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asked in The Tree House by Charlotte Shockey G2G6 Pilot (925k points)
closed by Charlotte Shockey
Thanks for hosting Charlotte!
Welcome! Now off I go to meet up with some cousins for good food and research. :D
Food + research=profit! Somehow. Thanks for hosting. May the fourth be with you. =)
Yes Charlotte thanks for hosting Charlotte.

Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.

Shucks! I forgot that Charlotte was hosting this weekend. Otherwise, I would have tried to be here sooner...just to annoy her...

LoL Ed, Ed, Ed... :D
Better late than never. =)
Thank you, Charlotte, for hosting the chat this weekend!
Welcome David! :-)

Charlotte THANK YOU again for hosting the Weekend Chat!

Great Job!

If anyone else is interested in being a guest host just click the link below

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You’re very welcome! :-)

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May the 4th Be With You!


Today is National Star Wars day so to kick it and the weekend off I thought it would be cool to see how many Star Wars actors, actresses, etc can be connected.

Star Wars Profiles

Here's a wonderful list of profiles who already have profiles, who don't have profiles and those who are already connected.

Comment on this "answer" to say who you are working on and if you get them connected. 

May the Force be with you! 

(all photos copyright free via  Pixabay)

answered by Charlotte Shockey G2G6 Pilot (925k points)
edited by Charlotte Shockey
Fun!  I was pregnant with my first son when the first movie came out.  Lots of great memories for me with these movies.  Thanks for hosting!
Return of the Jedi was my first movie ever. I was like 4 or 5. Good times. =)
I added one more Hamill up the line (gateway ancestor) and his story is pretty interesting. Appears he was a General (some sources say Brigadier) in the Civil War, and was in the military not long after immigrating from England. Served well. Retired to Denver after. Had a young namesake son who tragically shot himself in the head during a hunting accident. That essentially ruined his relationship with his wife. He moved out unofficially, and 2 years later had gallstone surgery that gave him blood poisoning that killed him slowly over 2 years time. Wealthy guy - good to work for - gave back to the community. Just ended his life on a sour note unfortunately. Founded a place called "Hamill House" in Denver, too, that is apparently still running. Still a neat story.
I wonder if Mark knows about the guy. Wow.
Oh wow that’s cool Scott and you are right about the sour end to his life. :-/
Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
Added a couple of Mumfords to his line - NOTE: There are LOTS of bad sites out there on the Mumford line that are just plain WRONG WRONG WRONG. Found Frederick Mumford born 1872 listed as son of Frederick Mumford born 1828 (sounds possible, BUT) and then his father was born 1806. Frederick 1828 born England... his father Benjamin born Rhode Island. After trying to source it, the whole thing unravels. His father Frederick was born in England, but around 1846. I lost the trail about there. Someone else tried to marry Frederick A with Frederick William and a bit of research proved that was also a false lead. If you follow this up, just be cautious as there are lots of researchers out there who appear to have got this wrong.
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  1. Before our living people in the tree disappear, go to My Tree and Tools and run one of each report.  This will give you a more complete view than what might be available after the conversion takes place to put the Tree in compliance with the new EU regulations.
  2. Make sure to run your Suggestions and fix anything that deals with dates because some of those might be affected.
  3. Consider adopting some orphaned profiles that might have relevancy to your tree.
  4. Stay calm and ask questions in G2G as we get closer the enforcement date of May 25, 2018 when fines will start being levied
  5. Check G2G for any news or updates concerning this new regulation.
  6. Volunteer to help the Data Doctors with correcting dates on profiles that need help,

answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (492k points)  I just adopted these which had no death date.

And  one Woerner and some Gebhardt surnames too.

Koenig and Konig with and without the umlat

Will be doing more...  

You might consider doing the same .   If we post the surnames we are holding that might help other researchers at least know to contact us for collaboration.
Thank you so much! Exactly what I needed to know and sooooo helpful!!




I have been going through each of my surname lists to find all the 131-134 suggestions and make sure the deceased have date or are mark uncertain, but not living. Also went through my One Name Study Surnames and did this as well. Just have to go through the alternate spelling lists. Debating on whether I should have have my One Name Study Projects maybe take over the orphaned profiles in those surnames. Least that way we can manage the information for them. Too much to do and not enough hours.
Scott, I have 2 living Notable profiles that I can find quickly and made sure the project is the manager for them. As for any others I will add the project when I find them myself but I have family visiting from 500 miles away for the next 2 weeks so it might take me a while to find them. The good news is every profile on my watchlist has been edited since June 7 2017 so it will get done, eventually.
Here are my notables:

How do I get the Notables project to watch over these three?

