanks!
I see the parents are now added - I've added the PPP back onto the profile. Let me know if you run into any further issues and I can remove it again.

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I'm trying to connect painter Berthe Morisot (mother of Julie Manet)... she connects to an impressive number of other notables but not to the big tree. I could link her to a member of the notable Rodrigues Henriques family, which as a couple of members already connected, but that doesn't help, I can't connect the different Rodrigues Henriques branches together.

answered by I R G2G6 Pilot (253k points)
It certainly would be great to connect Berthe Morisot and the Manet family.  A review of Geneanet trees indicates that Aline Charigot may have had Morisot ancestors.  Since it's not a very common surname, perhaps it's worth looking into further.
I may have something, but surprisingly it would go through a sister of Edouard Manet's wife. I must still see if it works out though. There's at least another possible connection but it involves creating a bazillion profiles.

The Morisot ancestors of Aline Charigot would be something to explore - I couldn't find much about them, looks like it would be completely new research.

Berthe Morisot and her brother-in-law Edouard Manet shoud be connected when the system updates tomorrow. The connection goes through Mathilde Leenhoff, sister of Manet's wife. Mathilde's son married Florence Koechlin, with several connected ancestors in the Koechlin, Dollfus and Mieg families.

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In honor of Mother's Day, I've connected up the mother of Superman - or at least the actress who played her - Eva Marie Saint. I was a bit concerned as she is still living, and as of the end of this month she will disappear from the system as unlisted, but at the same time, I was able to put a large majority of her family tree in place and connect her in 3 different places to the global tree. So if you want to take a look, here's her link:

I've got one more grandparent to research and who knows... I could come up with another link or two in her line.
answered by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (360k points)

Speaking of Superman, the actress who played Lois Lane in the 1978 version with Christopher Reeve has died - Margot Kidder passed away yesterday.

Yes - caught that and opened her profile up. Sad that she passed away, but her manic depression had seemed to make her life miserable, so perhaps she is in a better place now.
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Yesterday, I added William O. Douglas, Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court and got him tied to the tree through his mother, although it hasn't shown up yet. It would be great if someone could extend the ancestry of his father William Douglas, but that will be difficult, as William Douglases are pretty common in Canada!
answered by Vic Watt G2G6 Pilot (319k points)
Could we have a link to his profile please?

And if he was Canadian, how did he get to be on the US Supreme Court of Justices?
William Orville Douglas was American. Only his father was born in Canada.

The father of Justice William O. Douglas is William Douglas.

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Just giving the Notable team a heads up - that the notable actress - Kristin  Harmon - sadly died in April. I posted a comment on her profile.
answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (538k points)
Thanks for the heads up - I'll see if I can get it updated.
Date of death is entered and profile opened for editing.
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Another famous woman should be connected tonight:

Shirley Booth aka Marjory Ford - or more known for her television personality, the maid Hazel.

Couldn't connect her through her primary lines, so ended up doing it through a marriage. We'll see how far off she is once the links update tonight.
answered by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (360k points)

I've made the biography for Simone Signoret bilingual now, but I don't foresee a quick connection. It would be too easy if her husband's dalliance with Marilyn Monroe counted :D

Not too happy about the picture, but the "good" picture on her English Wikipedia page is not free to use.

Hi Isabelle,

I'd agree that some of these informal "relationships" would make genealogy easier, but alas it is not so easy.

And the picture isn't bad - at least it gives us some idea of how she looked. I'd say it's 100% better than having no picture at all. And I've run into that on Wikipedia before. There's an "implication" that it could be reused under the right circumstances, but I've always felt uncomfortable using one of the photos from there that clearly states a number of requirements that may or may not be easily met on WikiTree depending on who you ask. In those cases, I've had to choose the option of not using the photo as well.
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It's confirmed! I linked in notables Adolph Green (writer "Singing in the Rain", George Gaynes (remember Police Academy?), and actress Allyn McLerie to the Global Family Tree all by entering in the 4th and 5th Baronets of Albyns, Essex.

answered by Rebecca Peterson G2G6 (9.8k points)
edited by Rebecca Peterson
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Just to throw this out there, Wikipedia is nice enough to post this every month:

Several Notable deaths in the list, but it's always tough to look all of them up. If you happen to recognize one of them as a current or potential profile out there that would be Unlisted, please poke me and I'll try to find it.

answered by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (360k points)

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