John B Blackstone 1779 can I get someone to look at the 1820 census? & did he have a son John H Blackstone 1812?

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He goes by Sr wouldn't it be because he had a son named John Blackstone that he would use the Sr? Now on the 1820 census they is a spot for John Hiram Blackstone to fit in right.
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Now on the 1820 census it shows a spot for two males one for male under age 10 and one male age 16-25 I believe this is a match for John Hiram Blackstone born est. 1812 and brother Richard Blackstone est. 1795 could it be that John B Blackstone 1779 was married before the marriage to Mary that is listed, and could Richard Blackstone and John Hiram Blackstone by two different lady's. I'm only est.  births by using dates on census any help on this line would be great. on the 1830 census Richard Blackstone is in Pickens county with his family I now by 1840 John Hiram Blackstone is on his on with his family I believe John Hiram Blackstone maybe on his on 1830 also as head of house age 16-25, all these census would be listed in old Pendleton District of South Carolina or Pickens County, Thanks to anyone who knows or can help put anything together on this set of Blackstone's.
Donnie, If you would go thru and just put in the name John B. Blackstone born 1779 then will come up and it is on there about John H Blackstone Jr. being his son but it didn't give a date, It also list his children and who is his parents were.  I tried to scan it to the computer but it just wouldn't do.  But because of the dates of birth that is why you can bring it up.  If you need me to do any research, just let me know, Ok.
John B. Blackstone born 1779 Virginia Parents are James John Pope Blackstone and Winifred Blackstone.  Died 1850 in Chambers County, Al. Burial - Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, --Find a grave memorial # 84033327
The birth of my John H Blackstone was before their marriage my John Hiram Blackstone was listed born est. 1812 going by 1830 & 1840 census in SC I have not crossed out this set of Blackstone's being the parents of my John Hiram Blackstone Sr born est. 1812? Just would like more proof.

Thank you so much for helping me.
Nancy.  finding the parents of  my John Hiram Blackstone Sr est1812-1849 is so important. my wife and I are having a new baby boy in December  we going to name him Hiram Gabriel Blackstone, (had to share), but if John B Blackstone born 1779 is his father. and then John Pope Blackstone is his father then I need to build some proof, maybe the 1810 and 1820 census for John B Blackstone born 1779 would show proof of my John Hiram Blackstone being in his home, but then I would need proof John B Blackstone is the son of John Pope Blackstone now on John B Blackstone born 1779 could he have been married twice and had two sets of children the marriage record he has with Mary was in the year 1817 maybe second marriage?  

I'm so sorry if I'm confusing you with all these John Blackstone's but I'm like you I believe this is my set, I just would like wikitree, ancestry and everyone would all agree on what we see. I don't believe anyone has ever said that this wasn't correct it's just that 1817 marriage date for John B Blackstone and John Hiram Blackstone being born 1812 just don't add up.

Thanks again for helping, I can't wait to see them papers on the other Blackstone/Blakiston's
Nancy they was a John B Blackstone b.1779- and a John Milton Blackstone b.1781-seems the Blackstone family in Georgia already are claiming John Milton Blackstone b.1781- is the son of James Pope Blackstone. You thank James may of had two sons named John Blackstone. and this maybe where everything is got confused? I have seen pictures of some of the ones in Georgia and ones in SC these folks look a like a Blackstone just has a look you recognize them in a group (I can), but also in a Blackstone family group out of Georgia I match some of them DNA, if John B Blackstone 1779 is my 4th great grandfather then on the 1820 census a male age 10? would be John Hiram Blackstone est1812 he passed away before the 1850 census but on the 1850 census is son John Hiram Blackstone jr b.1838 living with mom named Mary and 4or5 siblings John Hiram Blackstone Jr 1838-1912 buried at White Plains Baptist Church cemetery, Pelzer,SC

Just more notes hope this helps. Thanks for helping.

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Donnie is your Blackstone Tree where i can see it ???
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The Tree is Hooper/Blackstone Family tree but it is got duplicates and is a mess I wish someone knew how to fix it that's why I just stick with wikitree I was green as a gord. when I started working on it and I don't know how to fix it. On my Blackstone line I had a cousin that contacted me tomeethim at White Plains Baptist Church hwy8 Pelzer,SC and got me working again he is going to join the hunt he is up from Florida he is John Hiram Blackstone 1812 also but I do believe John B Blackstone 1779 is the father they was also a John Milton Blackstone 1780ish these are two different men maybe cousins but not same man on John B Blackstone 1779  it says Sr so my John Hiram Blackstone est. 1812 son John Hiram Blackstone 1838-1913 and we thank Richard Blackstone was a brother to John Hiram Blackstone 1812 but Richard Blackstone is quite a bit older abt. 18 years. Don't know. But Thanks for any help I will be back later.

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