Chris, for Dee Snider just add as a manager for the same thing would apply but I would talk to Eddie first. Stan's profile already has the project as a manager so nothing needs to be done.

Correction Hudec-4 is not for a living notable so nothing needs to be done for her profile.
Okay. I added them in for Dee Snider.
Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
Jamie Nelson - wanted to be sure you saw my note of thanks! Very clear and exactly what I needed to know! My husband is now on the trusted list of all my profiles and ready to begin earning his own points and keeping his DNA info posted! Much appreciated!!
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These past days, I was dismayed to discover that edits - minor, yes, but changes just the same - had been made to some of my profiles by others. And when I protested, there was a grand milling about as they tossed up the Honor Code and declared COLLABORATING, We're collaborating. We're collaborating.

No. Your intentions may have been good but You were not collaborating.

Structured methods of collaboration encourage introspection of behavior and communication.These various methods specifically aim to increase the success of teams as they engage in collaborative problem-solving. Team dynamics include 

Open communication to avoid conflicts.

Effective coordination to avoid confusion and the overstepping of boundaries.

Efficient cooperation to perform the tasks in a timely manner and produce the required results.

Notice that these operations are a prerequisite for collaboration - communication, coordination, cooperation. COMMUNICATION. COORDINATION. COOPERATION.  

This is WHAT I do.


I'm doing the ancestors of actress Yvette Vickers.
She is a direct descendent of William. May I do edits and connections ?

Meanwhile a source

Name:	William Britt
Gender:	Male
Military Date:	22 Dec 1777
Military Place:	Virginia, USA
State or Army Served:	Virginia
Regiment:	15th Regiment
Rank:	Private
Source Information U.S., Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2007.
Original data:
Revolutionary War Rolls, 1775-1783; (National Archives Microfilm Publication M246, 138 rolls); War Department Collection of Revolutionary War Records, Record Group 93; National Archives, Washington. D.C.



answered by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (360k points)
The Unique Names suggestion is run from a database of number of times it occurs.  So if it only shows up once it will show in the suggestions.  I am not sure what the actual frequency is set to but it is low.  

As more and more non Anglo Saxon families are added, the database will grow to recognize names that may appear to be unique or a typo.  It is not meant to offend.  It is based solely on number of times it shows up in the database.
Fair enough. That's usually the most common error I get aside from the Find a Grave ones. And let's face it you can't rely on Find a Grave sometimes.
Ancestry dot com has gone bewigging bonkers.

Is it because of the new law?  My link only let me in an hour or so ago and now it's not taking log-in AGAIN.

Steve Schmidt had the same trouble yesterday. We couldn't log in.
I got a notice of their new privacy rules.  It would not surprise me if people are downloading like crazy.
That's what I'm doing. Downloading anything remotely connected to my 6 cowboys and 2 sci Fi ladies. I'll sort everything later.

The library edition started out years ago through Allen County Library then suddenly it went to Roswell then yesterday nothing, wouldn't allow log-in,  and now today the library link goes to a LONDON ENGLAND library.

Muuky is confused

And if Ancestry stops giving the libraries the free edition, Eddie is toast until he can adjust his budget to buy the pay site. Heavy sigh.
Huh. That's weird. I can still search stuff. I just have a basic account there.
Yeah Eddie, Ancestry has been flukey, but with persistence I’ve been able to get in. I couldn’t log into FindAGrave to suggest a correction, however.

I only stalk you to look at the great work you do...please don’t give up!
I've spent all night downloading. About 300 good sources - documents. My head is all squishy inside
Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
I have found Clifford, Claude, Arthur, Thomas and George as female names, and don't forget Jimmy, Billie, and Johnny are very common female names.

Granted tho, Thomas and George are middle names.
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Mentors are Wiki Genealogists who help and interact with new members in our community. Basically, we take over where the Greeters leave off. Mentors will play a big role in getting guests and new members going, as well as educating members through various means such as the G2G and the blog.  The mission of WikiTree Mentors is to improve the overall quality of WikiTree by answering questions about the website and encouraging members with helpful suggestions.
When a Mentor Intervention Request is submitted, they provide guidance and instruction to help reconcile the situation.


