Skinner/Reeve/Colt mashup in Hartford

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Dear PGM,

I come to present a proposal for some changes. Only able to tag one profile, I've tagged Mary Loomis, who is at the head of the mixup, and is herself a little mixed up, but the issue revolves around her two daughters, Mary and Ann, and their husbands, Robert Reeve and John Coalt/Colt. There are several related problems -- duplicates, strays, etc, so please bear with...


* Mary Reeve (Reeve-1231) is listed as dau. of Robert Reeve (Reeve-1229) and Elizabeth Nott (Nott-276).
* The above copy of Robert Reeve (Reeve-1229) is not yet connected to any daughter of John Skinner and Mary Loomis, nor is he set with any parents.
* Another copy of Robert Reeve (Reeve-593) is set as married to Mary Skinner (Skinner-3615), daughter of John Skinner (Skinner-698) and Mary Loomis (Loomis-69).
* This latter Robert Reeve (Reeve-593) is set as a son of John Reeve (Reeve-594) and mother unknown.

There was only one Robert Reeve -- Reeve-1229 and Reeve-593 should be merged. See:

* John Skinner's estate digest:
* Robert Reeve's estate digest:

... demonstrating, among other things, that Robert was married to John Skinner's daughter, either Ann or Mary Skinner, and that his second wife Elizabeth's father was "Father Nott."

Now, as to *which* Skinner daughter married Robert Reeve, and which of his children were of which of his marriages, we have a further problem.

Presently, Robert Reeve (Reeve-593) is set as married to Mary Skinner (Skinner-3615), and Robert Reeve (Reeve-593) is set as the parent of one child, "Sarah Ann Elizabeth" (Reeve) Ensworth (Reeve-863), s/b a.k.a. Ainsworth, although his supposed wife Mary Skinner (Skinner-3615) Reeve is not set as her mother -- she has no mother set.

His doppelganger (Reeve-1229), who is set as married to Elizabeth Nott (Nott-276), is the father of

* Sarah Reeve (Reeve-1230)
* Mary Reeve (Reeve-1231)
* Elizabeth (Reeve) Webster (Reeve-1232)
* Hannah (Reeve) Stratton (Reeve-1233)

His wife Elizabeth Nott (Nott-276) has one additional daughter,

* Martha Reeve (Reeve-708)

who has no defined father.

Now, Robert's estate digest (link above) gives his children, seemingly taking their ages on specified dates from some record of distributions. This may also be the source of the list found in Families of Early Hartford, Barbour ( both give them as Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah, Nathaniel, Robert, Ann, Abraham, and Mehitable.

I believe this "extra" child, Martha Reeve, appears by virtue of a hypothesis that can be found, e.g., here: , in which a Martha Reeve who married a John Millington  is supposed to be a possible daughter by process of elimination. Such a Martha Reeve exists, separately, on Wikitree as Reeve-543, married to Millington-271 .

I believe the two Marthas (Reeve-708 and Reeve-543) should be merged, and that it would be prudent to detach the result from Elizabeth (Knott) Reeve (Nott-276) with a note. The other theory put forward in the KennethHinds page (that of parents Jonathan Reeve and Martha Unknown of Southold, New York) might be worth pursuing for the managers of Martha's merged profile.

Lastly, there is the issue of John Skinners two daughters, Ann and Mary, who married Robert Reeve and John Coalt/Colt.

Newish research has been published which suggests that the previously generally accepted theory of who married whom is incorrect.

Harris, Gale I. "The Skinner Wives of Robert Reeve and John Colt of Hartford and Windsor, Connecticut. An Old Mix-Up." ''The American Genealogist.'' New Haven, CT: D. L. Jacobus, 1937-. Online database. New England Historic Genealogical Society, 2009-.

Using notes from John Winthrop's medical journal, he demonstrates that the marriages have been reversed. Specifically, Mary, Ann and John Skinner were apprenticed to Winthrop in their youth, and assigned at times to care for members of the Hartford community. Close analysis of the writing, the timing of changes to their names, a note read as indicative that Ann was Robert Reeve's wife, and an entry naming Elizabeth Nott are used to infer that Robert Reeve married *Ann* Skinner and that she must have lived to be the mother of his first two children, Sarah and Mary.

If the Wikitree community accepts this analysis, we would:

* "swap the wives" of Reeve-593 and Colt-46, such that Ann (Skinner-697) is married to Robert (Reeve-593) and Mary (Skinner-3615) to John (Colt-46);
* change the one child, John (Colt-42), who is currently defined as son of John and Ann to be a child of John and Mary;
* change the mother of Mary (Reeve-1231), daughter of Robert Reeve, to be Ann (Skinner-697).
* merge Robert's other daughter Sarah (Reeve-1230), who is presently set as a daughter of Elizabeth (Nott-276), with her doppelganger, Sarah (Reeve-863) Ensworth. The latter, Reeve-863, is currently set as a daughter of -- wait for it -- Robert Reeve and Mary **Loomis-69**. This is in error. Mary Loomis was Sarah's grandmother. Her mother should be Ann (Skinner-697).
* strike "Reeve" as a surname of Mary (Loomis-69) -- she was Robert Reeve's mother-in-law, never his wife.

If you approve, I would be more than happy to effect these changes with suitable footnotes and explanations in the relevant profiles, subject to profile manager cooperation with merges. Please comment. I'm looking forward to responses. Thanks!
WikiTree profile: Mary Tudor
in Genealogy Help by Daphne Maddox G2G6 Mach 1 (14.4k points)
edited by Daphne Maddox
This looks good Daphne. Add comments to all the affected profiles - that say to see the discussion in G2g with the link to the question, wait at least until after next Wednesday (Family Feed Day, so trusted list members also see the note) before you actually start making relationship changes. In the meantime you can clean up the profiles, source, bio, write the explanations (whatever housekeeping needs to be done). You can also go ahead and propose the necessary merges. Comments could include what you intend to do with each profile.

This is all assuming someone doesn't jump in and say Stop you can't do that because....
Nice work, Daphne. Thanks.
Looks like you have it all figured out so I would say to go ahead with the changes and comments for them.  Sometimes these families are elusive.  Thank you for your help in straightening this out.

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I have made all of the changes outlined above. In two cases, I diverted from plan (it turned out that one of the Sarah Reeve's was actually doubling as a grand-daughter, and due to interim changes by one of the profile managers, it became more straightforward to rename Ann and Mary Skinner than to switch their husbands).

Not everyone I mentioned has a fantastic profile, but at least one of the spouses in each marriage has a source for marriages, as do all births.

Long story short, this is done, pending some pending merges.
by Daphne Maddox G2G6 Mach 1 (14.4k points)
selected by Daphne Maddox

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