Errors: to make them look alive which again splits the tree( deleting spouse

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I locked my tree as the hidden profiles did not let me know they were on here. The details about death are accurate. I am getting messages say I have copyrights, broken laws over adding internet links and sources

Now I am getting messages with personal comments that have nothing to do with sending me generational information.

I send a copy of my tree to a senior genealogist and I have repeatedly explained that I took over 160 people off a confirmed sight.

I am allowing someone to fix the errors from a trusted list with more experience than me
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Janet, If you are referring to the removal of Velma Irene Potter as the spouse of John James Danbrook, You made that change. There are sources on his profile that he was indeed married to Velma so I do not understand why you made the change you did. The change log shows however that " Janet Row removed James Danbrook as the spouse from Velma Potter."

by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.7m points)
Janet, Locking the profiles is the wrong thing to do in this case because it limits our ability to figure out the correct actions that are needed. From all I can see it looks like there are several duplicate profiles for the same people and that is against WikiTree policy. You need to work with others to resolve this but locking the profiles makes collaboration almost impossible.
Since I posted this I found someone who has collaborated with me on another branch of our tree.( without adjectives) as I learn. I am allowing them to add the ancestors of the branch mentioned. I suggested links and other source items be loaded that way as I know there is a lot of source material. That way any newspaper articles can be shared
When the profiles were hidden in the first place I gave a list off another sight that I knew was accurate to have some else add my known ancestors.

In this situation he is my cousin and we have collaborated in the fact to merge and keep conflicting information until we find source for what we witnessed or know to be fact.  The person change things does not have in person facts about the Row or Peterson members or the living or dead family members of this generation although people may assume ( They should ).  

In fact I distant cousins and neighbors who are distant cousins who know my family history and my living family better. I can not colloborate with false facts. As an example right now my Grandfather has three different death dates on the same page. Earlier this year I correct a date for an ancestors funeral that I attended pregnant. I think I recall when that was accurately.

I asked how to merger respectfully and suggested keeping both sets of facts on the wall. My very own profile was merged my information changed without my consent. Yet I can now do fix errors to profiles I added first
When we went to merge items when suddenly hidden profiles POPPED up we tried deleting instead of merging as the tree was splitting we found out later that was NOT the reason for the tree splitting if you look

Keith and Mary Profiles are both set up to stop family members NOT on the trusted list from getting a family tree. That means our entire family of 6 people plus our step children and there spouses over 20 people.  Plus that does not account for cousins from the ROW side wanting access to complete much bigger projects.  I see to that information already disproven as false by calling the churches in the UK directly to get marriage information shows that the one grandmother is in fact a s 2nd wife and not the 1st. Happened in the Row family too I have a ORPHANED gravestone in the cemetary so I called and in fact it belongs to my grandfather 1st wife born in England. I asked if I can buy or use the other plots ( boy did I learn some new facts). What I am saying is I think I may have source more than just the internet and copy pasted, In some cases I was in fact there. So I guess I have to decide if this mattters or not to me now

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