Leaders: Julie Ricketts

Both docx and pdf versions are loctaed at:


answered by Laura Bozzay G2G6 Pilot (492k points)
This was a wonderful and great puzzle, Laura.

Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
Thank you for the puzzle Laura!
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You ever feel like squishing up the world and laughing like a maniac ?

Today's movie



answered by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (360k points)
Yes. But, that's besides the point.
You are right Chris.

Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
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Music for the beleaugered 

Under fire ?

Overwhelmed ?

answered by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (360k points)
Dude, I thought I suggested the Imperial March. Sigh. Gotta do everything:

Bonus: The opening crawl theme:
Chris  !   Did I give you permission to leave your room ? Didn't I send you to your room the other day ?
You might have. I wasn't listening. =)
Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
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I am flabbergasted!!

MY DNA results (from FT DNA) took only 8 days to be tested - from the day they received the kit until yesterday when my results were uploaded!!

My mother was adopted and while I have her mothers name (and tree) from the original birth certificate, her biological father was NOT named on the original birth certificate.

I am 97% European (Well DUH - I am very white!! LOL) which breaks down to 72% British and 22% Eastern European with 3% Scandinavian.

Eastern European? Where the heck did that come from? Must be the unknown grandfather!!

I have over 2600 matches.

So far I have found 1 cousin - whose surnames match a branch on my maternal grandmothers tree - at the 2x great grandparents level.

I may have found another match with an unusual name that I have seen on my tree - I have to investigate.

I may not be back in this chat since I will be busy!!

My Family chat starts in 5 hours time!!


answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (523k points)
I put my AncestryDNA stuff on FTDNA but I would need to pay 19 bucks to see the percentages. That's okay. I still got Ancestry. I got low Italian percentages on Myheritage and 23andme. That was messed up mainly because my tree is cut and dry and split evenly between Italians and Quebecois. Whatever. Perhaps I'll pay the 19 bucks. I can see my matches at least. =)

Congrats on your results! I am waiting on word on my parents. It looks like we have some commonalities. Why on Earth do they separate Southern Europe and Italy?  You wanna talk crazy "Where did this come from?" I got some Middle Eastern.

Then again I have one word for you. Romans. Romans, man. Romans. That and the Muslim empire did spread throughout Europe.

Congrats on the matches! Go forth and send e-mails!
Thanks Chris.

Have you uploaded to GEDmatch? I have - but they are still processing my file. May take a couple of days before I can do any "one to many" matches.

I have sent out 3 emails so far to those who were listed as 2nd to 4th cousins. Have heard back from one person so far - but it may be a long haul...
Yes, I have. My number is on my profile.
You can look on my profile, I've put what each company has as my percentages.. all over the place from each other. LOL Especially AncestryDNA to FTDNA.
I love how Scandinavia changes so much from test to test. There's only one true way to know for sure.

*puts mjolnier down*

Lift the hammer. =)
Chris, I started off genealogy swearing I was German...

And after research proved I was Norwegian and a true Viking - I'll take that challenge!
Well my latest news is that the person with common surnames at the 2nd gt grandfather level - turns out to be a 3rd cousin 2x removed. She is about 5 or 6 years older than my mother (in her 80s)  and yet they are 3rd cousins ONCE removed!!

The DNA was right too. The charts says that the average share of DNA between 3rd cousins twice removed is 52 cM and we have 53 cM shared - which is exactly right on the average!!
Note. You don't have to be a Viking. Just be worthy enough to lift the hammer of Thor. =) Side note. There's this cool picture of Superman holding Thor's hammer AND Cap's shield. It's from the JLA/Avengers comic. So awesome.

I would have thought you were German, too, Scott. The funny thing is with these tests and after uploading the DNA to the places I get less Italian. It's funny because I KNOW I am about half Italian. I think the gene pool might be small for Italians on those sites. Perhaps I need to go to the North End in Boston and collect samples. =P

Nah, I think the sample sizes are small in those sites for italians. That's why I was told to go to Ancestry. Whatever.

Rpbynne, congrats! =D
Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
I just love it when you get these trace amounts. One of my cousins was making a big deal over 2% Scandie and <2% North African.  Nearly totally ignoring the 85%  British Isles, France and Germany. Trying to explain something to someone who is a good researcher, but historically lacking is nerve racking.

I tried to explain that these trace amounts are too far back to track. "But how did I even get Scandinavian?" That occurred about 900 AD when the Vikings invaded the British Isles, France, and all the way into Russia. It took 200 years for the Vikings to establish permanent settlements, especially in Ireland.

