Translation of short Hungarian journal excerpt by Holocaust survivor

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Eventually family members will want to translate the entire journal of Elizabeth Neumann (d. 1982), but they would love to have a preview of this page from 1938. Does anyone have time to translate it? Or even just transcribe it? I'm speaking about the case this Sunday morning in Colorado and would love to have some ideas. The original image is attached to her profile.

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Sorry but this will be a very short and not sure an exact translation.

This person was home for 4 weeks in July and then after that went back and finished her studies in dentistry. Can't read in what town but it ended in Burg so I am guessing in Germany. Then I believe she went to work 4 days a week as a dental assistant. The dentist she was working with was a divorced woman  around 50 years old. She also says something to the effect that this lady was weak (meaning not well). Sorry but hard to read her writing. Hope this helps.
Laszlo, thank you so much for doing this! So helpful.
Hindenburg is not mentioned as a placename, but as a person: he was the President of Germany who resigned, resulting in Hitler becoming Führer.

The dentist was a "weak worker", meaning ineffective or sloppy. It doesn't say anything about her state of health.

(If downvotes were trackable, I'd give this answer one for these inaccuracies, but the existing essentially-anonymous votes feel vaguely dishonest, so I'll stick with this comment.)
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This page:

I was home for 4 weeks in July and then I went back and finished my studies. Meanwhile Hindenburg resigned and Hitler was elected. I found myself a position as a dentist's assistant, working 4 days a week. There was a technician to do the technical work, but the dentist was a bad worker, she was not conscientous with the patients, she put on crowns with holes and said this one will not come here again anyway, I couldn't do that because if the patient pays he should be satisfied, because that improves the reputation of the practice, the dentist was a divorcee of about 50


Transcription with punctuation and spelling corrected:

4 hétig otthon voltam Juliusban és utána vissza mentem és befejeztem a tanulmányaimat. Közben lejátszódott a Hindenburg lemondása, és a Hitler választása jött fölénybe. -mi- -előtt- -Hitler- Úgy volt, hogy én elhelyezkedtem egy fogorvosnőnél, mint dentist asszistens, és dolgoztam 4 napot egy héten. Volt ott egy technikus ki végezte a technikai munkát. A fogorvosnő egy gyenge munka erő volt, és nem volt lekiismeretes a páciensekkel szemben, feltette a lukas koronát a fogra és azt mondta, ez úgyse jön többet ide. Én ezt nem tudtam tenni, mert ha a páciens fizet, azt ki kell elégíteni, úgy, hogy meg legyen elégedve, mert az csak a rendelőnek jó hírnevet csinál. A fogorvosnő egy elvált nő volt 50 év körül

(If you'd like a transcription preserving the original spellings and [lack of] punctuation, let me know.)


Edited to add: I just noticed that you had the year interpreted as 1938, but it can't be that, based on context: Hindenburg appointed Hitler as chancellor in 1933.
by J Palotay G2G6 Mach 7 (70.1k points)
edited by J Palotay

J, I really appreciate your work here. The transcription is so helpful! There's no need to preserve the original spelling, as it's fine to just have the meaning. Would you folks have time for another page? It looks like this one may be a little out of focus at the bottom, is it still legible?

Could I do any favors for you? I'm a WikiTree leader so I'm able to help with categories and templates if needed. I can read records in English, Spanish, and French. 

Italics denote words that are in English in the original:

who had a friend, a police officer, who came often in the evenings to the dentist's apartment, but on Saturday nights they usually invited me, too, and then we went to a good restaurant for dinner afterwards they had beer and the man's friends would come there too, usually until 1 or 2 in the morning, they sang and danced, they often invited me for Sunday lunch [main meal ofthe day], and then they cooked all sorts of good things, there was a cook who did this, the menu was soup, 2-3 kinds of meat, various vegetables, rice, potatoes, wine, beer, and later coffee, ??, pastries, and fruit, especially strawberry with sweet cream, the dentist my boss really liked me, and took me shopping with her, if

(Thanks for the offer, but I have no English, French, or Spanish on my tree. My husband has French Canadian semi-relatives, but they're all still living.) What I really want is someone to transcribe all the Kurrentschrift that I Can't Read; know anyone who can do that?
J, will you start a new post with an image or link to a document scan in Kurrentschrift that needs transcribing? I can ask around some German departments at universities or the local Palatines to America genealogical society here in Colorado.Just link it here or send me a comment.

"One good turn deserves another."
Here's my Kurrentschrift question:

(I have a bunch more from Matricula, such as all of Imre's sons -- but not his one daughter, whose birth I Cannot Find -- but I haven't gotten around to putting them on WikiTree yet.)
J, do you have time for a few more pages? What do you think of working on a WikiTable in a free space page? The images are clickable to expand:
Karen, I've done a first pass (both transcriptions and translations) on the free space page, but the texts end up rather squashed in the table. Unfortunately, I don't think it's possible to turn off or remove the images at the right-hand side, to give more room, so perhaps since they're there, we should just remove the image column from the table?
How's this? I moved the translation to a separate free space and added some cell padding:

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