Not going to be a Wikitree genealogist any more

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Notifying you Wikitree that I will not be participating in this any more....when you insist that everyone has to be part of some group or another, you are going too far. Good bye it's been fun
in The Tree House by Milton Davis G2G6 Mach 2 (26.4k points)

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You are not required to join any group or project at all. Sure people will ask based on your ancestors, but you can say No if you wish.
by Robynne Lozier G2G Astronaut (1.0m points)
selected by Chris Ferraiolo

Perhaps Milton is talking about the yellow banner you see every time you edit a pre-1700 profile:

   if you are not already coordinating with a pre-1700 project, click here before proceeding (required). Thank you!   

I work on profiles almost daily, and I have never been required to join a group or project.
Yeah, that really needs to be re-worded.
I also agree that this wording is bad. If you are NOT required to join a project or group, then this banner is contradictional.
Agree with Nan - it's an off-putting notice, but it's a fair reflection of the weird and unworkable project policy it's based on.
Thanks Ruben. I dont get that banner, because I already have the pre-1700 badge.

I seldom get as far back to the 1500s to get the alert for the pre-1500 badge!!  And when I do, I know to back off and not touch anything. LOL
I have the pre-1700 certification and I always get the yellow banner.  It triggered my question a week ago when I only wanted to remove the word est. from the birth place and check uncertain.  It really freaked me out and I personally reacted exactly like Milton.  No REQUIRED projects for me.  Reword it!!

Hello Robynne.

Please try the following:

Richard Steephens is a pre-1700 profile you created. Click on the profile's edit tab. Most probably you will get the yellow banner at the top of the screen.

Disturbing. Isn't it?

You're right. I did get that!!

But it still doesn't bother me. I usually tend to ignore it. Noone else has said anything. I think Mr Steephens is safe!!

And I am a member of the UK project so I think that's covered as well.
I'm pre-1700 certified and I get it. I think it's a new thing. I didn't notice it until the last month or so at least. As far as I know, this "coordinate with a project" requirement has been around as long as I've been on here, but I think most people deal with it by ignoring it. It doesn't really make a lot of sense. There are so many projects, and so many that overlap, that at least half of profiles I've edited would theoretically "belong" to several. If I pinged all the relevant projects every time I edited one, nothing would ever get done, and indeed, people would get very irritated, I suspect. I don't know if anyone else has ever tried to do that, but most of the time when you try to do it, all you hear is crickets. The only time I've ever had a project give any input is when I tried to get a profile unprotected so I could add relationships, and, boy, suddenly I was descended upon by a whole flock of irate project people who had various sorts of input that, if I may say, did not reflect any particular knowledge of either the subject of the profile or the area they were supposed to be managing. IMO, the project system's main function in reality is to give people badges and titles, and the less interaction one has with it, the more productive one's editing is likely to be. "Coordinate" is pretty vague anyway, so I guess you can interpret it pretty freely if you want.
You aren't required to join a project, but you are required to communicate with one.
I am assuming this orange banner did not show up until after I had already created my pre-1700 profiles (March last year I think) which would explain why I havent seen them before.

Jamie what would one say to a project member? "I am planning to create a pre-1700 project. What do you need to know"

Will they be questioned about the person or the sources?  Especially if this "interrogation" has to happen for every single pre-1700 profile they want to make

I am beginning to understand the OP's POV. Why he doesn't like being "told what to do".  I would indeed find that intrusive!!
If you've never communicated with a project, you should ask about things like naming standards, check to make sure your sources are appropriate, learn about project box and sticker use, and things like that. Once you have communicated with the project and know what is expected, you don't have to communicate with them again for profiles that fall under that project, unless you are unsure about something.
Thank you Jamie!!
That banner confuses so many people.  It took me a few "takes" to realize it was just informational.  I think it needs to be reworded.  It needs to be clear what steps need to be taken (if any).  Maybe a link with a list of projects that might apply where you can easily add the project to the profile?
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Hi Milton,

In the hopes of improving the WikiTree community, perhaps you could clarify what specifically you mean by "you insist that everyone has to be part of some group or another". I'm at a loss to understand exactly what you're getting at, and I think that others are confused too.

Maybe it's something that doesn't affect me, but will in the future. Maybe it's a misunderstanding... or maybe someone else miscommunicating what is required. The rest of us have no way of knowing what's the real problem here.

This is supposed to be collaborative, and that includes shaping how we as a community do things here. And I'm not some WikiTree rep or anything... just a guy who's found a lot of utility in it. But I've found that folks here will listen (and help!) if you clearly explain why how something is done is problematic or could be done better.

Remember, WikiTree is a place that welcomes folks back all of the time. And all of us need a break - a little hiatus - now and again.

by anonymous G2G6 Pilot (130k points)
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