"Why am I so short?" Because the Irish and Welsh were small people.  And after a couple centuries before during and after the French Revolution, years of near starvation the stature of the French people shortened. Altho probably today, they are taller due to better nutrition.  My brother passed on an antedote: during our Colonial days and our own Revolution, the colonists had a meeting with the French to negotiate.  The French were bragging about how much better everything in France was, better this and better that, better food. Then the Americans stood up. They were heads and shoulders taller then the French.  So why is my cousin so short? She inherited the short gene of the Irish ancestors.

AND remember Migration!!! People really do have a tendency to move around.  Otherwise we'd never left the "Cradle of Civilization."
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Today is... 




National Weather Observers Day is an annual designation on May 4th.  This special day is for the people who enjoy watching and observing the weather.

Weather observers often assist the National Weather Service as Storm Spotters.  These hobbyists are valuable resources for communities.  This day is also an opportunity to get out and learn about a variety of weather phenomenon, the history of weather tracking and find about meteorological instruments.

 Weather is quite the wonder for most of us- There are so many weather enthusiasts, there is actually a group of amateur weather observers called "The Association of American Weather Observers"  from around the United States. "Their aim is to educate the public on weather awareness-and to simply share stories among themselves on recent extreme weather that they viewed at their location." also see Association of American Weather Observers - Wikipedia 



Sign up for a weather spotters course. Learn how to identify different types of clouds, shifting weather and prepare for types of weather in your climate. Use #WeatherObserversDay to post on social media.

Educators, visit the National Day Calendar Classroom for classroom projects associated with National Weather Observers Day.


  • Some class rooms will observe the weather from outside of class on this day or from the windows of their class on this day- It's the perfect day to learn about weather and holiday observances-
  • Some Clubs have what they call "Sky Parties" where they group together for drinks and snack food under the sky- This is also popular for the holiday "Look up at the sky day which is celebrated May 4. On this holiday it is popular for Astromony clubs to gather together at night and look up at the stairs.
  • On this day it's traditional for families to gather on blankets on the ground and look up at the sky and see what they can see. Families usually do this during the day and have fun watching the clouds move. It's a popular game to see what characaters and shapes can be seen forming in the clouds.



answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
edited by Dorothy Barry
I am observing my weather right now. Torrential rain, greenish black sky, weird skin sucky warm air.

Oh, and a tornado watch. Which is Why I am observing my weather.
I can only observe grey clouds and rain outside my home.

Nothing of interest is happening. Move along...
Hang on. Weird skin?
Yeah,. Weird !  You know, when it feels like the hair is trying to leave  and warm bugs are trying to get out ?
I am a trained and registered  Spotter with the National Weather service Skywarn Program here in Northeast Ohio, . That means when they issue a weather Watch they request that I observe and report any unusual weather.  But I report my observations directly to the local National Weather Service office by way of an unlisted phone number known only to trained spotters.

"Spotter activation may be required this afternoon."
Weather balloons...   2nd cousins once removed from UFOs....weird skin....
I am observing a semi-warm sunny day! :-)
One funky storm just plowed through here. Electric was down an hour. The power out all over but our street gets priority because there's a mental hospital. Rain and hail mixed together. The wind took whole trees up and threw them away.
Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
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Today is also the anniversary of the Kent State shootings that happened in 1970. That event inspired the Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young song "Ohio".  I was a student at Kent State on that day and was in the office about to go and pick up some Audio Video equipment from another campus when the shooting took place and they announced what happened. They then closed the school and sent me home.
answered by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

Ohio Crosby Stills Nash and Young

Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
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Story time with Chris. Gather 'round because have I got a crazy one for you.  On Monday I saw Infinity War again with a friend. We got in a tiny accident. It's fine. I'm fine. Everything's fine here. How are you? I got a few minor bruises. I'll live. =)

The week wasn't all bad. I helped a cousin named Emma out with her tree. Her mom was adopted and she and I were trying to figure things out. For a while we thought it was this Felker guy because he umm....How do I put this? The dude was a player. He had three wives and a TON of girlfriends. Draw whatever conclusion you want.

