Crazy from the heat , for sure LOL

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I can't give you a link but check the 1850 US census,  Richmond County Georgia,  Charles McCoy.

The census taker has over 100 people living in the same house . No, it's not an institution or anything . On the actual census forms , he dittoed everybody from CHARLES on down as one family.

A little too much hooch from a warm jug back behind the barn  , hmmmmmm
in The Tree House by Eddie King G2G6 Pilot (716k points)
edited by Ellen Smith
Was they Blackstone's living in the house with Charles McCoy? and what we say round here is if you ant no kin to a Blackston you will be one day. Lol
No, not living with McCoys. Small town, though. Could have been some

canoodling after church services down in the stable, you think ?
I love how we're pushing the PG envelope here. Haha.

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by Lynette Jester G2G6 Mach 8 (88.3k points)
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Sure, Eddie. Here's how it all probably went down.

The hapless census taker in his 1850s style stovepipe hat stumbled upon Charles's house. Cautiously, the census taker knocks on the door to a farmhouse. He hears noises inside. It sounds like a party was happening!
He then realized it was noon and that there were empty kegs of moonshine on the premises.

Old man Chuck McCoy finally answers the door. He's wearing overalls and smells like he had been rolling in dirt all day when in fact he had been wrestling his pig, Hoss.

"Yeah? Whaddya want?" Charles asked. "You ain't one o them Hatfields are ya?"

"No." The census taker shook his head and peaked inside and saw 99 people inside the house. "I'm uhh taking a census."

"Well, shoot. Why didn't ya say so?" The man smiled and he was missing at least eight teeth. "Come on in and Ah'll introduce ya to mah kin!"

The brave census taker took a step inside and counted all one hundred people.

"These all your relatives?" he man asked.
"Sure... You want some moonshine?"
"No...I....think I'll be going. Thanks for taking part in US history!"
by Chris Ferraiolo G2G6 Pilot (805k points)
Dude !    I' m sorting Blackstones for Donnie Blackstone and these Blackstones married every family in the Confederacy AND each other !

My heads hurt when I found this. Now, which are the real McCoys ? And did they canoodle Blackstones ?   LOL
That's a story for next time on...

"As the Banjo Plays"
The more genealogy research I do, the more I find that everyone was canoodling with everyone--mostly on the sly. And we wonder why some of our trees are so messed up!

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