Wrong parents and wrong birthyear (1440) for Margaret (Hamerton) Middleton?

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Margaret Hamerton (who married William Middleton) is currently shown as being born ca. 1440 and as a daughter of Stephen Hamerton.  However she is shown with a son John born before 1430 which cannot possibly be right.   

I have Margaret Hamerton as being born ca. 1402, and as a daughter of Lawrence Hamerton and Isabel Tempest.  Am I right?
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It appears like the wrong children are attached. I don't have a current subscription to ancestry but I might speculate that the source would be somewhat derivative. I have also found another derivative source https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/2:2:3Z5G-V5Q I would reckon the era for this family could use some more in-depth research.
I think that the correct children are attached, but the wrong parents are attached to Margaret.  The profile says Margaret was born about 1440, but Stephen Hamerton wasn't married until 1447.  Seems more likely both Margaret Hamerton and her husband were born around 1400 and married in the 1420s.  I don't know where this idea came from that Margaret was a daughter of Stephen Hamerton, but lots of online trees now show it that way (endless copying without good sources).
This derivative source pretty much matches what I have (although it obviously has the wrong parents for William Middleton or the dates for his parents are wrong):




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Haven't seen a good Hamerton pedigree.  Glover didn't have one, good or otherwise.  St George gave a short one, doesn't go back that far.  Nothing useful in Harleian 16.

Foster had a go


but it kind of falls apart in the middle.

He did show Margaret as Stephen's daughter.  Clay says the same in his Middleton pedigree, but he probably got it from Foster.

The problem with it is shown here


It makes Thomas Middleton's wife Joan Plumpton his grandmother's sister.

So yes, that has to go.  More likely the two sisters Isabel and Joan married 2 cousins, Middleton's mother Margaret being Stephen Hamerton's aunt.



by Anonymous Horace G2G6 Pilot (568k points)
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Stephen Hamerton's father was called Richard not John.

Foster has him marrying Elizabeth Clifford as a 2nd wife.  She was the widow of 2 Plumptons, the brothers of Joan and Isabel.  But he would have been in his 60s and she in her early 20s.

Richardson seems to have evidence that she married a John Hamerton, but it looks like he was a different man.
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More on Richard Hamerton




"Source" for Hamerton-Clifford marriage


Doesn't actually say she married Richard.  Somebody jumps to a conclusion, and "appears to have" then becomes a fact. 

Richard had a son John and a nephew John.

Foster says marriage cov 24 Henry 6, 1466, but Henry wasn't even king in 1466.  Elizabeth's husband was killed at Towton, so she remarried in the reign of Edward IV.


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by Kenneth Kinman G2G6 Mach 6 (68.4k points)

Alternative link for the ungoogled


I think Dodsworth's church notes can be reckoned as primary sources.


Thank you for the alternative link.  I have used it as the primary source for the newly created profile of Nicholas Middleton.
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Based on Dodsworth's Church Notes (page 95-96), I have created a profile for Nicholas Middleton (1445?-1516). and connected him to his parents William Middleton and Margaret Hamerton.  He was apparently the youngest of their sons.



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I put Spofforth, Yorkshire, as his place of death, but I am wondering if it is more likely that he actually died at North Deighton.
Probably, unless he was out for a walk.  North Deighton was only 2 miles from Stockeld.
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I have marked Stephen Hamerton as an "uncertain" father of Margaret Hamerton.  And in her biography, I have added the following:

Given the ages of her children, it seems rather unlikely that Margaret Hamerton was a daughter of Stephen Hamerton.  Therefore, it seems more likely that Dodsorth's Church Notes is correct in stating that Margaret Hamerton was a daughter of Lawrence Hamerton and Isabel Tempest.
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I've changed her parents to Lawrence Hamerton and Isabel Tempest.  The family is a mess, to say the least, and needs work done on it.  Unfortunately I don't have time right now.  Perhaps others can research and work on getting the profiles in order.  Thanks!

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