The thing is when I brought the tree down to Emma she showed up as a second cousin on Ancestry. AncestryDNA has us in the 4th to 6th cousiin bracket. Then she remembered something. Her line coming in from a sister of my ancestor, Lucy Cadron. Her name was Josephine. Profile here:

Josephine married a guy named Noah Robidoux. They had a ton of kids and one of them was Emma's ancestor. The rest as they say is history. We were able to figure the match out by checking out her mom's adoption record. (Essex, Mass.) and her birth certificate. Birth cert listed the mom. It didn't list the dad. So we researched the mom and went further back to the Robidoux family and then to the Cadrons.

Side note: Cadron has been spelled fifty million ways "Cadran", "Cadron", "Cadrant", "Cadrin".

So, Mr. Felker is off the hook for being the daddy. We had just cause given what we knew of the man. So, we got that all straightened out. I assume Emma is going to fill in the rest of the tree down to her because I filled in the tree on Ancestry and she's showing as 4th cousin.

Not bad detective work. But, I'm not Batman. Nah. I have too much fun swinging around the city and crawling on walls. =)

So my tip this weekend is simply this. Always check out what's in front of you. You never know what you might find!

Oh and May the Fourth be with you.


Side Note: Eddie is still awesome and very helpful!
answered by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (212k points)
You're still not allowed out of your room.
Come on. I even got pictures of Spider-Man!
Staying in my room means more time for wikitree. Please ground me. :)
Heh. Man's got a point. Wanna work? Here ya go. Got some brick walls for ya.
Ooh I got some brick walls too! Read German?! LOL I saw Avengers last night for the first time and seriously can't wait for part 2!
Same here! Should be awesome. Forgot to mention that you may need to know Italian for these brick walls. Ciao!
Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
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Hello Wikitree!

 My it's been some time since I had the opportunity to sit down for a few moments and enjoy something other than the endless list that must get done. I not back. But I working on it. You never realize how much stuff (junk) you have until you plan on moving.

Currently I been going through my own profiles and getting a list of profiles that need more sourcing and some that are almost unsourced

Anyway it's time to get back to that thing called "real life" and get cooked into today's heat

Currently around 80 but feels about 90-95 with the humidity. I reckon gonna need an ice bucket soon

answered by Steve Schmidt G2G6 Pilot (347k points)
Boil a gallon of coffee and stack up your snacks. The links I sent you may go down again. WORK NON-STOP.  Don't pee. Don't sleep. WORK
Well chocolate is a vegetable. But I'm stacked up. Coffee runs through me too quickly.
Eddie King, motivational speaker. Look out, Shiah.

Good to have you back here, Steve. How ya doing?
A link me and Steve share keeps disappearing. The site seems to cleansing DNA etc. PITA.
That's a bummer.
If you have multiple kinds of chocolate, it technically counts as a salad. ;)
Random. We'll allow it. =)
If I do chocolate & wine then I got an amazing salad! :D
That is one killer hangover. WORTH IT!
I sometime flag or give a down answer by accident. Then I try to undo them.

Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
Best of luck with the move Steve.
+14 votes
Have been trying to do the data doctors death dates to prepare for the up coming changes for the European security.
answered by Sue Hall G2G6 Pilot (100k points)
Thanks. Keep up the good work.
Agreed with what Steve said and do we all know when this will be going into effect?
Same here.Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
The enforcement with fines begins May 25th 2018
+12 votes
Hello everyone!

It's been QUITE a while since I've been around, and I'm still in and out. Been having some pretty serious health issues. It's getting a little better, though, so I've been chipping away at some lighter things here every so often!

Call me obsessive, but I have a dream of filling out the cemeteries with their respective people - I know that can't 100% happen, but there are SO many gaps, and it would be cool for descendants to be able to, with a click, see who all with that surname share a cemetery (or whatever...)... so that's what I've been doing, kind of.'s a time killer and not difficult. Don't judge.

Summer is well and truly here in south GA - next week it'll be in the 90s easy, this week it's almost there. But the farmer's markets are filled with the first crops of yummy fruits, so that's exciting. A strawberry cake will happen in my future very, very soon!

That's about it! Hope you guys are all doing well. May the 4th be with you!
answered by Marlena Wallace G2G6 (6.8k points)
Marlena... what part of GA? I'm near Augusta. Was actually in town today with my cousins who came for research.

After having watched "Hostiles" I start to think of those who were buried along the wagon trail with no real tombstone. Or, never at all due to Indians burning down their houses and we never know what happened.
Valdosta, right near the Florida line.

And yes - there are so many that we'll never find where they lie. But it would be cool to connect burial location categories to everyone here. It's like a completionist thing, and it connects both family members in the same cemetery and fills in blanks and...

It's a thing.

