How can one copy/paste into a question/answer/comment window?

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How can one copy/paste into a question/answer/comment widow?

I generally use a text editor to compose, then cut and paste.
in WikiTree Tech by Tom Quick G2G3 (3.3k points)
Hi Tom. As Martin said, you should be able to copy-and-paste into the G2G message box. If you're unable to, what web browser are you using? Is it giving you an error message of some sort?
I use the mouse right click copy/paste function (doesn't work on a Mac as they only have one mouse button).

All the best


Hi Chris, I really like wikiTree.    I read comments from January that people were having trouble.  This is September 2014   But    I cannot copy/paste anything onto this G2G comment box, i.e.  if I want to add  even a wiki link, I have to write it out here on this G2G box.  I have HP laptop, Windows 7, IE11.  My computer updates old versions, so even if I manage to get an older browser installed, it would update to the newer versions.  (that is what I have been told where I work)..  By the way I don't have any trouble on LDS or on, just G2g

I really am not aking you to do the nitty gritty of fixing , but will you ask tech support to fix G2G so we all can use it. ?

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I don't really understand the question, Tom. I can copy and paste with no difficulty. i do all my biographies like that.

I've now got my FH program to output a biography in WT format, including colons etc.. I paste that into Word, make any minor changes and then copy it into the biography/
by anonymous G2G6 Pilot (271k points)
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Hi Tom,

The way I have my my web browser setup on my linux computer has issues with using the mouse commands for copy and paste, but I am still able to use ctrl+c and ctrl+v.

If you could tell us what operating system and web browser are giving you problems perhaps someone with the same setup can give you a more direct answer.
by Rob Ton G2G6 Pilot (285k points)
Thank you for all the responses.

1) I am using Windows 7 (V. 6.1 Build 7601, Sp 1) and Internet Explorer 11.0.2.  

2) I use cut/copy and paste exensively to edit Profiles and Profile message boxes with no problem.

3) My problem using cut/copy and paste involves ONLY the G2G Question/Answer/Comment pop-up window box.  Here, the paste step does not work for me, either the ctl-V or the right click paste.  

It is interesting that G2G box paste function works for others.  This is good to know that  am the only one  with the problem, now I can adrress the issue as a local problem. I suspected this when saw the size of Ron's entry.

I also experience key stroke drops when I type into the G2G Q/A/R box (ONLY), elsewhere, I do not experience such drops. I have used Spy Bot and MalwareBytes to to scan and eliminate any viruses.  And hardware diagnostics to verfiy my keyboard. No problems were found.  

Thanks you all


Some progress has been  made:

1.  A test using the Windows 7 computer and Monzilla's Firefox browser does not demonstrate the copy/paste or keystroke drop problems described above that occur when in the G2G message box. Firefox also works normally with all other editing functions in WikiTree.  (I do not use Chrome, so I did not verify Chrome's compatibility with the G2G message box.)

2.  A test using a Windows 8.1 computer with Internet Explorer (IE-11.0) experiences the same copy/paste problem, but not the keystroke drop.  This indicates an IE-11 related problem with the message box.

3. On the Windows 7 Computer, I removed IE-11 and installed IE-10 in its place.  This solved both the copy/paste and the dropped key stroke issues...but, it introduces a new problem with the G2G message box; the carriage return (CR) does not work within the message box.  This suggests an HTML problem associated with the WikiTree G2G message box.

4. I then, while in IE-10 with the message box open, hit the function (FN-12) key to bring up the HTML menu.  Here, I chose "Browser Mode: IE-10 Compatibility View", and "Document Mode: IE-9 standards" for the message box.  With this setting the copy/paste, keystroke drop, and the CarriageReturn problems went away.  I would assume that, had I altered the Browser Mode and Document Mode options as above in IE-11, the problems would have been solved.  This was not tested.

This suggests that the WikiTree message box is not up to Microsoft's IE-10/IE-11 standards. Other users should have similar problems, depending on browser and browser release level. Those using non MS browsers should not have issues.

The Wikitree G2G message box appears to require " compatability mode", which IE-11 seems to not be able to properly detect [], and which competing browsers do. Also, IE-10 appears to have detection problems not present in competing browsers. For me the IE-9 document standards work.

Hope this information helps anyone else that has the problems discussed above.  It should help the WikiTree Tech Support examine how  WikiTree and it's G2G message box is programmed.  

Note: Anyone removing IE-11 from Windows 7 should ensure that they separately remove the "IE-11 upgrade" from their computer in addition to deselecting IE-11 in the Control Panel, Programs and features screen. Otherwise one cannot install IE-10.
I been using Windows 8.1 and IE 11.096 until recently I have been having problems with cutting and pasting while in the G2G. Tonight I had installed a Windows 8.1 update and have changed the compatibility settings for this page. To change the setting use the gear icon on the right hand side then scroll down to the Compatibility View Setting. If you are on the G2G page then wikitree should be the add this website line.
Good to know.  Put up Win 8.1 for eval purposes, but did not do indepth IE evaluation.  Win 8.x does not offer me any advantages over Win 7.  So I am staying with Win 7.

WikiTree needs to be upgraded to meet current MS IE standards or users should be warned to use compatilibility mode..

IE-10 puts the compatibility mode selection in the tools menu (or with more details on F-12 menu).  It is interesting that IE 10 compatibility option sets IE-7 Document Mode standards.

Thanks for the input.  Tom Quick



I have same problems as the person who started this thread.  My computers update automatically.   You answered in very technical terms about ??? reinstalling IE10???  How does one do that when the computer automatically updates.......  I personally think the problem is G2G.

I have no trouble on wikiTree or on emails.   I absolutely cannot  copy/paste a link on this G2G.  I think you all should fix it.  Why should we remove the most current IE version .  I think your answer will go to my private email address.  Is there some way to respond to that to get away from G2G?

I tried writing the whole thing on Microsoft word and later on windows Notepad.  It would not copy to G2G.  It copies everywhere else.


mary Richardson-7161



I am usingWindows 7 and  the current IE (11.0.12). Tthe problem still exists for IE 11 for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.  It has not been fixed by Wikipedia support. Guess it is not a priority to keep the software up to date.

What to do:

Click on the little "Gear" icon at the top right of the IE screen. Select "Compatibility View Settings" In the box that comes up; then in the "Add this website" field, insert ""  (without the quotes.)  Then hit "Add ".  This sets compatibility mode.

This will solve your copy/paste problem...and may introduce new problems in Wiki  previously not experienced.   Yes, you are right...G2G needs help. I gave up suggesting that all components of Wikipedia be brought to the same level.  With every change introduced to the tree, we seem to have more formatting problems.

Be careful, MS' automatic maintenance to IE may negate this compatibility setting and you will have to reset the setting.

Keep up the good work,

Tom Quick

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