The big struggle is finding a ton of names of people not yet on the family tree... if I had the time to do it correctly, I'd start building up other lines and connect them all. Can't at the moment, but maybe as more people join it'll be one big happy family!

Don't mind me - I'm full of cough medicine and steriods tonight, and the small fill-ins make me smile. :)
Whatever floats your boat! :) And I think sleep will be floating mine as I have to get up early for meeting cousins to research. :) Feel better!
Haha thanks! Much luck and many broken brick walls in your research!
I fly by so much info trying to find MY info. I wish I could put it all where it goes. I'm just not that fast. Too much, too quickly, and never organized correctly. :(
I know what you mean Steven.

Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
So sorry you are having health issues.  Hope you are back to full speed soon!  

Here are some sites for St Louis, MO and Missouri that have death info  scroll down to Information on St Louis Area Undertakers and Cemeteries.  There are links within links
The weekend so far was great. Sadly the local library we wanted to go to today is closed on Sunday's so thankfully we hit it yesterday for a few hours. Granted I'd rather go back to the Augusta Genealogical Society as it's got great resources. I need to get a membership. :D
Laura - thank you very much!
+14 votes

I am currently trying to break through a brickwall in my family tree and ended up running across something amusing.

We are now being sited for sources in other Genealogy sites. Even PAID ones.

answered by Steven Tibbetts G2G6 Pilot (191k points)
Wow. We've gone legit, people!
Whodathunkit? Now we be 2legit2quit (hey hey) lol
Wow....I....Wow. I got nothing to say to that. lol
Wow... nuts. LOL
Chris speechless? Will wonders never cease? :D
Yeah. Trying to be hip kinda does the trick, I gotta say.
Kind of neat, but also frightening. I have run across WikiTree profiles that refer to the FamilySearch FamilyTree where that tree cites WikiTree as the source.

As my husband commented, that’s what you get with open software.
Ditto to everyone here.

Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
That is one of the things about many internet trees, they often are lifted from other sources or other internet trees.
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Today is the official CINCO DE MAYO – May 5th Day!!


Originating in the 1860′s with Mexican-American communities in the American West, Southwest and Northwest, the American Cinco de Mayo began as a way to commemorate the cause of freedom and democracy during the first years of the American Civil War.  Today, in the United States, Cinco de Mayo is observed annually on May 5 as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride.

Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for “fifth of May.”

The United States Congress issued a Concurrent Resolution on June 7, 2005, calling on the President of the United States to issue a proclamation calling upon the people of the United States to observe Cinco de Mayo with appropriate ceremonies and activities.

According to José Alamillo, professor of ethnic studies at Washington State University in Pullman, a 2006 study found there are more than 150 official Cinco de Mayo events across the country.

Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the United States have taken on a significance beyond that in Mexico.  They include displaying of banners and events highlighting Mexican culture, music and regional dancing, as well as school districts holding special events to educate students about its historical significance.  In the U.S., commercial interests have capitalized on the celebration advertising Mexican products and services with an emphasis on beverages, food and music.


Share your Mexican heritage here on WikiTree!! Maybe connect some new ancestors to your already established Mexican heritage family!!


Celebrated in Mexico as a commemoration of the Mexican army’s 1861 victory France during the Franco-Mexican War. The victory occurred at the Battle of Puebla between 6,000 French troops and small, under-supplied Mexican force of 2,000 men.

The victory was not the battle that won the war, but it held great symbolism for the Mexico during the war, but is minor holiday there and is not considered a federal holiday.


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Happy Birthday to me!!
Es el cinco de Mayo! =D

Someone needs to make a Mexican Roots group. I see a Latin American Roots one at least. That's a start.
I did my part to celebrate...  we just made tacos for a late lunch.  

Getting ready for the Kentucky Derby.  Track is muddy right now.  

This is the best field of horses I have seen in a long time.  

My spreadsheet is making my eyes cross....
Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
Who didn't end up eating anything Mexican to celebrate and has two thumbs? This girl! LOL Would have loved a Mexican lasagna or pizza.
Didn't have anything Mexican, either. Had my fill last Monday. =D Decent place in Methuen has real authentic Mexican food. Was good.

In a suburb of Phoenix AZ, Guadalupe, on the day before Easter and into the evening, there's a Yaqui and others' town-citizen celebration in front of the town's Catholic church, including very traditional Indian dancing and a bonfire lit so that the deeply held wishes of the people who hang small paper notes, their wishes, on a scarecrow edifice in the middle of the dance area. Around dusk, that scarecrow, laden with wishes, when burned, sends those small prayers via the smoke to the heavens for a blessing. 

Latinos, Anglos, and the Yaqui mingle and have a great time.

I have attended only once, years ago, and it was so memorable. If you have one such event in your Western state, Please post about it here, and if you attend this year, please tell us about your experiences.  (It's likely to be very hot so plenty of water SO some suncover of a thin long-sleeved shirt and jeans, and a 4"brim hat for women, smaller for men, but something wide, are advised. As is a camera.)

Bienvenido a te!!!

Had belated Cinco de Mayo Mexican food - went out after church with my Dad, my wife, and my adopted sister and we had a great time with chips and salsa, burritos, fajitas, and chimichangas. No margueritas, but well... most of us had to drive afterwards and it was only Noon.
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Good weekend everyone.

We’re traveling again. Long story...on March 1 someone pulled the pin on our fifth wheel trailer hitch and it came flying off the back of the truck at 60 mph on the interstate. No one was hurt, fortunately. The camper has spent the past 2 months vacationing at a repair shop in Florida. We picked it up Thursday, and it seems to be fine. We’ll know more as we begin traveling to a group get together in Tennessee, before heading home to Virginia.

So I didn’t get to visit my half aunt’s or my grandfather’s graves in Florida as planned.. I won’t be doing much on WikiTree between the combination of poor campground WiFi, use of iPad instead of computer, and time spent visiting with friends and family.

My husband has sent a DNA sample into Ancestry, so I need to begin working on his tree. Fortunately someone in his family had done a paper genealogy for the Knight family back to pre Civil War, so its a matter of finding the wills and land records it references. Jeter and Mitchell could be difficult, and I haven’t yet learned to research in Virginia.
answered by Kay Sands G2G6 Pilot (199k points)
Kay, hope you have a good trip.  My husband and I did a years travel around the States in a motor home and had such great fun.  He loves cars and visited race car driver garages and hunt out museums  and I hit Libraries and Court Houses, met for lunch and then would sight see the area.  Genealogy follows me everywhere!  Or is it vise versa?
Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
Kay I remember when you posted about the experience.  Frightening!

Glad you are on the road again!  Happy Trails this time!
Yikes on the camper! Glad no one was hurt. Happy travels. What part of Virginia? I went to the genealogical library at the Winchester library. It was beautiful! :)
My husband’s family is from Amherst and Bedford counties. It should be easy to track back to Osson Knight who was a Revolutionary patriot. Before that fortunately there are tons of resources in the Norfolk library, and lots of folks experienced with the area in the Virginia Beach Genealogical Society.
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Just so you know!

Just so you know! :D

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Very funny!   Clever!

Wasn't the Emperor a member of the Sixth?
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As I told you last week we put my dad in the hospital last Friday because he has diarha going on 3 months. This Wednesday the head of the doctors of the hospital drop the bomb that they was going to discharge my dad when the even not cured my dad's diaharra so when a nurse came to get him up to start therapy so he can get stronger to come home as of Thursday of this past week so while the head of the doctors was there my dad had a lot of diarahha  because he had just been lying in bed not been mobile like he was at home so when the got him up to start to be mobile he did like he did at home. So the doctor saw that my dad wasn't ready to go home and my mom told him that my dad wasn't ready to go home and that she wasn't ready because trying to clean up my dad and she had to be physical with my dad the it tore up her shoulders that she need to have replaced but since my dad is the way he is she can't have it done. But my mother has UTI and bronchitis, allergies and sinus infection, I also have it, my dad has it, and my sister-in-law has it also. So the GI doctor said he was the last  ditch doctor for my dad and now started since Friday night the are for last ditch medicine that is expensive and it seems so far not working and might not and the doctor said that if it doesn't the last ditch thing we can do is for three days take my dad of all medicine for 3 days and then do a fecal transplant. He said that he has success on that but he said he doesn't know what he is treating and how it developed. So my mom and me thinks that it might not work. If it doesn't we do not know what we are going to do. My brother and sister, sister-in-law which was a surprise because of how we know she feels about our family and my brother- in -law has been at night staying with my dad every night except for the first night and my mom stayed that night with him. They are doing that since my mom is so sick her self. But on Thursday morning mom got up and announce to me that she was thinking about bring my dad home and I told her that I and my sister and brother don't want her to do that because of why we first put him in because of what she was going thru and she is so sick and weak. She did admit that she isn't ready for him to come home but she will do whatever she can do with him at home. But she did find a place to put him down in Sweetwater, Tennessee  where he takes dialysis and they will transport him to the place of his dialysis and we plan on him being at that place at least 30 days but they said that he can stay for 100 days and it will be paid by their insurance and Medicare. So that is why I am late because my mom didn't want me to stay with him at night so I wouldn't get sick so I can do things around the house for her, and run errands. But that didn't work my allergies started Thursday night on me. If we ever get up in upper East Tennessee in Greeneville, Tennessee then when I living in my sister old house than I could do that then also. My mom got sick on the day that she need to meet with the hospital case worker to find a place to put him on Wednesday that she was so sick that the case worker sent her home to go to bed and to go back on Thursday morning to start the process but we finally chose the place for him on Friday while I was visiting him. So she had to call my sister-in-law to stay with him on Wednesday night and then my sister came down and stayed with him on Thursday and Friday night and so on Friday she came brought me home and took a shower and change clothes so she can spend last night with him so the kids except me are taking turns staying with my dad at night at the hospital so my mom can rest and sleep because my dad is so long that the bed is short and my dad kicks the bed sheets of and my mom will have to put them over him. So she doesn't rest and sleep so good.

Plus I have been trying by Mother's Day to finish my class that all people participated in the fall source-a-thon.

Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
answered by Linda Barnett G2G6 Pilot (294k points)
Linda ask about home visiting nurses.  That is a service normally covered for elderly ill patients by state money.

Ask them if he qualifies for hospice services.  They can be a God Send.
That is so much to handle!! Sure hope things get better for all of you very soon!!
Wow - and I was going to complain about having to cut the grass... I'm going to just shut up and be happy that I've got the time to do the yard work and realize that others are far busier and having a much more difficult time than me...
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Hi guys!! Well, Hopefully we all survived the 4th and Cinco de Mayo!! I am in EU wikiTree change hell. Lol Trying to get all these profiles in my 4 name studies taken care of. Waiting to find out if our name studies can adopt the orphaned profiles to keep them off of my personal watch list. Possibly making a 5th name study for my husbands family. All while writing a almost 400 page family cookbook for one of my research groups. I thought not having a paid job, I would be bored. Lol Not for a genealogist. Lol Oye Vay!! Not much entertainment here, other than a hangout with 2 of my favorite researchers/cousins. They always make life fun!!
answered by Misty Musco G2G6 Mach 2 (23.2k points)
I have also been cleaning up dates on profiles.  I did stop for a while today as my eyes were so tired I could no longer tell an 8  from a 6.  It was time to take a break

Misty I also adopted a bunch of orphans with ties to my surnames through my grand parent lines and posted the surnames I adopted so if someone comes along later and they are hidden from public view they can contact me and we can collaborate.  I figured since a PM can see them I can work on those a little at a time over the next couple of months.
I agree Misty on the adopting... Sadly since ONS aren't "projects" even though they are to us we can't do profiles for the ONS to adopt all those profiles. :/
Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
I am going to work on dates for the profiles I adopted so far.  Once dated I will re-orphan them.  And adopt more.  Figure that is one way to protect surnames we care about.
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Today is.... 



National Lemonade Day is observed the first Sunday in May.

Not only is National Lemonade Day a time to enjoy a refreshing glass of lemonade, but more importantly, it is a day to give youth an opportunity to experience the taste of success.

Through, millions of kids around the nation learn what it takes to run a business in a fun and constructive way.

The days leading up to Lemonade Day are full of preparation by small but budding entrepreneurs. They attend workshops, check their stock and scout out their locations. On Lemonade Day, they will be ready to set up shop and sell the freshest, coolest lemonade their side of the block!


To participate in National Lemonade Day visit Frequent your favorite lemonade stand on National Lemonade Day. Also, share here if you ever set up a lemonade stand when you was a kid and was it successful... 


National Lemonade Day was founded by Michael Holthouse in 2007 in his hometown of Houston, Texas. Today he and is partnered with Google to continue to bring the entrepreneur spirit to the youth of the America.

answered by Dorothy Barry G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
edited by Dorothy Barry
Dorothy thanks for all of the National Day they are all very good and interesting like today's.

Welcome everyone to the May Cinco de Mayo Wikitree Weekend Chat.
hmm can't do this one! LOL not my drink. :D
I love a good lemonade!

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